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Q   VirtualTourist member asked a question · June 06, 2014
UK Visa name error  (13 Answers)


I'm getting worried about how pedantic the border security is going to be when I visit the UK this summer. I'm an Australian citizen, studying for 3 weeks in London. When they issued my Australian passport and citizenship certificate they actually made a mistake, where the hyphen in my first name was removed. It's a long process to fix the name, and I won't be able to do it in time. All my academic documents have a hyphen, which led to the university in London issuing me a visa form with a hyphen.

Is it going to be a major problem with the discrepancy in the hyphenated/unhyphenated name?


Q   VirtualTourist member asked a question · June 02, 2014
Is reliable?  (3 Answers)

Can anyone here tell me the experience of using the above website and whether it is reliable or not?

Q   VirtualTourist member asked a question · May 31, 2014
Unhelpful phrases  (25 Answers)

Our local bookstore owner mentioned in his newsletter that his late mother was an enthusiastic lifelong student who loved to enroll in university language classes. He says, "I remember her saying that the hardest course she ever took was Arabic, from which she only could retain one exasperating sentence: 'The ugly man sits in the garden.' "

What are some of the phrases/sentences you've learned in other languages but have never had the occasion to use?

I can say "my new notebook" in Russian and "Help the kid wash his hands" in Cantonese.

Q   VirtualTourist member asked a question · May 20, 2014
US Passport question  (5 Answers)

I am filling out to renew my passport. And I know this may seem silly but I don't have time for them to send it back to me. My hair is currently blonde (it is however naturally brown). What do I put on the passport application for hair color? It is blond in my passport picture and will still be blonde when we travel in July..

Q   VirtualTourist member asked a question · May 19, 2014
Cancelling booking from  (15 Answers)

Can anyone please advise me.
Yesterday I booked to stay in a hotel through, and today I want to cancel. I received an e-mail, with a link to cancel the booking, but when I click on this link, it will not let me do anything.
I do not want to be charged, and have sent a separate e-mail to the hotel direct.
Have any one else had any problems?
I will probably NOT use again!!!

Q   VirtualTourist member asked a question · May 04, 2014
Cambodia vs Myanmar (Burma)  (24 Answers)

Hi. Even though India remains my prime objective for 2015/16, a return to SE Asia is on the table as well.
So, how is Burma as a destination compared to Cambodia?

Q   VirtualTourist member asked a question · April 22, 2014
Dental work in Latin America  (12 Answers)

I went to the dentist this morning, and all is well except a front crown which is becoming decidedly wobbly. I was told it will fail at some point soon and the only viable solution will be an implant, costing around £2000 ($3000) here in the UK. That really, really hurt.

I plan to head over to Canada later in the year to cycle south so have been thinking.... Maybe I could have the work done in Columbia or there abouts where it should be much cheaper. From what little I know, I would need from 3 to 12 months between 2 appointments, so I could continue south and fly back later from the south of the continent.

Does anyone here have any experience of such dental work in South America? Or perhaps you've travelled overseas to somewhere else for cheaper treatment? I'd be interested to hear your story.

Cheers. Chris.

Q   VirtualTourist member asked a question · March 31, 2014
Are topless photos ok if they are from a topless beach with a girl who dosen't mind?  (60 Answers)

I just wrote this travelouge:

"Topless on the beach." - Denmark Travelogue by cachaseiro

I posted a photo of a young topless girl I met on the beach and she said it was ok that I posted her photo on vt.
Is this ok within the guidelines?

Q   VirtualTourist member asked a question · March 29, 2014
Are you allowed to bring flashlights in your carry on?  (7 Answers)

I am going to Aruba and will be visiting some caves, and going places at night, so I will need a flashlight. I was gonna bring my headlamp and one of those big flashlights, that takes the giant square battery. The headlamp will probably be okay, but IDK if I can bring the flashlight. And if they confiscate it, I am gonna get very angry, because that's a $30 flashlight. You can rent one at each cave for $5, but I don't want to rent a flashlight for $5 at each cave, but if I have to, I will. But like I said, we will need one to find our hotel at night.

If anything, I can probably buy one there, than just leave it.
I've taken it in my check luggage before, but never on my carry on, and we're not bringing a check luggage.
Worst case scenario, it would get confiscated, which wouldn't be a problem, if I could get it back. IDK if I will.
What should I do?

Q   VirtualTourist member asked a question · March 21, 2014
Can I take drinking glasses in hand luggage?  (28 Answers)

I like drinking glasses of thin glass, like Jena in the past. Maybe it's not the fashion now, here all glasses are thick and heavy. The last time I brought glasses in hand luggage on a flight was in the nineties, before 9.11.

I'm going to fly from Budapest to Israel.

Q   VirtualTourist member asked a question · March 18, 2014
An essay on travel by a student from Shamrock School in Nepal  (7 Answers)

I thought I share this with you fellow travellers. This is an essay submitted in a school contest by a student from a school in Nepal. Enjoy

Essay on Travelling

To travel from one place to another for different purposes is generally called travelling. People do not always travel to gain knowledge and experience, some travel for pleasure, some travel for business purposes etc. It is a part of education. Our education and book knowledge remain imperfect without travelling. We can learn many things by travelling. It has great academic and education value.

The beauty and cold of the hills, the charms pf the valley, the chirping of birds, the song of the river, the howling of animals, pleasant and quite places etc. can heal many of our mental problems. Travelling and visiting places have another important value that of understanding other’s tradition and cultures.

Therefore, the education value of travelling beggars description. Besides this, there are some special benefits of travelling. If a man stays in one place for long time, he becomes monotonous. Travelling removes our monotony and gives pleasure. It also broadens our outlook and refreshes our mind. A good traveller can easily educate others. He can give us first-hand knowledge of men and matters of other country. So, I love travelling.


Saru Sharma

Q   VirtualTourist member asked a question · March 13, 2014
Hand baggage + accessory on Air France Europe Flight...?  (8 Answers)

Hi!... I'm flying with my family (2 adults + 1 older child) to Paris CDG in a month. I bought economy Air France tickets with only hand baggage. Now, it says permitted is 1 standard baggage (55x35x25cm) + 1 accessorry (handbag, camera, notebook). Does that mean I can carry on board a standard bag plus my notebook in a rucksack (backpack) as long as all is lighter than 12 kg, or may I carry the notebook in my hand only? How strict are the airport people in terms of inter EU flights?

Q   VirtualTourist member asked a question · March 03, 2014
Two first names on passport, one on ticket  (21 Answers)


I'm a bit worried about an issue relating to the name on my passport vs. my ticket. On my passport my first name field has two names , Luke Michael, but the ticket I booked only has Luke on it. I am flying from Europe to the US. Could I run into any problems?

Thanks for your advice in advance

Q   VirtualTourist member asked a question · February 21, 2014
Blue Marine Holiday Scam  (35 Answers)

I have receive some tickets from and 1 of the tickets says i won hundreds of thousand US dollars. Anyone else received the same as i do ?

It was an overseas call to try to claim the prize and after speaking to the claim assistant they requested me to pay upfront money before i can claim the prize. I strongly feel that this is a scam going on.


Q   VirtualTourist member asked a question · February 04, 2014
What to do with my press pass  (7 Answers)

I just recieved my VT press pass in the mail today. I am not quite sure what I should do with it. Has anybody got any ideas? What have other people used it for, what sort of events have you attended? Was it hard to get approval for the event organisers?

Q   VirtualTourist member asked a question · January 29, 2014
Removing a scratch from the glass face of a watch  (6 Answers)

I recently treated myself to a rather expensive outdoor adventure watch and within a week had put a small but annoying scratch on the surface of the glass. Looking around the internet people suggest using dried toothpaste, jewellery paste (whatever that is) and other concoctions, but they all make me a little nervous. I don't want to make it worse.Has anyone here actually tried and succeeded in removing a scratch from a watch before? Thanks.


Q   VirtualTourist member asked a question · January 04, 2014
You Wanna Be a ''Snowbird ''???  (13 Answers)

This video was sent to us by a family member living in Florida .
Well in 3 weeks we will go to Southern Spain for a month but Florida is of course the place to be
if you like warmer weather .
I love the video ,these '' Old Timer'' Canuckies having lotsa fun there eh eh .


Q   VirtualTourist member asked a question · December 10, 2013
What exactly are these?  (26 Answers)

I know I should maybe post this in a Spanish or Madrid forum but I thought I would tap into the wealth of knowledge from both people who know Spain and some of the hardcore foodies I know visit this forum.


A couple of weeks ago I visited Madrid and fell in love again with the concept of tapas eating.  My friend had told me I had to try these things, which were gorgeous, but was unable to tell me what exactly they were.  We mulled over the ideas of some sort of shredded seafood (they do taste like seafood) or even elvers (tiny infant eels, although I do not think they are).  I had them a couple of times, served cold and marinaded in vinegar as far as I could tell.  I really enjoyed them and bought a couple of packs to bring back when I raided the Eroski supermarket local to where I was staying.  I served some when hosting a tapas evening for a couple of friends on Saturday and they were very well-received.  My problem is that I still have no idea what they might be.


I have checked the packaging of the ones I bought on the basis of the promo image on the packaging, so they are the same thing I ate in Madrid.  I am afraid I do not speak Spanish but they would appear to be called Guliciosas fresca.  I know fresca means fresh but what the blazes are guliciosas?  Yes, I have tried a web search but I cannot seem to find a definiton of them, even on translated Spanish language pages.


I include two images here, one of the thing as seen with a couple of mini breadsticks in it's natural environment in Madrid (apologies for the quality) and the second of my own preparation, enlivened by a little smoked paprika.  OK, I was being creative but it worked well.  Can anyone tell me what this stuff actually is as I am completely stumped now?


Thanks in advance for any assistance.


Q   VirtualTourist member asked a question · December 05, 2013
Are 24-48 hour layovers for real?  (20 Answers)

Anyone familiar with Anthony Bourdain's TV show "The Layover"? Regardless of what city he features, may I know if it's technically possible to book a flight that has a layover up to 48 hours? If so, how?

Q   VirtualTourist member asked a question · December 02, 2013


Q   VirtualTourist member asked a question · November 18, 2013

If you are planning your Philippine trip you may be interested in this.

Due to the number of travelers that come to Palawan and backtrack to Manila before flying out to Kota Kinabalu i just want to announce that a new boat is starting the trip from Brookes Point in southern Palawan sailing to Kudat in Sabah. 

At the moment i do not know the prices but will post in my destination page for Palawan after i find out. Meanwhile look at the photograph for schedules.

Q   VirtualTourist member asked a question · November 12, 2013
A belated THANK YOU and CHEERS to everyone!  (3 Answers)

I started replying individually to VTers who sent/posted birthday wishes (quite a surprise, I forgot I had my birthday posted here) but there are too many to handle, sorry, I'd rather do it in person but sady I have no time. Life has thrown some rather overwhelming stuff at me during the last how many ... too many months, so I couldn't participate on VT and still can't but I hope soon things will get back to normal.

Hugs and all the best to everyone, happy travels!

Q   VirtualTourist member asked a question · October 23, 2013
what happens if there is a delay on my first flight and i lose the connecting flights ?  (6 Answers)

A skyscanner question 

Q   VirtualTourist member asked a question · October 14, 2013
Happy Eid Al Adha - Arafa Day  (21 Answers)

Happy Eid Al Adha - Arafa Day 

To all my Muslim brothers and sisters all over the world

and may ALLAH bring Peace and LOVE to all the nations and the people around the world

Q   VirtualTourist member asked a question · October 03, 2013
Passport Control  (20 Answers)

The moment when you arrive at destination airport and head to passport control - some just take a cursory look at your passport, and wave you through, but others take a while - what info are they looking at??? Info on past travels? Any other info?
Does any VTer know the answer?

Q   VirtualTourist member asked a question · September 07, 2013
British TV Series 'Wild At Heart' (theme song lyrics)?  (7 Answers)

There is this British television series set in South Africa called Wild at Heart - . The main theme song called "Breakfast Nyala" ( is in an African language, maybe Swahili, but South Africa has a dozen languages. Anyway, I'd like to know the English translation of it if anyone can help. I've searched high and low on the internet, but it has turned up dry on the lyrics or a translation. Rather surprising for what was a very popular TV show for a number of years.

Q   VirtualTourist member asked a question · September 01, 2013
Question about reliability of PEGASUS Airlines  (13 Answers)

I am to fly to Doha in November and I came across Pegasus (Turkish budget Airlines).
I want to ask if anybody used this Airline before and how reliable it is.
What are the cons?
What is the luggage weight limit?
Did you have any unexpected surprises when you travelled with Pegasus?

Q   VirtualTourist member asked a question · August 27, 2013
Was your luggage damaged during a flight?  (17 Answers)

Had the misfortune of a damaged case after a flight with British Airways.After visiting their desk to put in a complaint I was asked for my details,I was then asked too choose a similar case from their catalogue.New case turned up on my doorstep two days later.Well impressed!Have you had a good or bad experience with damaged luggage?

Q   VirtualTourist member asked a question · August 17, 2013
can i remove red color from offwhite dress??  (11 Answers)

for washing i put dresses into washing machine...after washing red color on my new offwhite color leggings....... :-( how to remove that color???

Q   VirtualTourist member asked a question · August 13, 2013
How many photos does your phone camera hold ?  (35 Answers)

Mine reached 1,500 a few weeks back and I did some frantic editing. I've had the phone ( an iPhone 4S) for 19 months now and it's got all the significant events on there, including two Euromeets. It's a brilliant visual diary and so handy for showing photos to friends. I know I can save them to the PC and have already done this but just wondering if other phones have larger photo storage capacity or if you can increase that capacity by not having music or other stuff stored on the phone ?

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