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profile member asked on Oct 31, 2016

Snowmobile operators recommendation

Any recommendation for snowmobile operators?
Thank you!


1 Answer

answered on 10/31/16 by
a VT member from Hollywood Beach

Dress warm, very, very warm. Long thermal underwear for your whole body. Wrap and tie a wool knitted scarf around your lower face to breathe through and avoid frostbite. Do NOT go bare-headed. The wind chill temperature (independent of still air temperature) can be fierce, as you are manufacturing your own headwind while driving a snowmobile. They can go fairly fast. Watch out for snow-covered ridges which can flip you at speed, or snag your forward motion unexpectedly with probable sudden upset/spill. Every winter in Minnesota there are reports of snowmobile accidents. I lived there through about 29 winters, two different occasions-(am glutton for punishment). Went snowmobiling only once-that was enough thrill-seeking for me. (I have permanent hardened cartilage (frost bitten) on my right ear from walking 15 blocks northwest into the prevailing winter winds to my High School (and back home) in three winters, despite head and ears protection). Coldest experienced -34 F below zero. Coldest wind chill temp? about minus 60 F. Minnesota winters build character! Alaska winter? Don't even consider it unless you are a polar bear. Rent a snowmobile before buying to try it out, of possible.

There are two basic types of snowmobile riders, the winter fun and thrill sport seekers and the folks who live in the woods and of necessity that use their snowmobiles when other transportation options are not accessible-i.e. you are snowed-in and roads, if any are not plowed.

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