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profile member asked on Dec 19, 2013

Why are people so unfriendly in White Plains, NY?

I've been here for over 3 months now and I've noticed that the people in this town are incredibly rude. No one smiles, no one acknowledges a greeting, nor do they ever hold a door open for you. It's as if everyone in this city is carrying a chip on their shoulders.
I've heard the excuse "well, that's how everyone acts in NYC" but this isn't NYC. I relocated here FROM Manhattan where I was reminded daily of the kindness of strangers.
I'm curious, has anyone experienced the same hostility and bitterness or is it just me? In the meantime, I will continue to walk with a smile on my face hoping that it's contagious!

White Plains

7 Answers

answered on 12/19/13 by
a VT member from Vancouver

Chuckle, what does this question have to do with travel, now if you decided you were moving because you were unhappy where you live and wanted information on another area to live in then perhaps you would get some answers.

answered on 12/19/13 by
a VT member from New Jersey

I have some friends in that area and they are very friendly toward me and when we are out they extend the same friendly attitude to strangers as they do with me.

I think give it more time. Continue your upbeat persona. You may not change the world but you could make someone's day with your smile.

Good luck!
Happy Holiday's ;-)

answered on 12/19/13 by
a VT member

I'm here on project for work-I've had the blessing of travel around the US for 6-12mo stints so I get to meet lots of people and experience each city's "culture". I consider myself a tourist for the time-being :)

answered on 12/19/13 by
a VT member from Minneapolis

Hi - I haven't been there but have heard the same from re-locators to my own city - and we're supposed to be "Minnesota Nice"! :O)

Good advice from John: just keep paying the friendly forward and it'll come back to you. Three months may seem like an eternity but it's really not so very long. Maybe it would help to get involved in something with people of similar interests? Do you have any interests that you might like to share with a group of like-minded individuals?

Coffeeshops seem to be a place where nice people often hang out: I've "met" lots of of nice folks in ours - probably because they're places where people often go to relax and unload the stress of jobs and chores and whatnot. Give that a shot?

BTW, for all the rumors out there about New Yorkers, I didn't find the locals in Manhattan to be rude or unfriendly at all; just generally in a hurry (by necessity: life can be demanding).

answered on 12/19/13 by
a VT member from Manhattan Island

That's too bad, I've never had a bad experience with people from White Plains; not even as a rude look or passing comment. For your part, are you friendly and welcoming to people of White Plains?

Give it another chance.

answered on 12/19/13 by
a VT member from Marina

The water.

answered on 12/19/13 by
a VT member from Richardson

Maybe IBM stock is down?


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