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profile member asked on Mar 26, 2012

Probable last minute USVI Trip - Might need advice!!

Hello all,

We are a couple in the mid 20's and are on vacation next week. We found a pretty sweet airline promotion that brings us from Canada to St.Thomas, for 1 week (7 nights) beginning april).

We do not know anything about USVI and have never never visited the Caribbean area, except for all-inclusive (hotel+beach) packages in Punta Cana and Dominican Republic, which isn't really visiting.

I have been doing a lot of research and I am not sure if I am more educated, or more confused.

Firstly, I was looking for accomodation on St.Thomas and St.Thomas only, found a few interesting things, thought the island was pretty cool, very pretty and full of stuff to do for 8 days/7 nights.

Then I started reading about St.John and googled it for pictures and activities, and it just seemed like paradise.

So all of this got me a little confused, I'll tell you guys a little bit about us, and then if you could help us figure out how to plan this out!

1. We are in our mid-20's, we enjoy a good city-life/nightlife but in travelling we enjoy more nice places, nice beachs, views, activities. We will not go clubbing or stuff like that but we enjoy having a few drinks at the pub and having fun there!

2. We have been to Hawaii and realized we loved snorkelling. The islands we enjoyed the most were the more laid back ones, the ones with simply the breathtaking views/beachs. We also enjoy hiking, but not hiking just to hike/walk, more like hiking to somewhere in order to see something special (view/waterfall/remote beach, etc). We got a little bored on Kauai in Hawaii since it was too relax at night (we stayed in a remote place) but we still enjoyed it a lot, that aspect of Kauai didn't make us think less of Kauai!

Now what we would like to know :

1. Should we go to St Thomas and St John, if so, knowing we are there for 8 days/7 nights, what would be the best ratio of days on each?! We are capable of fulling up our days and getting up early, but we also want to relax and not rush things. We'd like a 'natural' schedual, go with the flow, no rush, no stress, but always active... So how should we split the days on the 2 islands?

2. Renting a car? It seems the islands are pretty small, I first thought we had to rent a car, but it seems like we don't. We are okay with hitchhiking but are not a big fan of it ! (I guess it can be unpredictable sometimes)

3. Accomodation : Like everybody we are on a budget, I have looked threw dozens of hotels and VRBO studios/condos, and have found quite a few that seem pretty good! My question here : Where to book tho on the islands? What cities would be the best for us, what areas north/east/west/south. On St Thomas it seems like it would be to the south/east of the island, They are an awful lot of condos to rent there, is that the easiest/best place on the island to be? We'd like to see every possible beach so we are aware we will move a lot! We'd like to be well situated. What about St John? Where to stay?!

If we go threw with the booking, we will be leaving within the next week, I know my thread is long, but if anyone could give us a few advices, it would help us out!

Thank you,

U. S. Virgin Islands

2 Answers

answered on 3/27/12 by
a VT member

Thanks for the answer. We will indeed try to visit St Thomas and St John.

2 more little questions,
Do you have any idea of the numbers of days on each of them that we should plan?

Is it possible to visit for 3-4 straight days, St John, while sleeping/lodging on St Thomas??, or is this a stupid idea? I know the ferry is 6$/passager, but I am just wondering if it's something people do or not. Because we are finding it a lot easier/cheaper to get accommodation on St Thomas.

answered on 3/27/12 by
a VT member from Hanover

Last year I stayed just at St. Thomas and it worked fine for me. The ferries go back and forth on a regular basis so there is no reason to change hotels halfway through the visit.

I used taxis and was very happy with that. Hitchhiking is NOT a good idea there.

Have a great trip!


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