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profile member asked on Dec 1, 2015

Safety in Izmir, Turkey

I am travelling to Izmir from 8 to 13 December. Please advise how safe Turkey is as Terrorism Aspects?


5 Answers

answered on 12/1/15 by
Mary Smith from Leicester

Turkey is as safe as anywhere else. Nowhere is 100% safe (including your own hometown)...and certainly no-one can foretell the future... but I see no reason whatsoever for you to be more concerned about visiting Izmir than visiting e.g. London, Manchester, Brussels, Rome, NYC etc etc.

You are far, far more at risk of injury or death when you drive or are driven to the airport than you are at risk of being injured or killed by terrorist acts!

Turkey is a huge, huge country and the border with Syria is almost 1000 miles away from Izmir.

You don't give your citizenship but you could read your own government's travel advisory for Turkey, if there is one. Here's the regularly-updated official UK travel advisory:

You will see that it is only a tiny part of the country, the area which borders Syria, for which only essential travel is advised. The rest of Turkey is 'green' to visit, just as it has been for years.

answered on 12/1/15 by
claus andersen from Denmark

I have been coming regulary to Izmir since 1987 and I can not recall any major terrorist attacks in the city during this period.
It's a very westernised city with a really good vibe and I highly recommend it.

answered on 12/1/15 by
a VT member from Istanbul

Dear Kumar please consider that you ask the same question about PARIS, before the terrorist attack ...

answered on 12/4/15 by
a VT member from Bristol

Turkey is a Generally safe place,as all above say,just a bit risky near the border of Syria.
Izmer is built up for tourists,been to turkey 5 times,wouldn't hesitate to go to Izmer tomorrow.

Have fun!

answered on 12/8/15 by
a VT member from Istanbul

Turkey is safe as any other countries located in Europe. As Leics mentioned, nowhere in the world has 100% safety and honestly the world media can be so cruel if the topic is a country where mostly muslim people live. Nothing is going on right now and people are living safely!

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