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profile member asked on Nov 14, 2016

What can i do to make Turkish airline to refund my unused tickets

Is there anybody who had issues with the Turkish airline and their services?
On the 5th of August. I and my wife purchased Turkish airline flight tickets via Expedia to travel from Bangkok to Istanbul and then to Tel Aviv to return on the 15th of August from Tel Aviv to Istanbul then Bangkok
We missed the first flight from Bangkok to Istanbul and I received a message from Expedia that Turkish airline canceled all of my 8 tickets, including tickets for the 15th of August.
Then I and my wife purchased a new ticket on the Turkish airline website on the 6th of August to the same destination (Bangkok to Istanbul and then to Tel Aviv) in order to return on the 15th of August from Tel Aviv to Istanbul and then to Bangkok, with a total of 8 tickets.
We used the tickets to fly from Bangkok to Istanbul but personal urgent circumstances forced on us in Istanbul airport to buy returning tickets from Istanbul to Bangkok.
So we used only 2 tickets this time, we didn't use the remaining 6 tickets, out of the 16 tickets purchased from Turkish airline I only used two.
to Turkish airline to refund my unused tickets. The First time I received an unintelligible reply and the second time, which is one month I wrote ago, I sent Turkish airline another message but until now I didn't receive any message.
I wrote also to Expedia,you notice it,but this is the next story....
So how do you think I can resolve this issue?... Any advice?


8 Answers

answered on 11/14/16 by
a VT member from Ieper

We flown with Turkish airlines a couple of times, but never had any issue about refunding I can only tell the service we had onboard and at the airport that they are all good

If you had book your flight through Expedia, I'm not sure if you get your money back, we have had once problem with Expedia with Avis rental car, we didn't get the car while is already paid and I ask for refund they said I have to contact Expedia I email expedia and never had any answers

Best thing is to call Turkish Airlines office there should be a phone number or costumer service where you live.

answered on 11/14/16 by
Mary Smith from Leicester

This is the Turkish Airlines page about how to get refunds:

You missed the first flight with the first set of tickets. When that happens it is perfectly normal for airlines to cancel all tickets, including return tickets.

With the second set of tickets, did you actually cancel the remaining flights after Istanbul? Or did you just not turn up for them?

There is a big difference between a passenger cancelling tickets and them just not turning up for flights. If tickets are cancelled they can be offered for sale again. If you did not cancel the remaining tickets when you knew you could not use them then I think your chances of getting any refund are small.

Unfortunately, you booked your tickets through Expedia and not directly with Turkish Airlines. That complicates matters greatly.

I suggest you start by contacting your nearest Turkish Airlines office, preferably in person, and go from there.

answered on 11/14/16 by
a VT member from Mahajanga

If you purchased Non Refundable or Restricted Tickets it can not be refunded. If you missed your flight without intimation to the Airline prior to the departure then its classified as NO SHOW by the PAX and may not get any refund or get partial refund with a payable fee.

There are certain types of classes even in Economy Tickets and no one can tell you without seeing them, your best bet is to visit the nearest Turkish Airlines Sales Office at earliest.

answered on 11/14/16 by
a VT member from Nashville

Generally if you miss your flight and have bought nonrefundable through a reseller, the money is gone. Although why they cancelled the rest, I dont know. Why didnt you contact them in Istanbul? Ok, did you buy the return tickets through them in Istanbul? You couldnt have just changed the dates on the Expedia ticket and paid the penalty? How you functioned is not clear but it looks tough. However I have changed tickets that I bought through a reseller - on an American airlines - only paying the penalty. So I dont understand why you didnt do that in person in Istanbul. After the fact is tricky...

answered on 11/15/16 by
a VT member from Pattaya

This is why I never buy seats through a third party.

You missed the first flight so I think that is a fare you lose. If not a refund perhaps the airline will give you a credit for the portions of your original flight where the airline had sufficient notice of a no-show.

(Not Turkish Airlines.) I had to cancel a flight once when I ended up in a hospital with a blood clot. This was a Friday and the flight was scheduled for Monday. Couldn't fly or I would die. I called in time and the airline gave me credit for a future flight which they later honored. But I always buy direct from the airline company even if I pay a few dollars more.

Try for a credit for a future flight.

Good luck

answered on 11/15/16 by
a VT member from Vancouver

Since you booked through a 3rd party, Expedia, that is who you will need to work with for any refunds you are requesting from your first set of tickets. If you had booked directly with Turkish Airlines then you would be working directly with them regarding your problem. Since you booked your second set of tickets directly with the airline, that's who you will need to work with regarding refunds you are requesting.

answered on 11/15/16 by
a VT member from Toronto

If the tickets you bought are non-refundable, I think you're out of luck. There is a chance that you may be able to get a credit, but I don't think the airline will give you a full refund. If you bought travel insurance, you can try the insurance company.

answered on 12/10/16 by
a VT member

Your information posted has missed out many important detail for us to provide the exact recommendation, but in all cases you should deal direct with expendia.

Are all those connected/transfer flight, if you missed one flight, they are all cancelled, if they are not booked together, they shouldn't be able to cancel your flight.

As said, any non refundable tickets means you won't get any money back for any reasons, and if you do not turn up for a flight thay is your problem, if you had contacted them 48hrs, some 3 days before the flight for not using the flight, there are chances to get a refund or change dates, but this all comes down to the conditions set down on the tickets you have purchased and not all are same.

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