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profile member asked on Sep 16, 2016

60 Day Tourist Visa Question

Hi, I am flying into Bangkok, then flying out of Bangkok 3 1/2 months afterward. My plan is to travel in Thailand for 60 days, then travel to Cambodia, Laos, and maybe Myamar for the rest of the time before returning to Bangkok to catch my flight home. I am a US Citizen

So . . . I might have to criss-cross Thailand to get to these different countries after the 60 day visa is expired. I know I can extend that visa for 30 days so that takes care of 3 months, but when I return to Thailand for another country to get my flight can I get some kind of visa at the border to stay for a few days to catch my flight?


4 Answers

answered on 9/16/16 by
a VT member from Vienna

At land or sea border you will get 15 days, by plane 30 days, fine for overstay is 500 Baht per day as long as it is not too many days

answered on 9/16/16 by
a VT member from Puerto Princesa

Don't forget that your 60 day visa is only good for one stay. If you leave the country after a month and plan to return you will need another visa, or get a multiple entry visa.

answered on 9/16/16 by
a VT member from Ieper

It's a good idea criss crossing around, you have nothing to lost only seeing the beautiful places....check the low cost airline where take you criss-crossing Southeast Asia [original link]

On your last days, you can return through Thailand border and get 15 days visa

answered on 9/18/16 by
a VT member from Pattaya

Another option/opinion.

Purchase a flight to to Myanmar from Bangkok to Yangon leaving 29-30 days after arriving Thailand. (Maybe Air Asia from above link.) With a flight leaving Thailand within 30 days you can enter free on with a Visa Exemption stamp you get in your passport. Next time you fly to Bangkok with a flight out within 30 days you enter free again.

From the US for the free 30 day Visa Exemption you need a flight out of Thailand within 30 days. Some tourists stay for 30 days, fly to another country and back to Bangkok and get another free 30 days. A flight departing Thailand within 30 days covers the "Proof of Onward Travel" that might be enforced at your first airport in the US. From Bangkok I have flown round trip to Hong Kong, Singapore, Manila, Myanmar, etc.

Some countries qualify for a free 30 day Visa Exemption even at border crossings. (Unless this has changed back again.)

[original link]

[original link]

" I can extend that visa for 30 days so that takes care of 3 months.."

If you enter with the normal 60 day Tourist Visa that visa will end when you leave Thailand. (Although I could be wrong.)

Do a Google search for other opinions on this.

Have fun.

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