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Taipei Shih Travel Answers

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · August 01, 2012
Home Decor Products in Taipei  (2 Answers)

Hi!! I would like to enquire where can I find home decor products such as wall decals and stencils in Taipei. Thanks!

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · October 04, 2011
Farm stay in taipei  (1 Answer)

Hi, this is my first trip to Taiwan. Will be staying in Taipei around 1-8 Nov. Does any one have good recommendations for hostel and farmstay? I hope to be able to able to explore the farms of Taipei.


Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · September 14, 2011
ATM's with Cirrus or Plus in Taoyuan Airport  (4 Answers)


From what I have been able to gather from the net it seems that Taiyuan Airport is totally lacking in ATM's. I find this very odd as Taiwan is not an undeveloped nation. ATM's in international airports are usually very common even in far less developed nation like Thailand or Vietnam. Could someone please enlighten me and advise if this is actually true? I need Cirrus or Plus.

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · August 05, 2011
Transport options after midnight  (1 Answer)


My flight gets into Taipei's Taoyuan International airport at 11:40 pm. By the time I clear immigration etc it would be closer to 1 am.

Besides catching a cab to the city at that time what other options do I have? I have not booked my accommodation yet so I could also look at getting the hotel's pick up service. Is there also perhaps a reasonably priced hotel within the airport (or walking distance)?


Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · June 16, 2011
Need to find restaurant for biz meeting of 50 pax, buffet preferred or Chinese dim-sum.  (2 Answers)

Me, my family and my friends enjoyed spending our Christmas and New Year of 2011 in Taipei that we plan to go back next Feb 2012. This time we will be coming with a group of 50 people! we plan to stay at City Inn Plus since we loved it the first time. My question is, we plan to have a business meeting in a restaurant that serves inexpensive buffet so that our cost wouldn't be that high. Or some inexpensive dim-sum restaurant would also suffice. Can anyone suggest a restaurant where we can have a reservation for this many people and have a little privacy at the same time. I really enjoyed eating at KaoChi last time but I don't know if they can accommodate that many people at the same time upstairs.

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · February 28, 2011
Trip to Chiufen

Does anyone know which company/organisation organises one-day trip in Taipei? Would like to visit Chiufen but don't know how to get there...

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · December 30, 2010
Please recommend any attractions at Hsinchu?  (1 Answer)

Dear travellers,

I will be at Taiwan Hsinchu to work for two weeks arriving mid Jan 2011...thinking of exploring this place and as well as Taipei and Taichung on my weekends..

I am interested in local delicacies at both area. As my hobby is modeling, thus I am also interested in places like model shop that sells mainly GUNDAM .. hahaha..

Kindly, please suggest and guide me to the most attraction places in Taipei and Taichung..oh BTW, if I plan to overnight at Taipei, will it make the visits more attractive? :)

Thanks in advance and HAPPY NEW YEAR..

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · December 16, 2010
Toroko gorge - tourist cabbie sharing  (2 Answers)


Me and my wife will be staying in Taipei city between 20Jan11 to 25Jan11. I am planning to visit Toroko gorge for a 1 day trip by engaging a tourist cabbie at Hualien train station. The cost is about NTD3000 for a full day tour. Is anyone interested to share this tour with us? We are from Singapore and we speak a few languages. We plan to do this tour on Friday (21Jan). Please let me know if you are interested, thanks.

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · October 04, 2010
Layover in taipei with a passport that expires in 5 months?  (1 Answer)

I'm going to travel to Okinawa, Japan. To get there, I have to first stop over in Taipei. My passport will expire in five months. Will Taipei allow me to enter and leave the country? I'll only be there for a layover.

Thanks, I appreciate all your help!

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · August 17, 2010
October in Taiwan  (2 Answers)


Just like to check whether its safe to take a tour to Taroko Gorge for someone who is not so tough. Is it meant for all visitors or do you need to do trekking and climbing?

Also, how will the weather be in early October? Is it windy? Do we need windbreakers?

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · May 23, 2010
Travel around taipei  (4 Answers)

Hi! i wanna know if there is any must eat food when i am there? Any good hostel to recommand? Any must go location? cause i will be there from 1july to 22july.. thanks!!

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · April 21, 2010
Where can i check for the weather?  (4 Answers)

Hi, Where can i check the weather condition from 29th april to 2nd may.
I will be in taipei during that few days.
Taipei here i come!!! ^_^

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · April 09, 2010
transport ,taipei / hualien / taipei  (3 Answers)

Train services Taipei -Hualien- Taipei,Approx travelling time & how much is the fare.
Bus services Taipei / Hualien / Taipei. Approx travelling time & how much is the fare.
Purchasing tickets Day of travel or 2 days earlier. Easy or Difficult.

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · April 03, 2010
drinking water

Drinking water in Taipei,safe or not. Bottled water, best brands ???

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · March 04, 2010
Cheap flight from Taipei to Tokyo?  (1 Answer)


can any kind soul tell me if there are any budget airlines to get from Taipei to Tokyo? Thanks!

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · February 28, 2010
3 days visit to Tapei  (9 Answers)

Hi ^-^
I intend to visit Taiepi for 3 days. It's kinda of short....
I'm not first time visiting but bringing a friend who is.
Where can I visit?

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · February 04, 2010
places to visit during cny  (1 Answer)

Dear all!
i'll need help on the following,
currently planning my taipei trip.

anyone knows if:
1) keelung night market will be open from 2nd day of lunar new year?
2) how to get to Datun park?
3) is wufenpu open during 14-20th Feb?
4) if i should do prior booking for day-trips to hualien (those from edison travel)
5) pre book my high speed rail tickets online, or purchase them 2 days in advance when i'm in taipei?
6) is it better to visit yeliou in the afternoon or in the morning (most day trips offer morning tours, was thinking if i should make the trip there on my own in the afternoon and head to keelung miaokou in the evening)

Thanks so much for ur help :)


Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · December 01, 2009
Traveling Christmas 2009  (2 Answers)

I will be travleing to Taipei Chirstmas Day 2009 with my wife and 6-year-old to bring home our adopted son at Cathwel Orphanage. We are trrying ot find hotles which will be the most convenient to tourist shopping, parks, the zoo and still be somewhat close to the orphanage.

Any sugestions. We prefer to keep it to around100 US Dollars per night, if possible.

Thank you for any help.

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · August 17, 2009
Travel to Taipei from Dec 02 to 05 2009 (Please advise)  (5 Answers)

Hello! I seen the helpful comments from everyone and would like your help as well.

My husband, 22mos old son, and I will be travelling to Taipei from Dec. 2 (ETD 8pm) to Dec. 5 2009 (ETA 1pm), and would like your opinions on the following questions:

1) We were planning of staying at Imperial Hotel (recommended by travel agent), is this a good choice in terms of security and cleanliness? Is it far from the airport?

2) How much would taxi fare cost from the airport to a hotel in the city?

3) What would be good places to visit considering we have a 22mos old son (by then).

4) Would it be ideal to use public transport with a 22mos old son for sightseeing or would you recommend going on an arranged tour?

5) What is usual weather in December?

6) What are the fruits in season during December?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · June 27, 2009
Electronic Goods Price in Taiwan  (1 Answer)

Hi Guys,

I m from Sydney, and i heard that the electronic goods are cheaper in Taiwan. Is it true? I wanna buy a Laptop and Camera. How much is the price difference, if i can buy something for AUD 200 in Australia, how much do i have to pay over there.

Any suggestions from ur experience.

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · February 09, 2009
1st Visit to Taipei  (2 Answers)


I will be travelling to Taipei with my family (2 childrens age 3 and 4). May I know which hotel is good? In term of location for shopping and food. I heard of this hotel name "See You Hotel". Is it good? Please advise, thank you. :)

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · January 17, 2009
Rainbow Hotel vs Ta Shun Hotel


I'll be going Taipei with my mom, hubby and a 13 month baby. We plan to stay in the same room. I'm trying to decide between Rainbow Hotel vs Ta Shun Hotel. May I know which one is better? The size, environment, service etc. Thanks a lot!
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Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · August 13, 2008
Transfer from Taoyuan Airport to Royal Castle Hotel  (5 Answers)

CAn any direct me how to get to the Royal Castle hotel from airport? Besides will the hotel be a right choice to choose? Thanks.

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · July 13, 2008
Trip to Yeliou, Jinguashi, Jioufen and Keelung  (4 Answers)


I would like to know if staying a day or two in Keelung to explore Yeliou, Jinguashi, Jioufen and Keelung itself is a good idea or do a day trip from Taipei? Is 2 days 1 night enough? As I am going with my mom and another friend, I do not want to have a rush trip but more relaxed.

I found following two homestay near Keelung. Has anyone stay there before? Any review for these two homestay? Which one should I consider for booking?

a) Honey Village
Address: No. 24, Ai 2nd St., Beiji Village, Wanli Township, Taipei County

b) Jioufen Longmen Guesthouse
Address: No. 110, Lunding Rd., Yongcing Li, Rueifang Township, Taipei County

If I stay at either one of the homestay mentioned above, how should I plan my travel route for Yeliou, Jinguashi, Jioufen and Keelung?

Many thanks for any input.

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · June 11, 2008
Can anyone tell me which hotel is in wu fen pu  (1 Answer)

hi there.. i would like to go wu fen pu. Kindly advise what cheap hotels are there? and other then wu fen pu.. are there other wholesale clothing stores??
i will be going there in august.

pls email me at [email]

Thank you

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · June 11, 2008


Can anyone please tell me when is the best time to go Taipei for holiday? And where can i find more info on Taipei.


Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · May 31, 2008
Taipei 5D4N  (4 Answers)

Hello everyone!

I'll be visiting Taiwan with my family (dad, sis & boyfriend) sometime late June (Wed to Sun). We'll arrive Taipei at abt 2pm & will be staying in Royal Castle Hotel.

I'm trying to squeeze as many places of interest as possible within our short stay in Taiwan, namely:

Day 1:
(1) Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall
(2) CKS Memorial Hall
(3) 101
(4) Wufenpu
(5) Raohe NM

Day 2:
(4) LongShan Temple
(5) Beitou Hotspring or Wulai Hotspring
(6) Danshui / Fisherman's Wharf
(7) Shilin NM
**Personally, I would prefer Wulai Hotspring, but because the Xindian MRT (to Wulai) is at the opposite end of Xin Beitou MRT (to Beitou), I'm not sure if I should just stick to Beitou, so that I can also visit Danshui & Shilin NM along the way.. If I opt for Wulai hotspring, is there any sight-seeing place coz I doubt my dad would want to join us for the hotspring spa**

Day 3:
(1) Yehliu
(2) Jiguashih
(3) Jiufen
(4) Shifen
(5) Keelung Miaokou (temple + NM)
**Will engage a taxi driver (Mr. Meeky Yang is highly recommended?) to bring us, will this take us a whole day? Or can we squeeze 1 or 2 other places of interest back in Taipei? Any recommendation if this is possible?**

Day 4:
(1) Train fr. Taipei to Hualien
(2) Taroko Gorge
** Will engage a taxi driver upon reaching Hualien (a Mr. Chen is highly recommended?) Unfortunately I forgot to take down his no., if anyone has it, please let me know. Also, will this take us a whole day? Where else is worth visiting besides Taroko Gorge?**

Day 5:
(1) Ximengding before heading to airport for flight back to SG.
**Our flight back is at abt 6pm, so we'll have 1/2 day to wander around, any nice places to recommend?

**I'm also thinking of a visit to Yangmingshan, can I squeeze this in any of the days? Do I need a guide to bring us or it's fine to be on our own?

** I'm fine with dropping visits to Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall & CKS Memorial Hall.. I've them in my itinerary for my dad, but I'm not sure if he'll enjoy the visits to the halls afterall.. Hee.

**If I were to drop the memorial halls, are there any places that we should consider going? Basically my dad is in love with the Taiwan programmes introducing all the Taiwan snacks (xiao chi), so if anyone can recommend nice places to "pig out", that'll be very much appreciated.

Let me know your thoughts on the above, all comments are welcome. Thanks in advance to all helpful forummers.


Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · April 23, 2008
Place of interest for children + hotel recommendation for a family of 5  (3 Answers)

It's not easy to find a hotel for a family of 5 which consist of my mother, 2 kids besides my husband and myself. Would be greatful if any members can recommend any hotel and places of interest especially for the kids (aged 11 & 13yrs). By the way, is Xi Men Ding a good place to stay? We have 3 full days to spend our time in Taipei. How's the weather during June? Any recommendation is greatly appreciated.

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · March 16, 2008
Alishan  (3 Answers)

can anyone advise me how to go Alishan? Can take as day trip? i'll be staying @ Tainan.

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · March 14, 2008
Alishan  (2 Answers)

Know that its the popular season to Alishan now. I'll be staying @ Tainan for 10 days...Plan to visit Alishan in the weekend....Can anyone advise me how i should get there? How long is the distance? Since i'll be staying @ Tainan, is it sufficient to go as a day trip or i have to stay overnite @ nearby hotel? Understand that its difficult to get rooms during this period.

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