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a VirtualTourist member asked on Jul 2, 2014


Is it safe for me?

I will be going to Syria in about 14 months, is it safe? For an American Muslim?

9 Answers

answered on 7/2/14 by
a VT member

Um...No. Plus you'll probably end up on an NSA watch list.

answered on 7/2/14 by
a VT member from Sydney

Syria is............a war zone

Who knows what it will be in 14 months time?

Just follow the news

answered on 7/2/14 by
a VT member from Puerto Princesa

You are a braver man than me! Nobody in their right mind would go to Syria at the moment, but who knows what it will be like in 14 months time!

answered on 7/2/14 by
a VT member from Glasgow

Fourteen months is a very long time in the present-day volatile Arab world, at the moment it's the last place on earth I would want to be travelling around in the midst of the current Sunny/ Shia conflict, with President Assad hanging on to power by his fingernails.

I innocently travelled overland through Iran in 1979 unaware of the political conflict caused by the vacuum of power occasioned by the Reza Shah's imminent hasty departure into exile ahead of Ayatollah Khomenie's return from exile in Paris, heavily-armed revolutionary guards were on every street corner, the inter-city bus I was travelling on was stopped by police at a roadblock on the outskirts of Tehran, all the passengers were ordered off the bus and robbed of their valuables, one zealot in uniform poked a machine gun in my stomach accusing me of being a western spy, fortunately other passengers on the bus came to my rescue and diffused the situation. My favourite pub serving Watney's keg beer in Tehran was closed down, and when I arrived at the border with Pakistan my bottle of wine was seized by irate guards and contemptuously smashed on the ground in front of me, I was extremely glad to cross the desert border into Pakistan where a calmer atmosphere prevailed and native faces started smiling again.

Are you sure you want to go ahead with your travel plan? Come back next year and post the same question is all I can suggest, but the middle-east Arab world is an entirely different culture from first-world America.


answered on 7/2/14 by
a VT member from Minsk

A quick look at my profile map will show you i've lived in Iraq and Yemen. I have taken holidays in Somalia and Afghanistan. I'm used to living and working in conflict zones. Even i wouldn't go to Syria at the moment.

answered on 7/2/14 by
a VT member from Boston

Are you completely out of your mind?

answered on 7/2/14 by
a VT member from Minneapolis

Fluffy_bunny is as intrepid as they come; I do believe this is the first time I've ever seen him essentially say "don't." If even he wouldn't do it, NO one should do it.

answered on 7/2/14 by
a VT member from Newark upon Trent

Apart from "don't", my other response is "why"? Surely not for a vacation or a sight-seeing trip? Perhaps to visit relatives? Working with an aid organisation or an NGO? How are you planning to get there? How are you planning to live there? For how long are you planning to go? Unless you are going in some sort of official capacity, you would be advised to steer clear. Who knows that the next 14 months will bring!

answered on 7/2/14 by
a VT member from Syria


Where you want came Syria .
if for tourist you can,t see too much things now cause major of tourist sites is out of service .
other wise if you want visit somebody you must contact them many times to know the way status .

if need any more info let me know . best wishes

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