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profile member asked on Nov 22, 2002

Sandwich Islands

What are the sandwich islands also known as? It came up in a quiz and no-one knew the answer - I thought it was Hawaii

South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

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answered on 11/22/02 by
a VT member from Melbourne

'Eighteenth-century British explorers renamed Hawaii the Sandwich Islands after the Earl of Sandwich in England, not to describe the dish made with two slices of bread. I have always liked this name, even though I can understand why native Hawaiians didn't. Mark Twain thought Hawaii should be called the Rainbow Islands because he saw so many during his visit. The original Polynesian sailors who settled here named the place after Hawa`iki, the mythological homeland of their cultural legends' This from William Starr Moake, Hawaii on-line - but that's different to South Sandwich islands - which is in the Atlantic as opposed to the Hawaii group of islands.

answered on 11/27/02 by
a VT member from Hong Kong

Hawaii was indeed known as the Sandwich Is. Similarly the "South Sandwich Is" are a group of islands in the Sth Atlantic, south of the Falklands and Sth Georgia. The islands are administered by Great Britain but still claimed by the Argentinians.

answered on 11/24/03 by
a VT member from Los Angeles

Check the area around Antacrtica, Falklands and South Georgia Islands. I believe many small islands along with South Georgia make up the the Sandwich Islands. South Georgia is part of the British Empire.

answered on 8/1/06 by
a VT member from Edmonton

Sandwich Islands are also known as the Hawaii Islands. The South Sandwich Islands, on the other hand, is part of the South Georgia administrative body (UK) and is uninhabited. They are located due south from the Falklands Islands adjacent to southern Argentina.

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