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a VirtualTourist member from Ceuta asked on Jun 24, 2010


our visit to sirmione

we are travelling next week to sirmione for 6 days
we leave from malaga to begamo airport
i would be so grateful for any information
for example best and cheapest way to get to sirmione
maybe where to visit
and of course a nice cheap place to eat
we are on a budget
thanks letty

7 Answers

answered on 6/26/10 by
a VT member from Barcon

Six days, Sirmione and so on...
Well, from Bergamo Airport rent a car and take A4 (Venice direction). If you arrive with RyanAir there could be some interesting rates with Hertz Car Rent. Second choice could be the train, but I think it's not a good idea.

I suggest you to take Bed and Breakfast (there are many in Sirmione area) some are cheap, other one expensive. I know two, visited by my sister last year; she says they are very good: take a look to and, with Google, search for "B&B Sandra" in Lugana (near Sirmione). An other option could be staying in Soave or Illasi (take a look to Soava and Illasi are eastern from Sirmione but in a strategic position if you decide to visit something as Palladian Manors, trekking in Dolomiti Alpes, visit interesting small towns as Asolo, Castelfranco Veneto, Treviso, Bassano del Grappa, Marostica, taste the "Conegliano Valdobbiadene PROSECCO superiore" in wineries on "Prosecco Hills" and... ...don't miss to taste the SPRITZ aperitive before lunch or dinner!

Not so far from Sirmione I think you could visit Gardaland and Sigurtà Park (near there don't miss "La Cantina" restaurant located in Borghetto, Via Tiepolo 4). Other restaurants and pizzeria... My sister suggest "Il Grillo" located in Cavalcaselle (Via Venezia, 40) and, near Sirmione Castle, "al Porticciolo" restaurant.

Contact me if you need more info.
Feel you welcome in my lands,
feel you welcome in Veneto Italian Region!

answered on 6/26/10 by
a VT member from Ceuta

Thanks for you reply
We are travelling by ryanair. we should arrive at midday
i think the idea of hiring isn't possible ,my friend she can drive but I can't .
Also as I said we are on a are going to laugh but we have about 500 euros left. after paying for flight ,hotel and other things we have to pay for to get Sirmione.
so we are hopping to catch the bus then catch the train then i think we have to get another bus. why did you say it's not a good idea about the train ?
We live in a small town called Ceuta on the north african coast opposite Gibraltar .So we have to catch a boat , a coach to Malaga. stay over night.
then take the flight out .We have booked into Hotel Ca' Serena b&b
I don't know anywhere in Italy. so we have done it online but without much idea.
In the future i would like to go to Tuscana. I have read about it in novels but that is another day.
I'm going to write down your suggestions then i will look them up on the net
hopefully next week we will decide what we would like to do money permitting
I supose we can visit the nearby places . I want to look to see where Florencia is and how much it would be by train and long it would take.I haven't done anything like this before so it will be an adventure.
if worse comes to the worse we will sit on our balcony and look at the largo garda

I have heard that sirmione is expensive because of the area
Where are you from ?
i'm from England and my friend is from Ceuta.
Well thanks again

answered on 6/26/10 by
a VT member from Barcon

Ok Letty now I understand better. First of all I don't laugh because I experienced your same situation when I studied: I did my travels with limited budget.
Your question about hiring: for me is better because you can travel in freedom, without watching the clock and saying: "It's time to go, we have bus, we have train".

Anyway let's schedule again your possible travel!

First: take a look on this web site "" because it gives you all the time tables and prices of 90% of trains in Italy. Sometimes you can also buy tickets on line (English version is available).

You have to reach Bergamo railway station from Bergamo Orio al Serio Airport: about that search "ATB" on website "" (you will find a link on the left "Orioshuttle, click and bus!"). From Bergamo railway station you need to arrive in Sirmione by train (search your favourite time on Remember to obliterate your tickets to avoid nasty fines! You will arrive to Desenzano station (this is because Sirmione has not train station). Anyway don't worry about because the area is touristic so it is sufficient, arrived in Desenzano train station, to get info in a tourist point or go to lake and find boats to Sirmione (it is not difficult).

Prices: I wrote you about "il Porticciolo" restaurant in Sirmione: my sister and her boyfriend paid 42 euro for pasta, desserts, water, a quarter of wine, one bottle of water and two coffees. It's a sample about prices. Anyway, as always, avoid too touristic places and you could keep good food with a reasonable price. Usually pizza is cheaper but, I'm honest, sometimes I save some moneys going in a McDonald! Don't exclude to find in Sirmione a backer and a butcher's shop, buying there all you need to prepare your self-made sandwiches (sometimes I used also this way to save some moneys, but only for lunch!).

Now, what to visit.
One day in Sirmione but keep in mind to take Desenzano train station as base to begin your movements to visit: Verona (1 day), Soave (1 day). A tour by boat to visit Garda Lake is a must, expecially I suggest to visit Bardolino, Lazise, Torri del Benaco, Malcesine. On west side there is Limone sul Garda. Salò is important for Italian history but you could skip it.
Try to dedicate a day to visit the funny Gardaland ( Sigurtà Park ( is very beautiful, if possible dedicate a day. To reach it: by train from "Desenzano" to "Peschiera del Garda" and, from "Peschiera del Garda" to "Valeggio sul Mincio" using APAM bus line.
Ehm... I have reached the six days!

OK, these are my suggests.
Keep attention: no autostop in Italy, Veneto Region is not so dangerous but also not so extremly safe.
If you need more info you can contact me also by VT mail or with this one: [email]

Welcome in Italy!

answered on 6/27/10 by
a VT member from Ceuta

Hi again
I'm glad you understand better now
You metioned a boat trip on the lake can you visit all these places on the same trip
or do I have to choose just one ?
I'm getting nervious or excitited
so when I surf the net to see the different places I can't take it all in
Remember to obliterate your tickets what is this is it get a special stamp?
is the gardaland a theme park with rides etc
i think you given us many things to think about
i would love to eat in a family run café where all the locales go and watch life go by
the only negative thing i have seen is Sirmione looks very crowded. I like people but not too many.
i still can't belive you have been to Chester it is so near my home town. My parents used to take us out there for a treat and go on the river with an ice-cream .Also the two places you have visited in Wales i used to go to as a child.
tomorrow i will have a better look because it is late now.
well only five days to go
and three days of work left before the summer holidays
until september
where are you going this year
all the best

answered on 6/28/10 by
a VT member from Barcon

First of all one VT suggest: you have your own free VT mail box (take a look on right upper side; link "Email"). Sometimes I use it to have "perfect info" searching and contacting by VT mail Virtual Tourist members living in places I plan to visit. I tell you this also about Sirmione because I'm trying to do my best to help you but, not living there, sometimes I could give you good info but not the best.

Anyway let's now take a look to some questions.

About BOAT TRIP. Unproperly I wrote "boat trip". I mean there are boat services and with them you can plan your trip on Garda Lake. About that, I have this useful link!
Searching in same web site I also found prices and some interesting things! One example:

TRAIN TICKETS: Remember to OBLITERATE. Welcome in my "crazy" Country... I think obliteration is not necessary buying your train ticket on web because date, time and train you use are indicated. Instead it's USUALLY different when you buy tickets in a train station. This is because in train station they sell you tickets (single way or round trip) you can use only one time but when you prefer: today, tomorrow or next week; if I'm not wrong they expire in a month. WHEN to obliterate? Before get in the train. WHERE to obliterate? There are automatic machines in train stations (usually near platforms). These machines are small and "egg yellow" coloured. You insert your ticket into black slot and machine prints actual date and time. Be careful because you are in Italy so it can happen: 1) machine is out of order; 2) date and time are not so correct (I mean more than one day wrong). In these case, try to reach an other automatic machine or search the conductor on your train and indicate him that print is not correct (tell him: "machine problem" indicating with your finger the wrong or missing print); it's sufficient to avoid nasty fines: welcome in Italy...

GARDALAND has many different rides but it's not a theme park. It is the most important in Italy so I suggest to visit it being not so far from Sirmione.

I'm very glad you'd "love to eat in a family run café where all the locales go and watch life go" because it is the way of tourism I always search to live. About that I'm very sorry I'm actually blocked at home (left metatarsus bone broken during vacations in Alicante during this June). I live less than 100 km eastern from Sirmione so it could be great to guide and make you live a weekend with locales (spritz in square, pizza or restaurant, go to dance or walk in a town with pubs, café, meeting local people, enjoying!).

If you plan to come back in Veneto Region (Venice, Dolomiti Alpes and so on; you can not miss them!) we can organize ourself or, why not, organize a mini VT-meeting!

Letty, I continue to answer you about Chester by VT mail because this area has to be used to post proper info about Sirmione! Remember, link "Email" on right upper side of your web browser.


answered on 6/28/10 by
a VT member from Ceuta

the boat trips look quiet intersting
we just want to get away and forget about everything
does it rain this time of year
keep advising me how to find things on this forum

answered on 6/28/10 by
a VT member from Barcon

"we just want to get away and forget about everything": Garda Lake is a good choice (you could dedicate more than one day to visit Bardolino and so on); it's better you avoid Gardaland but do not miss Verona! Take a look on ""

It does not rain in July on Garda Lake but keep attention about sudden summer thunderstorm, sometimes with medium tornadoes. Anyway the top of weather forecasts in Veneto Region is given by ARPAV! Take a look on "". Veneto Region has a "dog shape"; remember Garda Lake and Verona are on the left side (tail zone of the dog).

An other way to keep information on Virtual Tourist web site: on search rectangle in right upper side of your browser, maintain "Destination" search type, write "Sirmione" (or your destination) and click "Go!". A lot of info about destination you are searching for will appear!


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