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profile member asked on Aug 14, 2016

Rental of wheel chair

Traveling to San Francisco late August 2016. I'm bringing a friend with bad foot injury and also having my 2 year old with me. I am trying to look for a company in SFO that rents or possibly loans out: a baby car seat, strollers and crutches. items must be in great clean condition..Also, being delivered or pickup nearby the airport would be amazing since we don't know S.F all that much. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I know I'm asking a lot but taking and bringing these items on the airplane is just a bit of a headache.

San Francisco

5 Answers

answered on 8/14/16 by
a VT member from Marina

All rental car companies rent car seats. They're strictly required in California. However, they're typically expensive to rent. US airlines check them for free and they do not count toward your baggage allowance, but I don't know how it works internationally.

No rental car company will rent you a stroller or crutches. Strollers can't generally be rented because there's too much liability if they're damaged and the companies that do rent them (just Google "stoller rental") or ridiculously expensive. My friends looked at it when they came to visit us, and it was almost the same price to buy a new stroller. You should think about checking your own and bringing it.
Crutches are medical supplies. You may be able to find a medical supply company in the SF area that would rent these to you, but I doubt it. You could potentially try buying them at a place with a good return policy, then returning them, though it seems like medical supply stores generally do not have a good return policy.
I've also almost always seen crutches at thrift stores. That could be an option, but there aren't a lot of thrift stores in the city, and it would leave you running around just to save a bit of money. Consider bringing them on board, as they'll put them away for you. Or they sell them at Walgreens, and there have to be something like 100 Walgreens in San Francisco.

One thing to note though is that SF is very much a walking city, and a lot of that walking involves rough sidewalks and up and down hills. It'll be tough to get around with crutches.

answered on 8/15/16 by
a VT member from Minneapolis

Bao206, bocmaxima is spot on when he noted the hilliness of San Francisco: large parts of it are not going to be easy with crutches or a wheelchair. You might consider renting an electric scooter? It could still be a problem on narrow or uneven sidewalks but may be easier than the other two options.

I don't know anything about them personally but here are a couple of medical rental companies that will deliver equipment:

[original link]

[original link]

I would bring your own baby stroller. If you intend to take public transit around the city - which is the best way to do it, IMHO - you shouldn't need a carseat. Are you renting a car to visit other parts of California?

answered on 8/15/16 by
a VT member from San Diego

In San Diego I use Mobility Source:

[original VT link]

Mainly I use the scooters, but they do rent wheel chairs too.

You might take a look at this site in San Francisco, to see if they offer the service of wheelchairs .

[original link]

The Company I use will deliver & pick up the item so there is no hassel for you. I don't know if they do that in SF but worth asking.

answered on 8/15/16 by
a VT member

I used Cloud of Goods last time I was in SF!! I injured my ankle skating around the Mission and was devastated (Got caught up in the beautiful views as I was going slightly downhill; can you blame me?) I thought I wouldn't be able to make the most of my visit. After lots of Googling my friends and I decided to give Cloud of Goods a shot for a wheelchair. The woman I spoke to when I called was super kind and helpful and delivered to the Air BnB we were at within an hour. As we were leaving I left the wheelchair at the car rental office near the airport for them to pick up. They informed me that they do deliver to he airport as well though. I hope this was helpful have a great time in SF!

answered on 8/26/16 by
a VT member from Stockton

I would call the rental car companies and see who supplies these services. I'm certain the baby seat is available, and likely the wheel chair too. But, you need to call in advance, or it could be a wait at the rental agency.

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