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a VirtualTourist member asked on Dec 21, 2011

Salvador da Bahia

cheap accommodation during carnaval

I have trouble finding accommodation in salvador during the carnaval. all hostels offer only 6-day packages starting on 16 feb. me and my friends need lodging for less nights,
3 or 4 nights staring on 18/19 feb;
do any of you guys know if it is possible to find accommodation on this requirements?
the cheaper the better; we just want someplace to leave our bags and sleep, nothing fancy

thankk you!

5 Answers

answered on 12/21/11 by
a VT member


first, thanks for answering. i just didn't know where to ask.

just a couple doubts on both options:

i) where can i check for last minute open spaces? ( what do you mean by Brazil forums? i know portuguese)
ii) i don't really mind doing the matress-on-the-floor thing or sleeping on the beach if those are actual options; that is, if there actually are locals that might be up for that, or if i won't get kicked out of the beach in the middle of the night by cops.


So what 'MAY' be left at the last minute is a space someone paid for before plans changed, so they are looking for someone to buy them out (even for part of the time), or a local who throws a mattress on the floor of some place whose safety/cleanliness may be dubious, in order to take advantage of the crowded situation and make a few reais. For the first, keep watching all the Brazil forums. For the second, show up, and pray you don't end up on the beach or in the airport.

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answered on 12/21/11 by
a VT member

Oh dear someone's just joined to tout a hotel in Amaralina. Less than handy but at this point in time you could do worse.

@the OP:

Caveat emptor. You may find folk on this, the LP or other travel boards in a similar situation. You might get lucky. Often around this time of year you also see locals advertising spare rooms. You need to be really careful, sometimes these are in fairly dubious locales. Not all parts of town are equal re amenity and security. You speak Portuguese? Ok but how well do you know the city? Not well I assume if you are asking whether camping on the beach is an option. It's not.

Nothing will be cheap, everyone marks up their prices four or five fold, apartments, pousadas, hostels and hotels.

Now if you are really in extremis, you could consider the various "hotels" (motels)there's a selection around the town with the most convenient concentrations of them around Largo Dois de Julho and in Calçada. They are fairly busy and the most salubrious ones tend to fill up and charge at carnaval rates. The best of the lot is actually slap bang against one of the circuits and it charges stay minima. There is an immense influx of domestic tourists into the city at carnaval.

Good luck, you are going to need it.

answered on 12/29/11 by
a VT member from Paris

I found a Pousada in the storic center without this pacote of 6nights
They are friendly.

answered on 1/13/12 by
a VT member

Actually, it's not a bad part of town. No idea what the pousada is like. You'll be able to get a bus up in the largo althogh it's a fairly circuitous route. That pousada is about 20 metres from the bus stop IIRC. There's sometimes a police presence there during the day, the largo attracts quite a few vagabundos. There should be a few tourists about as further down towards the pelourinho on Rua do Carmo there are countless pousadas these days.

As the previous poster suggests, it is a longish walk down to the Pelourinho and a longer one uphill on your way back. If you are catching a taxi and mention the fort as a handy reference point, make sure to add 'alem do Carmo' (ah-leng du cah-mo) as there are more than one church and more than one Forte Santo Antônio in town.

answered on 1/15/12 by
a VT member

Curious coincidence? A French poster signs up just to 'recommend' a French owned pousada on an old thread. Serendipity indeed. ;-)

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