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profile member asked on Oct 9, 2006

Info on Redmond,WA

Can anybody please answer the following questions for me?

1. Approximately on average how much does a studio or a single bed + single bath apartment cost in Redmond, WA .

2. Is the cost of living very high compared to places like Minneapolis, Minnesota. Approximately how much can it cost for a month for a single individual (average rent plus common living expenses ignoring any special personal expenses).

3. How is the climate of Redmond, WA ? Does it snow in winter or does it rain heavily?

4. Does Redmond by any chance have good public transportation like bus services etc.etc. or is it that a car is a must for moving around?

5. What are the places nearby Redmond by renting apartments where one will still not have to commute much in case office is in Redmond.

Thanks much in advance for all those reply. Please let me know soon.


1 Answer

answered on 10/9/06 by
a VT member from Seattle

1. I would say the median price for a 1 bedroom or studio is about900. You can probably find something a little cheaper.

2. It's hard to answer because that depends on what you eat (do you eat out a lot or always eat in, how much is health coverage, do you have a car, how many phone calls do you make?) I would say that utilities for an apartment might cost100 / month since really you don't need to heat / cool it too much. I would say for a single person the cost of living might be comparable to Minneapolis because whereas the apartment might be more, there is no state income tax.

3. It can snow in Redmond though usually it isn't too much and it might just hit parts of town (the hills around Redmond). Usually it is just 1-3 inches and melts off within a couple days - many years, there is no snow. It does get kind of dark, cloudy, and drizzly from November until .... April but it usually isn't that cold. When it does get below freezing (maybe 5 times a year on average), it's usually clear so no driving problems. The snow usually happens when the upper clouds are cold but the ground temperature is mid 30s (so rarely is there any accumulation on the roads).

4. Redmond does have public transportation. Compared to the most of the US suburbs, it isn't bad but compared to most other countries in the world, it is. You can probably get by without a car if you live close enough to grocery stores and work but a car would be a lot more comfortable.

5. Bellevue and Kirkland would be good options for apartments. Sammamish and Woodinville also border Redmond but are really only convenient if you have a car and typically it is mostly single-family homes rather than apartments.

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