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a VirtualTourist member from Amsterdam


Looking at Ravenna for (temporary) relocation to Italy

Hello VT community!

I'm looking for a place in Italy that meets (hopefully most of) the characteristics below and I think Ravenna may be it but I'd love to hear from you! I've never been to Italy though and the relocation would be for some 6 or 9 months starting in October or so.

My Italian is very basic at the moment and I'll be moving from NYC.

.Near the beach (preferably with some good beach volleyball);
.Small town where government is efficient and paperwork gets processed promptly;
.There are people (preferably single) in their 20's and 30's.

Thanks much for any help you may provide!


7 Answers

answered by
a VirtualTourist member from Richardson

Ana, I am jealous of the thought that you may spend 6-9 months in Ravenna! It is a delightful city to visit, and I hope it turns out that way for you as a resident.

Yes, Ravenna is a smaller town; thus, if you know how to play the game, dealing with bureaucracy should be simpler (knock on wood, as I dealt with bureaucracy in Rome). I'm sorry that I can't address the beach volleyball or single people issues, but Ravenna isn't that far from the ocean (it's actually several miles inland now) - my concern would be just how much beach volleyball gets played in the winter on the Adriatic coast...

As for English, yes, young people tend to study English, but the Mediterraneans don't tend to speak English as well as the Northern Europeans, and you will find lots of people in Ravenna and its environs who speak less English than you do Italian (so study!).

I am nursing a bruised right knee from a beach volleyball game last week (I am much too old for this sort of thing), but it was fun(!!!)...


answered by
a VirtualTourist member from Pulau Batam

While I never had to deal with the paperwork issues of beurocracy in Ravenna, it is as Bill noted, a smaller city and therefore more likely to run quicker and more efficiently.

It is a few miles inland from the coast, but if you have your own transportation, beaches to the south are very nice. And I guess that goes without saying that those to the north are nice too...

Can't say that I ever saw any beach volleyball out there, but if you set it up, I'm sure they will come!

There are lots of singles in the 20~30's range. Don't know your experience with dealing with Italians or Mediterraneans for that matter, but I found them a bit difficult to meet at first, but after introductions were out of the way, they were very inviting.

answered by
a VirtualTourist member from Europe

in the 6 months starting in October for volleybeach it would be hard in Italy. If you like a place with people you're looking for, I would go to Rimini area, many disco also in winter, pubs, bars... not only on Saturday, Ravenna is quite boaring during winter nights.
About paperwork gets processed promptly... I'd not so sure and not because it's Ravenna or Rimini or Cattolica... it depends what you need, if and ID card it take three minutes in most of part of Italy, for Passport from three hours to three days or three weeks during peak months... to have the permit of staying is nearly the same anywhere.. ages!

answered by
a VirtualTourist member

Hi Ana.
Why you are moving to Italy? Vacation, study, work...
- About burocracy and paperwork a small city like Ravenna is a good solution, because is better than big italian city. There isn't an US consulate in Emilia, but you can simply reach Milan or Florence if you need it.
- About nightlife and young people Ravenna is quite, but with universities so you can find a lot of young people. The nightlife is better in Rimini, Bologna or Modena.
- About volleyball: the region Emilia - Romagna is the best place where you can play it because a lot of persons play and like this sport. If you arrive in October you'll arrive at the beginning of Autumn, so isn't the best season to play beachvolley. The climatic condition in Emilia are only a little better than the one in NY, so during autumn, winter and spring is too cold to play beach volley outside. Usually the beachvolley season start in April - May and finish in September - October. At seaside is easy find free-of-charge beachvolley ground (field? court?) but even in small town of 10'000 people you can find one or more grounds, but usually you have to pay to play. In Emilia a lot of young people play indoor volleyball in winter in amateur teams: if you like volley you can ask to them to join one of this teams. In the more important cities of Emilia like Bologna or Modena, but I don't know if Ravenna have some of this.

Bye and enjoy Italy.

PS a lot of young people talk a basic english like me... so when you are learning italian by them you aren't completely lost!

answered by
a VirtualTourist member from Amsterdam

Thank you so much for all the answers! They are very, very useful. I'm not sure how to reply to each person yet :)

I'm going to Italy to get my Italian citizenship and efficient paperwork processing is very important because the process could take 3 months or a year, I won't know. I'll have to live in the same place the entire time I wait for the papers to be processed and after that I can go anywhere!!! Of course I'll need a job by then too :)

I'm not American though, I'm Brazilian. I've friends in Rome but it's a big city so I don't want to go there.



answered by
a VirtualTourist member from Europe

it could take much more then one year for getting Italian citizenship and it's not sure you get it. As everything is done in Rome, so one city is like an other, it doesn't change much, small town office waits like a big town offices, when it's ready you'll receive a letter from Rome to where you [must] have your residence address and you are told that things are ready... instead of Ravenna you might look for a place where is cheaper to live, south Italy would be better. To be long stay resident you must have to ask to be allowed of stay.... better if you get a job first and not only show to have a lot of euros as you should demonstrate where they are coming from and thing could become annoying. Do not forget that any amount over 10.000 euros cash has to be declared otherwise you risk to pay taxes and fines on your money. Better a transfer bank.

Getting married for having any Country citizenship is not always a good business nd in Italy if you do not live with your husband, meanwhile you wait all papers, you loose any right to get citizenship, nowdays things became harder.

good things

answered by
a VirtualTourist member from Europe

> *as soon as you'll arrive to Italy*

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