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profile member asked on May 14, 2014

Bringing jetskis to northen palawan

So here is my idea... Go to northen palawan. Find a freighter or something that can transport 2 jetski to northen palawan (el nido area) and meet up with the skis there. Probably be based in some simple resort in el nido. Plan is to use the jetski a to explore the surrounding areas of interest.

Questions: assuming I can get my personal skis to el nido, would it be safe to "park" them on the beach of the resort where I'm staying and not worry about them?
Questions: since they run on fuel and will eventually run dry, are there facilities in the area to get "clean" fuel?
Questions: I've never been to the place but have seen and analyzed dozens of videos, is using jet skis to explore the place practical?, in terms of distances, should I have enough fuel on the skis to go island hoping without having to refill the tanks every 2 hrs or so? Planing on a leisurely pace not going full throttle ....


Province of Palawan

3 Answers

answered on 5/14/14 by
a VT member from Ieper

I have been to El Nido a couple of times already, parking your Jet Ski in one of beach area, I'm not sure about it unless you ask someone to guard your Jetski during night

Jetski is ideal if you like to explore the small islands of El Nido, we just visited last month we've rented a Jetski it was not cheap though, ( better to bring your own)

For me is one of the best transportation you can use for island are free to do what you want if you have your own ride

I didn't see any fuel station I wasn't pay attention to it, as we only rented the Jetski for 2 hour

But I think there will be fuel stations in smaller Island(not sure) you maybe ask some info about it

answered on 5/14/14 by
a VT member from Quezon City

Im just guessing here.
To bring the ski to elnido will cost you around 25,000/way. The basis for this is the amount I was qouted by NegrosNavigation when I transported a car from Manila to Puerto Princesa.

On parking, I would assume that nobody will take interest on taking your toy. Its too exposed as its not a common commodity, besides he need to bring drums of fuel to run away with it. Fuel cost ~60php/Liter.

I would bet my half year salary if there is a fuel station on the outlying islands. There is a construction standard on how to build a fuel storage tank. And these islands are practically deserted with no electricity. There could be on exclusive resort like Lagen island & Elnido Resort but im sure its for their consumption for their guests.

That leaves you being stationed near the town beach. You travel north for one hour and back again to refill. Then east, back, refill, then, get the idea.

Again, Im just guessing. There are people who can give a better view, just wait. But thats exactly how I see things if i have a ski and intend to see Elnido.

Now as mentioned above, there are jetski for hire. It would help to know them, email & get a better perspective.

answered on 5/14/14 by
a VT member from Puerto Princesa

My friend lived in El Nido for many years and has his own jetski and he had no problems. There is a petrol station next to the pier. There are small ships that transport goods to El Nido but i don't know the name of the company. Yes, cars can cost up to 25k to transport to PPC but El Nido is not quite as far, and the price depends on the size of the car so a jetski is much smaller so i would be surprised if the fee is any more than 5,000 pesos. Fuel will be at least 70 pesos a liter as it costs 64 in PPC now and El Nido is always 5-10 pesos more. I have no information about fuel depots on other islands. I would be hesitant to leave the jetski on the beach unless it is a more upmarket resort where they will have a security guard.

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