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a VirtualTourist member from Point Richmond asked on Mar 15, 2011

Point Richmond

Badmouthing a Place

Why such extreme badmouthing of Richmond, CA? I know it's not perfect, but it has some unique things to offer. For example, Point Richmond is a historic hidden city. The Ford Craneway is real and charming with fab views. I could go on.

9 Answers

answered on 3/15/11 by
a VT member from Sacramento

Welcome to Virtual Tourist. I'm sorry the first thing you ran into was a bad Travel Page on your Richmond. There were several other writers who had many good things to say about the town; I hope you read them too. This is a Forum of many people with many tastes and there is no way we can all agree.

In fairness to Richmond (where we change trains going to San Francisco Airport), my husband left my laptop sitting on the floor in the main station and when I discovered this 20 minutes later, he ran back down and someone had turned it in to the ticket booth where he retrieved it. That's pretty good.

We won't try our luck again though. ;^)

answered on 3/15/11 by
a VT member from Brussels

I know from personal experience how disappointing it is to read what seems like unfairly negative coverage of a place that you don't think deserves it. I had the same experience a year ago when I read the dire coverage in pages on my home town Johannesburg ahead of the World Cup (over a period when many people would have been accessing these pages to guide their World Cup travel plans).
The answer is quite simple - if you know better, then why not write some travel tips on Richmond that debunk the misperceptions and highlight the positive aspects such as the Ford Craneway?
My only warning: this process is addictive, and I haven't stopped since! Good luck, and I look forward to being educated on the hidden delights of Richmond ...

answered on 3/16/11 by
a VT member from Marina

If you're upset about what's being said about your town, write conflicting pages about it. Maybe these people are missing the real Richmond and i8t would do everyone better to know about these hidden spots.

answered on 3/16/11 by
a VT member from Lents

All of this is very strange, because when I look at the Point Richmond travel guide, there doesn't appear to be anything at all there. 0 Hotel Reviews (not even from Trip Advisor), no intro pages, no tips, no photos, no anything.

From time to time I've seen these types of postings here, and I honestly wonder where these people are finding this supposed negative content when VT doesn't actually seem to have any content on the location, or the VT content of the location doesn't seem to compare with the insult received by the forum poster.

Is there a link to the VT Forums on TripAdvisor or some other location that would cause this confusion? In some cases (such as this one) it certainly doesn't appear to be coming from actual VT content.

answered on 3/17/11 by
a VT member from Lents

Oh, now I see. I hit the Travel Guide button from the forum and got Point Richmond, California, which is where this got posted to.

There are similar entries for Vancouver, Washington and Tacoma, Washington. Myself and a few other VT members have entered enough good stuff about those places that the bad stuff has mostly been submerged.

It takes some effort, but is well worth it to enter accurate and good tourist information for situations like this where none currently exists.

answered on 3/17/11 by
a VT member from Fresno

I'm from Fresno California and people always make fun of it. It annoys me because they are so vocal and really know nothing about Fresno. It is actually a very nice place to live. I know how you feel.

answered on 3/17/11 by
a VT member from Sacramento

. . . and Fresno, California may have the best bakery in the USA. If you visit Fresno, have breakfast at The Boulangerie. The Whole Foods Market near it also has their pastries. WONDERFUL!!!!!!

answered on 3/17/11 by
a VT member from Marina

Every town has its redeeming nature but people often avoid it for its reputation. Keeps it unknown and "clean" for those in the know though. I would imagine even Bakersfield has its high points.

People think I'm nuts for liking Cleveland (OH) and actually taking trips there, but I think everyone else is just missing what I'm seeing.

answered on 3/17/11 by
a VT member from Marina

> We're not the chamber of commerce of a place.

YES! It's great to have multiple opinions on not only towns but also attractions on VT. It's fantastic that it's so open in that respect.

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