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Perth Travel Answers

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · September 21, 2016
Holiday Budget  (4 Answers)

Hi, we are a family of 3 traveling to Perth from SOuth Africa in Dec for 1 month. We'll be living with family and won't be shopping much. I would like to know how much we should budget for spending money. Mostly to see sights, theme parks etc. Thank you.

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · September 20, 2016
North of Perth  (5 Answers)

Which town north of Perth will make a good base to do self drive day trips? Any recommendations? Family/Friends trip with car in Dec 2016. Will do north of Perth for about 4-5 days.

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · July 30, 2016
Beaches of WA  (1 Answer)

Ive lived in NSW and QLD, and i was always able to dig out pipi's at the beach in the sand. However, coming to Perth i have yet to find a beach which has any.
If anyone knows of a beach where you are able to find pipi's, i will be very grateful


Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · July 27, 2016
Perth weather  (4 Answers)

Hi everyone,
Me and my girlfriend are traveling to Perth on the 31st of August till the 18th of September for my birthday. we have already booked everything but as we was looking at things to do there I seen a few people saying that the weather wasn't too good that time! My question is bearin mind that I live in the uk will the weather be good enough for beaches, swimming, sunbathing etc and what temperature will it be just so we know not to pack the suit cases full of light summer clothes which we have just bought?

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · July 02, 2016
First visit to Perth in September  (2 Answers)

I am planning my trip to Perth in September.

Please let me know if it will be good time for wine tours? Shall I do a DIY self drive tour or join a tour? Advice appreciated.

I plan to spend 6 days in the city (sightseeing mostly). This is a family trip with children (less than 5 years old) so I thought of Perth Zoo, Caversham Wildlife Park - please suggest what else would be good to see in the city / day excursion from city.

Thereafter a couple of us (adults) are planning to extend the trip for another 6 days and drive the Indian Ocean Drive / visit national parks. Please suggest an itenary.

Thank you very much! =)

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · June 24, 2016

I will be going to Perth in early October and I would like to ask whether the wildflowers at Kings Park in Perth are really wild like ie whether the flowers are spread out all over a large area and not just cultivated in small bushes. Would I have to go further to other parks to see a larger profusion of wild flowers. Thank you.

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · June 12, 2016

Hi all,
We are planning to drive from Perth To Adelaide in February 2017.
We know its a long drive but its something we have always wanted to do, taking in the Nullabor plain.
Can anybody give any advice, re stopovers on the way, places to spend more than a night, and any good areas to visit off the main route...
many thanks

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · April 19, 2016
How much money need to live on for a week in perth?  (1 Answer)

Hello, I'm visiting perth for a week in mid of May. Accommodation is sorted, I have place to stay. How much money will I need to spend/live on for 1 week in perth? I might go out for lunch and dinner 2-3 times in that week. Thanks in advance:)

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · April 06, 2016
Best Time to visit Perth, Australia.  (8 Answers)

Hello, I wonder when is the best month to travel to Perth, Australia. (I am kinda afraid of too cold weather.) And what is the "must" places to visit during our 5 days 4 nights trip. The trip includes 3 of us. Our budget is around AU$600-650 per person ( including accommodation ). Will it be too tight for our expenses?

Thanks in advance. From: Annabelle

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · January 25, 2016
How Expensive Is It  (5 Answers)

I am going to Perth in February and I want to try and ensure that I have enough money. Our hotel is paid for but we like to eat , drink and enjoy going to bars, preferably with like blues. The International Arts Festival will be on so we also want to take advantage of that. We have a budget for the two of us of 600 Australian Dollars a day. Is this too little?

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · January 13, 2016
A week to 10 days trip to Perth flying from Melbourne. First time to Perth for us.  (5 Answers)

Don't necessarily want to stay in the City, so would like some suggestions of a good place to stay for a couple in our early 70's, fit and healthy, not into extreme activities such as bushwalking, or water sports etc. but a beach or riverside resort would appeal. Always lovely to relax back with a wine looking at the water. Want to be able to see as much as we can of Perth and surrounds as well as some relaxation. Will hire a car for a few days as well as take advantage of public transport. So question is:

Where should we stay:
What attractions are in that area:
What other attractions are not too far away that we could visit either by car or public transport.
Any other tips you may have for first timers to Perth.

Thank you

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · November 03, 2015
I was wondering if there is a pubs or nightclubs in Perth for crowd over 30  (1 Answer)

Hi all,
I was wondering if there is a pubs or nightclubs in Perth for crowd over 30

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · August 11, 2015
moving to Perth  (3 Answers)

I am moving to Perth in a couple of months from Mexico for a year. Please help me with some tips for my travel and accomodtions, I will be traveling with a 3 years old daughter.

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · July 26, 2015
First trip to Perth  (5 Answers)


Hi, my friend and I are visiting perth from 10-15 aug, we both can't drive.
planning on the following.

Day 1 - arrive perth in the evening, kings park or swan valley but not sure if it will be too dark to see anything
Day 2 - perth city
Day 3 - pinnacles and wild life park
Day 4 - Margaret river or wave rock or mandurah which some people recommend
Day 5 - fremantle
Day 6 - return flight but have a few hours as flight will be in the evening

please advise any suggestion on the above and how should we go about on our own if we are not joining any day tour since we do not drive

Thanks in advance........... Sally

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · July 08, 2015
Rottnest and Perth in the Winter (July)  (6 Answers)

Visiting Perth this month in a little over a week with my fiance and we'll be visiting Rotto but we would like to do some snorkeling. How is the water in terms of being rough or manageable during July? We hear there will be more marine life due to a southerly warm current that passes by Rotto.
Also on a more general note, we've never been to Perth in the winter so we've no idea to what extent do we need to prepare winter clothing. Any suggestions would be great, we have fleece jumpers and the sort. Would this be enough or should we pack something a little more heavy duty?
Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!!

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · July 02, 2015
First visit to Australia-4d3n @ perth  (4 Answers)

Hi, my friend and I ( both females) are traveling to Perth on the coming 24th-27th July. As we only managed to squeeze out 4d3n for the trip, we would like your kind advice on the following :

1. Given our time constrain, Is the following itinerary feasible?

Day 1: kings park

  • (arriving Perth @ 1730hrs)

Day 2: Caversham + Nambung national park
Day 3: Fremantle
Day 4: Perth city ( Bell Tower, the Perth Mint...etc)

  • return flight @ 1830 hrs

Are there any points of interests not to be missed that can be slotted in, other than those mentioned above?

2. In terms on accommodation, We are currently looking at Hyat/ Duxton/ Hilton/ Holiday Inn/ The Nest on Newcastle. May I know which one is better and more conveniently located, based on our itinerary above?

Thank you so much in advance!

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · June 28, 2015
Travelling solo for the first time  (4 Answers)

I am travelling solo to Perth on the 27th July to 1st Aug 15. Totally clueless on how to go about planning for the trip. Moreover having issues with accommodation as due to budget constraint. Please help.

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · June 17, 2015
Using Atm Card in Perth  (4 Answers)

Can anyone give any tips on using Atm in Perth I have a n irish card and wondering about charges, best places to use it etc thank you

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · June 15, 2015
spending money  (5 Answers)

Im going to Perth from Ireland for 15 days n august just wondering how much spending money would I roughly need? is it expensive 2 eat/drink etc?

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · June 08, 2015
7 days 6 nights Perth Tour  (12 Answers)

Hey, May I know how much is the minimum spending for a 7 days 6 nights tour to Perth, Australia?
Kinda urgent.
I'm from Malaysia. About to travel to Perth by the end of September.

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · June 05, 2015
Travelling to Australia alone!  (20 Answers)

So I'm leaving to go Australia on July 28th on my own! I'm a 23 year old female and this is the first time I have been any where alone! Any help would be grateful! I have a hostel for my first week when I arrive in Perth so any other hostels or places to get jobs etc would be helpful! Also what do I pack? I have a big rucksack and no idea what to put in it!!!

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · May 18, 2015
1 day tour in Pinnacles


Would like to check if you guys have any recommendation in 1 day tour (depart on Sunday)
I would like to visit Yanchep, Lancelin and Nambung National Park (Pinnacles). Most that I check includes Caversham wild life park (not interested in that).


Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · May 18, 2015
My & My Sister are travelling 11th November -Decemeber  (3 Answers)

Hi, Me and my sister are looking to come to Perth for a month and we are looking for accommodation and jobs but have no luck. where are the nicest hostels obv as cheap as possible??? and help at all would be great.
Thanks in advance

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · May 15, 2015
4 girls on a budget to Perth  (5 Answers)

Hello, we are 4 bestfriends who will be traveling to Perth from Oct27-Nov5 (10days&9nights). We are on a tight budget. Our budgets are approx $1000 each. Or less.
We need advice/suggestions/ recommendations on:
-travel sequence & activities (as we will be staying for quite sometime, where should we go first, and what are some free or low cost activities we can do? We're planning to go to Rottnest..should we stay there for a night or 2??)

-accomodations ( we've searched online and through websites such as airbnb but we have problem finding the right locations for us to stay as we do not have our travel sequence planned out yet. We're also not sure to stay at one place the whole time we're there or change as we move along?)

-transportations (could you suggest the cheapest ways for us to go around perth while we move along from one place to another?)

We are really new at planning our own trips, your help would really help us a lot. Please & thank you :)

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · May 03, 2015
Budget for Perth Holiday  (2 Answers)

Hi! Would like to know how much is to bring for a 2 weeks vacation in Perth. Hope someone can tell me cause I will be going there in October and I would like to do some planning with the budget .
Thank you in advance 

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · April 20, 2015
Any National Park along the way from Bunbury to Perth?  (1 Answer)

i will be driving back to Perth from Bunbury and would like to stopover at a National Park.
Any recommendation which park is great to visit?

From Burbury, we will be stopping by the following places as well.
1. Busselton jetty
1. Apple Fun Park (playground) @ Donnybrook


Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · April 14, 2015
Kids friendly places in Perth (animal related trip)  (5 Answers)

We will be going to Perth from 17th to 23rd May with our 33 month old daughter.
We love animals and would like to expose our daughter to all the animal-friendly places in Perth.
We planned to go for a farmstay and maybe to see the dolphins.
Where else is nice for her to interact with animals?
Or can you suggest any toddler-friendly places?
We will be driving throughout so transport is not an issue.
All comments and answers are appreciated!

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · April 12, 2015


2 of us will like to go for Yanchep/Pinnacles/Lancelin day tour either 12 or 13 Nov 2015.

We are travelling on a quite tight budget coz so much to do in Perth.....

1.Anybody can suggest this day trip other than travel agents to lower cost, driving for us is quite inconvenient?
2.Anybody travelling on these days can add us or go with us to share cost?
3.Is whale watching worth it?

Can also contact us at [email]

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · April 05, 2015
Recommendation for Farmstay  (1 Answer)

I am planning to visit Perth in May with a 3yo toddler and will be 5th pregnant by then.
I want to go to a farmstay where my toddler is able to feed the animals.
We would like to stay over for a night only.
Which farmstay do u recommend?
Thank you!

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · March 18, 2015
visit perth to travel and find work  (3 Answers)

I everyone,i m a portuguese citizen and i would like to go to perth to travel around and, if possible, to find you know if there any place where i can stay? A family ... i don't know.thanks for your help.teresa

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