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Pakistan Travel Answers

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Oct 02, 2016
Visa/cancellation/Ban related  (3 Answers)

Hi everyone. Last year I came back to my country from UAE but did not return back there. I did not get my visa cancelled. Few days back my companies PRO told me that inspite of me back to my country and not returning back before 6 months, my employer got my visa cancelled in the "NORMAL WAY", I dont know what that means because by normal way cancellation I understand that if I was in UAE and got my visa cancelled. My question is since I did not return to UAE before 6 months, can normal cancellation happen WITHOUT any immigration ban?? If he did get it cancelled normally, can he put any immigration ban afterwards or before?? Pls respond. I have been asking this question in many other places but never got any reply.

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Aug 22, 2016
places to visit in 10 days gilgit and sourrounding areas.  (2 Answers)

planning to travel from Isb to Gilgit on pia on 17th september 2016 and return flight on 25th september 2016,any ideas on good hotels with breakfast to stay for the couple.We would like to visit many places as possible but do not want to travel for more than 4 hours travel time.thanks for your help.regards

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · May 26, 2016
Karakoram Highway in winter  (8 Answers)

Hello community. I am planning a trip to the Karakoram highway next winter 2016/17, for 10 days or 2 weeks somewhere between December and February.
My question is :
- How easy/difficult is it to get around during the winter months, and are there any special precautions to take (or must-see places to visit) during that time?
- Are there any informed posters who know what security conditions might be like during that time? We will be two french travelers, who have travelled in Central Asian high mountains regions before, but not Pakistan.

I've search the internet for an answer but it's not easy to know what winter looks like in this region, or if travel is at all possible.
Thank you !


Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Dec 17, 2015
Hotel and tourist places  (2 Answers)

Can someone suggest me some affordable and good family hotel in islamabad, lahore and murre?
And tell me some good places to visit in above 3 cities.

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Nov 19, 2015
Trip to North Pakistan  (2 Answers)

Travelling from Karachi to Rawalpindi in December and returning back to Karachi after a week or so. I want to know what are the kids friendly places to try in the North. We have tried Murree last time so don't want to do Murree again.

These are three options I am thinking of:
1. Kalam - Malam Jabba
2. Muzaffarabad
3. Naran-Saif-ul-Muluk

Now keeping in mind december and heavy snow on the road which one do you guys see as the best thing to do?

My kids are young, what the are the options for kids?

Your help will be highly appreciated.


Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Oct 02, 2015
Islamabad, murre, naran kaghan tour plan?  (3 Answers)

I, along with my two friends from hyd are planning to go for a trip to isl, murree, naran kaghan and azad kashmir. We have low budget so u just want to know how much is the estimated expense? And can someone guide spots, hotels with low rates and travelling cost? We all are going for first time. Should we consult a travel agency or can we go alone?
Tell the routes to take and all that needed.
Thanks in advance.

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Sep 19, 2015
Best place to visit? Naran Valley or Swat?  (4 Answers)

I, accompanied with wife and 1 year old daughter, am planning to visit northern areas in the last week of September. I have no experience of travelling before and since its a week long trip, can any one guide what places should we visit beside Murree? and is it a suitable time to travel especially with 1 year old child? If someone can provide day wise schedule it would be very helpful for me.

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Jun 22, 2015
how to go from kashi to islamabad by road  (3 Answers)

i want to go from kashgar to islamabad by road but i dnt know how to buy tickets?how many days it will take?how many busses we have to change and where?total expencess?

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Jun 10, 2015
Hunza, Karimabad, Attabad lake  (3 Answers)

I want to explore that Gilgit part in July-August. I'll be having 10-12 days max excluding road journey. People usually talk about Hunza and Karimabad. I need to see Fairy Meadows as well. What would be the best idea? Can I first visit FM and then head to Karimabad and then to Pak China border which is supposedly closer to Karimabad?

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Jun 06, 2015
Karakoram Highway  (1 Answer)

Is it possible to go by public bus from Kashgar to Gilgit? If so also in December? And are there any Permits needed?

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · May 17, 2015
trekking partner/s for K2 base camp Trek  (1 Answer)

Hi All,

I am looking at doing the K2 Base Camp Trek, 20-21 days total. I am heading to Pakistan in third week of June and would like to start the trek some time after 20th June. If anyone is interested to join me and/or share the cost of porters, please let me know, if you would like to have a look for more details. Send me a message and I will give you further information, so we can catch up for a chat.

I would also love to hear from anyone who has just come off the track to hear their experience and what the conditions are like toward K2 BC.

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · May 12, 2015
Travelling from Islamabad to China  (1 Answer)

Travelling from Islamabad to China

I am planing to travel from Islamabad to Urumqi via the KKH next week. I would like to know if any body has recently travelled the route and if so could share their experience with me. I will also have to budget so please share the current fares (buses & taxis), hotel accommodations, dining e.t.c costs or any recommended guide?

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Apr 13, 2015
Need Advice to visit Abbottabad from Karachi  (2 Answers)


I want to visit Abbottabad for 7 days from Karachi in the end of

April 2015.

I want to ask about the economy(no luxury required) hotel tariff

for one day for a single person..???

I also want to ask about the security concerns to visit alone (a

single boy as tourist), because I heard that no hotel allowed to

stay alone for a single young boy due to security concerns, is

this true?

Thanks in Advance

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Mar 27, 2015
Neelum Valley family tour in june/july 2015....Help needed  (5 Answers)

Dear Friends,
Plan to visit neelum valley in june/july 2015 with family. First time tour to neelum valley. Deatils to support answers,
-Travel from Lahore by our own convyence (toyota 4x4 double cabin & toyota gli car from lahore+honda citi car will accompany from islamabad).
-We will be children min age 6 years and older max age 65 years.
-Total we will be children 5 and adults 12.
-We are budgeted traveler families and emphasis on to see more in minimum possible time and money.
-Tour will be for 7 days. The dates will be 1 to 15 June (any week before ramadan) or 20 to 30 July(any week after ramadan)
-We do not like luxurious stay just liveable conditions are acceptable and just basic necessaties available for stay.
-We are bit adventurist as well can trecking 2 or 3 hours. Very active and always have time targeted sleep and wake up in tours. Not so touchi for food, whatever is available is fine.
-We like to see Peer Chanasi, Kutton, Arang Kel as well including off course the main rout places from Panjgiran till Taobat.
So below are some querries,
1/ Please advise the accomodation first because it will be peack season for tourists. Where are the AJK tourism resorts and which spots have Army Guest Houses or any other departments ???
2/ Is there hotel, motel or rest house to stay at Peer Chanasi or near, Arang Kel, Taobat and Kutton ???
3/ What will be rates for of private hotel and i wich places avilable ???
4/ Should we go for advance bookings and how ??? please contact numbers and addresses ???
5/ Which places needs must stay overnight ???
6/ What is the complete rout distance in KM ??? Lahore via GT road to Islamabad to Murree Express way to Lower Topa to Kohala to Muzafarabad to main route along with neelum river till Taobat.
7/ Can we do some camping at any place (bathroom or toilets must be there due to family) ???
8/ Estimated cost including night stay and basic food 3 times day (exclud travelling fuel & shopping) ???
9/ Advise any traditional clothes shopping places for ladies, children or home decor (cheap place with variety) ???
10/ Can we go till Kel by cars and there we got Jeep for further travel ??? Where by car travel ends ??? Is there any place to secure parking of car ???
11/ Anything further we need to consider while travelling, please advise ???
Friends, asking too much but please help us out as tour is with families and big number which needs little confirmed things. Thanks in advance for great help. Special request to all friends special guru's Bokhari Bhai, Imran Bhai, Besal etc etc...Thanks.
Muhammad Tabrez Khan

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Mar 26, 2015
Any Kalash festivals in May  (3 Answers)


I am a Pakistani living here in US, I am planning to visit Pakistan with my kids in May, then to Chitral/Kalash valleys, so I want to ask the experts on the board that are there any Kalash festivals in May ?

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Mar 09, 2015
help needed  (4 Answers)

gotta plan my honey moon .. i have first 3 weeks of April...
Please guide me which are the most butiful and safe places of Pakistan that i can visit in April ..
and should i contact some tour planners?
if yes then plz guide abt the economical ones
if no then plzzz Guide me what plan should i go for to make it the most memorable...

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Mar 01, 2015
Beauty of Pakistan - Need Help Planning my First Trip  (12 Answers)


There seems to be quite a tourist community. Looks good. How are you all?

I've always been eager to travel and endeavored to visit far sided areas of Pakistan to experience the real beauty within Pakistan. The time has finally come, looking forward to per-plan tricky parts of the trip and get valuable advice from backpackers and natural beauty lovers.

So just a quick question, which are the most beautiful places in Pakistan? I've heard about Naran, Kaghan, Shogran, Saif-ul-Mulk, Siri, Paya, Muree, Gilgit, Swat, Abbotabad and such areas all my life.

It would be interesting to know all the best places and see if I can cover them within 9 days. I don't want to hassle too much but I'll be willing to move out of comfort zone to experience the best.

How should I be starting my trip from Karachi? Karachi to Abbotabad first and then visit nearby areas and continue to Naran and others or do you have any suggestions?

Most important question of all, I am planning to travel by first week of June and to come back right before Ramadan, at maximum a 9 days trip. Is that a good time to travel? I've heard August is more suitable with respect to prices, is it really a huge difference? It would be convenient for me to travel in first week of June though due to a number of reasons. I am good at bargaining and making deals, would it make a big difference?

Where can I find reasonable priced rooms in Naran, Kaghan and others. I'd to experience water sports and such activities if the prices are reasonable. I've heard Khanpur is good for that, is it? Which are the most reasonable places for night stay?

Should I be travelling via Train to my first destination or Daewoo? Which is more comfortable?

How would you plan this 9 day trip and what budget to forsee?

Please name any activities that I must do if I visit Naran, Kaghan, Siri, Paya, Murree, Saiful Mulk. Activities such as horse riding, water sports, extreme sports and sky diving and all, if that's available in a particular areas you know of.

Well, let me sum up this message there with thanks to all of you who are reading my message and intend to guide. Looking forward to the optimistic and interesting responses. Those were some questions on the top of my mind, many more to go. Let's start a conversation that'd help many others like me, am sure there must be many people who have visited these places before. You're lucky guys!! :)

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Jan 21, 2015
Solo Traveller Pakistan April  (4 Answers)

Hello Fellow Travellers,

I've long sought to travel to Pakistan and I will now have the opportunity in the first two weeks of April two weeks to travel there. I have not booked flights yet as I do not know what city to fly in to (Lahore or Islamabad). I have approximately 15 days for travel. Can anyone recommend where is most scenic and safe area in Pakistan to see. I will be travelling on my own. Are public transport and the cities safe? Are there any cheap hostels/ backpackers places to stay in? I have a passion for photography and would love to see some local traditions and people as well as stunning landscapes. Your experience and advice would be much appreciated.

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Jan 13, 2015
Kalash Festivals in summers  (3 Answers)


We're 3 friends from Pakistan, living abroad, we want to visit Chitral in the upcoming summers, any Kalash festival at that time.

Thanks in advance ..

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Dec 09, 2014
solo traveller - Lahore tour  (2 Answers)


I would like to visit Lahore in January for sightseeing.
Has anyone any experience of trying to join a tour with other people- booking either from France or Pakistan

Many of the tour companies online offer bespoke tours with a driver rather than the option of joining a group.

Any help appreciated!

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Dec 07, 2014
British Regimental Insignias  (7 Answers)

I am 77 years old I am researching my late Fathers Army Career from 1916-1942, and the names of Landi Kotal and a Fort at Ali Mosque cropped up & i read about a cemetry for British Servicemen who fell in the 2nd Afghan War but its the British Regimental Insignias on the Valley Walls i am interested in, as hearsay in my Family mentions my Grandfather serving out in that area also? I would like to know if anyone has any ideas who i can contact to see if i can get photos of the Regimental Insignias? Thanks for any advice or help i get, Yours Jeff

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Oct 10, 2014
is it possible to visit kashmir nowadays  (4 Answers)

is it possible to visit kashmir nowadays..dates preferably november 1st week

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Sep 29, 2014
Swat or naran  (1 Answer)

I am planning to visit swat and Kalam in mid of October with my family but some people told me there is no good places for visit and they suggest me to visit naran .can anyone guide me about this and how many distance swat or kalam from Lahore and how many distance Naran from Lahore

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Sep 10, 2014
Outbound travel trends in Pakistan  (2 Answers)

I can't find any information for outbound travel/ tourism trends among Pakistani on the net. Anyone can help me? Thanks in advance.

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Aug 09, 2014
Pakistan shorter Treks Suggestions  (5 Answers)

Pakistan - Shorter Treks in the Karakorums

Hi, I'm looking to visit Pakistan in the late summer or early fall. While I'm looking at the Concordia Glacier trek, that one looks like it takes about 15 days and that will gobble up most of my 3 week trip. Are there shorter treks in the Karakorums that will give you great views of K2, or other treks that get you great mountain views?

Alternatively, are there good village treks?

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Aug 04, 2014
murree travel

Where i should stay in murree and kaghan Naraan in october

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Jul 31, 2014
Travel from Lahore to Dhoke Fateh, Attock City. travel plan and touristic attraction  (6 Answers)

Dear members,
I will travel by my own 4X4 double cabin to visit Dhoke Fateh from 7th to 9th Aug. So i need some information for my precise visit working,

1/ while travelling from pindi to peshawar GT road from where we should leave GT rd to go to Dhoke Fateh near attock city ???

2/ what are th touristic attraction in and near attock city ???

3/ which are the restaurents which coock traditional food and guide for the location or contacts in attock city ???

4/ which are the budgeted hotels where we an stay for one double room in attock city. no luxury living demands. basic failities and clean and security only.

5/ any thing to consider more.....

Thanks..... for the help

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Jul 08, 2014
Kalash Festivals  (3 Answers)


If someone could help me out with the dates of Kalash festivals in Chitral ?
Any recommendations about the area, safety and any tour outfitter who could arrange it for me ?

Thanks in advance

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Jun 18, 2014
muree/kagan/naran/shogran with family  (1 Answer)

AoA. I am arriving Islmbad with family (us+5children) on the night of Eidfitr ISA.
we need to visit kagan/saifmluk/naran/shogran/sri paye in 4 to 5 days.
Need your help to plan my visit in terms of how can I get a mini hiace type van from Ismbd.
what should be the route i.e. from Islmbd to & so on back to Islmbd or murree.
Will it be very crowdy. which hotels are recommednab.
I am thinking to go to naran first day. Please give me your guidance. many thx

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Jun 18, 2014
family tavel plan

family travel plan to naran kagan

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