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profile member asked on Sep 11, 2007


Hello, im just wondering, im going to ouarzazate at the end of september for 10 days on my own do you think that is ok, because alot of people have said that morocco is dangerous for a younng girl on her own, what do you think?


3 Answers

answered on 9/12/07 by
a VT member from La Gouesnière

Kerst is completely right on this.

Good luck

answered on 9/12/07 by
a VT member from London

I grew up with the understanding that Morocco was a dangerous country and I remember the concern re a female cousin going there even though with a big group and then some other female cousins who went independently - and ive since had the most amazing experiences there and love it, can be at home there, love being there but it can be hard work - its as dangerous as anywhere in the world - but as Kerst said above its different.

Ive met many people who cant be trusted - but i doubt very much in the dangerous to you physically sense - more so in the they have a different sense of what honesty is to what we think it is - yes there are many hospitable and wonderfully trusting people, especially families out in the country, women who will delight in meeting you and bringing you to their homes to meet their family and see where they live and have tea with etc, if theres a wedding - which becomes a community event - they will delight in dressing you and bringing you to that etc - but out in the money and tourist world there are many who would not think anything of sending you broke, taking you for all they can get, charging any astronomical price.

even moroccan to moroccan they take care in finding who recommends who so they can have less risk in being ripped off.

With many young adults finishing their schooling and looking for ways to make a living with minimal opportunities other than getting into tourist related work where the money seems to be there are many who will try and do anything to get involved with tourists as a way of getting anywhere further than the almost drudgery of having to be a faux guide trying to find and tempt tourists into letting them show them around, take them to a shop or hotel for commission.
so many are looking for the lottery as part of this getting involved with foreign women that come along and get tempted to get into a relationship with them - so there are many running around with tourists for money and for the jackpot passports and tickets out of their country that is otherwise almost impossible to get out of.

This can involve multi girlfriends, which usually means the girlfriends come and visit bringing money, clothes, gifts, even buying auberges as better vocations for them, cars and so on. Travelling around morocco with these women has plenty of freedom and opportunity to carry on llike this away from the confines of their families which might even include a moroccan wife who has to stay home with the family as only allowed with her husband or her family,
to multi fiances, even getting married to foreign women and still having actually a moroccan wife that they have to keep another life going with on the side.

And its not just the poor ones with no certificates (and even then offer them a chance to go to university and they wont take it if they get handouts without having to work for it) even if the guy is a secure lawyer with a fiance who is the sister of your good friend that youre visiting with from London and is hosting you in her home will turn around and proposition you if theres a chance he can take to get to London too!

Even my moroccan connections say the same - most moroccan men are after money or passports. So in my experience thats the dangerous part of Morocco - if youre naive and gullible, or available and needy and easily read and manipulated, or happy to pay any price.
(or if on the road at the wrong time and the vehicle youre in runs into something it shouldnt - which is almost anywhere in the world too - ive seen more accidents in Paris and elsewhere than Morocco)

Otherwise its a fantastic place to travel around and have an adventure.

answered on 9/23/07 by
a VT member from Agadir

all i can say that angiebabe hassayed everything ,and nothing elese can be added
i see that angiebabe think and say all the realty,

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