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a VirtualTourist member from Phoenix asked on Dec 30, 2015


Luggage storage at train station

I thought I saw a posting on a different blog that the Orvieto train station now has luggage storage capability as of July 2015. Can anyone confirm that?

6 Answers

answered on 12/30/15 by
a VT member from Richardson

I haven't been to Orvieto for a while, but I see this on a tourism website for Orvieto:

"Al di fuori del centro di Orvieto invece segnaliamo la grande area di parcheggio di Piazza della Pace ad Orvieto scalo, al di sotto della stazione del treno e funicolare. Le piazzole del parcheggio sono gratuite per le auto, mentre sono a pagamento per bus. Nell’area si trovano locali punto ristoro, informazioni, servizi igienici, deposito bagagli."

(Outside the center of Orvieto, we instead point out the large parking area of Piazza della Pace at Orvieto Scalo, below the train station and the funicular. The parking areas are free for cars, while parking for buses is for a fee. In this area, you'll find refreshments stands, information, bathrooms, left luggage.)

Orvieto Scalo is the hamlet below Oriveto itself, where the train station is ("scalo" means, among other things, "train stop").

Piazza della Pace doesn't appear on maps, but another related website makes it clear that it is the giant parking area across the tracks from the train station (visible on Google Earth).

In looking at the satellite photo ( ), you'll see the train station at the bottom center. In almost the center of the photo is an exit for an underground passage from the train station, under the tracks, to the parking area (see the opening in the grassy area). To the left of the opening (as you come from the station) in the top center of the photo, you will see a rectangular building, that is almost certainly the location of the services listed above.

So, if I and this website are correct, the 'Deposito Bagagli' (Left Luggage) is not IN the station, but a short distance away, in the service building for the parking area next door...

Make sense?


answered on 12/30/15 by
a VT member from Phoenix

Yes. I subsequently located the posting that I referred to in my inquiry. I think this matches your description of the parking area next door to the train station. Thank you.

Starting July 25th, Orvieto train station has a new luggage storage facility (downstairs from the train station, near the large bus & car parking lot).
Address. Piazza della Pace 05018 Orvieto (TR).

answered on 12/30/15 by
a VT member from Sacramento

This luggage storage area underneath the train station is next to a cafeteria, restrooms and info point according to Orvieto Viva Tourist Service. The Piazza della Pace includes a large parking area for tour buses. The cost of storing a large bag is about 4-5 euros a day.

answered on 12/30/15 by
a VT member from Richardson

TooTall, as I said, I haven't been to Orvieto for a while, but in reading the Italian source for the page you referenced (which I quoted above), "underneath" probably isn't the right translation, but "below" as in "downhill from". If the services were actually in the train station's basement, it would have been phrased differently.

Also, where did you see the 4-5 euro per day fee for storing a large bag? I looked at the webpage in English and didn't see it...was it somewhere else?


answered on 12/31/15 by
a VT member from Sacramento


Look at information for tourist buses/rules and regulations from Orvieto tourist office and see their specific reference to " under.the train station,." No reference to," below or downhill from,".

However your analysis from looking at google maps makes a compelling case for the fact that it may in fact be in the service building.

Given the very small size of the train station building I do not think the OP will have any difficulty locating the luggage storage services.if he looks around/and or asks. When I was in Orvieto in 2013 there were no luggage storage facilities at the station and only one pay phone which required a card to use. In addition, a few other basic services including a pay restroom.

answered on 1/1/16 by
a VT member from Richardson

TooTall, this is simply an example of why you should always take the English pages of an Italian website with a large grain of salt. Yes, the English language page for Orvieto Viva does say "a large parking area under the train and funicular station (equipped with restrooms, coffe bar, luggage storage service, info point, funicular tickets and city cards store)," but this literally doesn't make sense, because (1) the train and funicular doesn't share a single station (they're across the circular drive from each other), and (2) a "large parking area" obviously couldn't be UNDER the train station anyway, as it would make no sense. As you point out, the train station isn't very big, and why would they build an expensive parking garage underground when they had all that cheap, empty land across the tracks?

This is a case of using a literal translation (perhaps Google Translate or something similar) instead of a translation that more accurately communicates the intention of the original language. To an American (at least), to say that the parking area is under a train station would mean that the parking area is in the basement of the station. In this case, saying that the parking area is next to and downhill from the station more accurately communicates what the Italian page is trying to say.

There is an Italian expression, "traduttore, traditore", which means 'the interpreter is a traitor', i.e., the act of translation often betrays the original meaning of the phrase to be translated. After living in Rome and answering questions on VT about Italy for 15 years, I can't tell you how many times I've seen this to be true...

Have a Happy New Year!


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