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North Korea Travel Answers

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Feb 11, 2014
Postcard from DPR Korea  (4 Answers)

I collect the postcards from the different countries,but I was not able to get one from DPRK. I don't want blank postcard,I should like to receive it with any postage stamps to stick on it. (no in envelope.)
My question is: what is the possibility of it? Can anybody write me an e-mail address who lives in DPRK and he/she is ready to send me one? Or a travel agency? Anybody. What is the way of it?
Thank you.
Best regards from Hungary. Arpad Gerlai

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Dec 12, 2013
Cycling in North Korea  (3 Answers)

Hello, I would love to hear from anyone with cycling experience in North Korea within last 3 years?

We (about 20 cyclists over the globe) are planning a trip in May 2014 and planning to enter through China and any cycling tour company or travel advice would be appreciated. We are planning to cycle for about 7-10 days and more hilly is better for us. Thanks in advance and happy travels.

From Italy with regards,

Paul Kim

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Sep 06, 2013
Korean Friendship Association

Has anyone had experience of tours under the under auspices of the Korean Friendship Association?

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Sep 06, 2013
Korean Friendship Association

Has anyone had experience of tours run under the auspices of The Korean Friendship Association (official DPRK government body)?

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Sep 06, 2013
Tour Operators  (12 Answers)

As a UK resident. Can anyone advise as to which {UK based} operator is the best value for money?


Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Sep 04, 2013
Travel to North Korean  (3 Answers)

Did you ever travel to North Korea? US can take a train in and out? Someone else like to travel with me together on this NOV.?

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Sep 02, 2013
Visiting DPRK and ROK  (6 Answers)

Hi am looking to visit the DPRK next year but am also due to attend a wedding in Seoul (different trips) My question is whether visiting one hinders visiting the other? passport stamps etc???


Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Aug 24, 2013
Anyone traveling to north korea between the 7th-10th Sept?  (4 Answers)

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if there are anyone on this forum is traveling to north korea between 7th to 10th of September 2013? Me and a friend will be taking the overnight train from beijing to Dandong on the 5th of September and spending a whloe day in dandong on the 6th. And we are taking the overnight train back to Beijing from Dandong on the 10th after returning from Korea.

Just want to see if there are anyone traveling with us at the same time.


Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Jul 26, 2013
why that expensive  (7 Answers)

why korean tours are that expensive? over 2,000 per person for a weekend, thats more expensive than Disneworld and 4 times las vegas in a luxury hotel, I am going to be travel around the world and I will be in Beijing around september I would really like to go for a weekend but is over priced for a country that must be very cheap, please if someone know a travel agency with affordable tour let me know at [email]

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Mar 24, 2013
Trying to decide between 4 vs. 9 night tour - any suggestions?  (12 Answers)

Hey, I am looking at going to North Korea this summer for the Mass Games. The tour company has two tours, a 4 night Liberation Day Short Tour for around 1300 euros, and a Liberation Day Long Tour for around 2000. Trying to decide which one to take, if it is worth the extra money and time to take the longer tour, or if it will be a bit drawn out and the main highlights of N.Korea will mainly be covered in the short tour.

The highlights of the short tour are:
- Kumsusan Memorial Palace (Mausoleum of leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il) and other Pyongyang Highlights
- Panmunjom/DMZ – the border with South Korea

The highlights of the long tour are:
- Kumsusan Memorial Palace (Mausoleum of leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il) and other Pyongyang highlights
- August 15th – Liberation Day – DPRK public holiday
- Panmunjom/DMZ – the border with South Korea
- Mt. Myohyang – international Friendship Exhibition
- Soaking up the medicinal waters at the Dragon River Hot Spa Resort near the west coast city of Nampo
- Mt. Paekdu – the sacred mountain in the northeast

Both tours have an option of stopping off in Dandong on the way back for an extra fee, would this be worth doing?
Anyway, I'm having trouble deciding between these two and was wondering if anyone had done any of the aforementioned highlights and are they worth it for the longer tour, or is the shorter one comprehensive enough?

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Nov 12, 2012
DPNK: a few questions  (7 Answers)

I am in the early stages of planning my trip to DPNK. I am hoping to book flights to China tonight to get started proper! I would be really grateful, for this trip, if anybody can answer any of my questions:

1) Has anybody used the tour company 'KTG' ?
I like the sound of their NK itinerary and, at £900 per person, it is more affordable (for a family of 4) than the £1,200+ tours I have been looking at...
(as this is such a costly trip, I would like to at least feel that I have made an enquiry about them before booking!!!)

2) I plan to travel next August so that I can go to the Mass Games. Any tips? eg... because the games are on it is peak tourist season and so I should be confirming my NK tour NOW because places go like hot cakes? or no rush, confirm in the new year?....

3) The information from the tours suggests that one must remain confined to the hotel grounds after the days excursions are done. However, my Bradt guidebook says that is is possible to wander, of an evening, in the capital, without the guide. Can anybody confirm this? (please only answer IF you have actual experience, thank you).

4) My guidebook says that STRICTLY no camera lens over 100mm can be taken into the DPNK. Does anybody have experience with taking lenses into the country? (I would like to have a larger lens for my time in China BUT if I would hate to then have it confiscated!)

5) I have a multitude of tips from my book but, if anybody has been has has some really sound advice from personal experience... I would welcome listening to it. We are a fmaily of four (my sons will be 13 & 12 at the time of travel). I am a vegetarian. (I am used to not necessarily eating properly when travelling!!!)

Thank you in advance of any help/advice/information,
a very excited Smirnoff ,-))

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Mar 01, 2012
Entering Japan with NK visa/stamps  (4 Answers)


Does anyone have experience in entering / re-entering Japan after a NK tour?
I am a temporary resident here in Japan, and I'm thinking of taking a tour to North Korea leaving and returning from Dandong, while being in China.
In principle, NK Visas are not attached to the passport, but I have heard many "stories" from Japanese colleagues about potential complications at the time of coming back to Japan.

Does anybody know whether there is anything to worry about? Can I expect questioning at Japanese immigration?


Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Oct 14, 2011
How are people grouped together?  (5 Answers)


I'm planning to travel to DPRK next year. I'm not yet sure which tour; probably the 100th birthday tour. ... And I wonder how people are grouped together. Are there different nationalities in a group? (I'd prefer a mixed group because I think it's more interesting. So that's why I'm asking.)

Does it depend on who's offering the tour? I saw an offer by Koryo Tours which was offered in English and was a bit more expensive, and there's this offer here, which is cheaper:
Will this be an all German group? I hope not, because that'd remind me of the trip I took to Tenerife a couple of years ago. ... But still, 200 Euros less is a lot of money.

Thanks for answers.

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Sep 09, 2011
A few questions about traveling to the DPRK from USA  (36 Answers)

Just a few quick questions, and feel free to tell me about your experiences as visiting the country as I enjoy reading them.

1. How much is this going to cost me for a 5 day trip? Including everything except the flight to Beging. Even spending money, how much did you bring and how much did you spend and on what.

2. How do they respond to Americans? Are they cool or do they make you feel uncomfortable?

3. How was your experience being in a group? I'm most likely going alone, so do you share a room or are you alone? What time is the night over? Do you get to hang out at the hotel and go to bed when you want?

4. What was your favorite part of the trip?

5. Is there a dress code? Would they get offended if I wore or have punk/metal tshirts, hats, tattoos?

6. Hows the food, snacks and beer?

7. Were your tour guides cool? I know talking negative about the country isn't smart but are they at least open minded?

8. Can I use the internet anywhere or a phone?


Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Sep 06, 2011
Anyone have experience with KFA 'official delegation'???  (6 Answers)

Hi all,
I am looking to take a trip to DPRK next year and have come across seemingly two options - the commercial tour (Koryo / Regent etc) or with the KFA 'official delegation' as a guest of the DPRK.

Has anyone been on these 'official delegations'?
What would be the pros and cons of each option? I would like to be in PY for the 100th anniversary celebrations of Kim Il Sung - would KFA get better access to the celebrations than others?

Thanks in advance for any and all advice :-)

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Jul 22, 2011
Moscow to pyongyang questions  (5 Answers)

I have been doing allot of research on getting a train from Moscow to Pyongyang in 12 months time

from my research the train departs Yaroslavski station in Moscow Fridays 23.55pm and arrives in Pyongyang the next friday.

I have seen photos of the big green carriages with the DPRK Korea coat of arms on them and they are also attatched to the Russian multicolored ones that goto Vladavostok.

I understand the train goes through China. But i would just like to ask a few questions to anyone that has taken this legal route to Pyongyang.

1) At any given time on the journey that i am inside the DPRK carrages are there any stops that i have to get off and change trains.

I know that i mayhave to get off in border station/towns to go through Russia, Chinese & Korean or they do it on board or in the station.

I have been to western europe before and im not a big fan of changing trains. So i would be quiet happy to spend the week in the DPRK style carriage and get off the train to buy stuff from the platforms and rush back on

1.a) Where about can i order this type of train ticket. Do i book ahead of time 1-2 months prior to departure or do i goto Moscow days before the friday buy the ticket from a box office?

I know its500 or so USD but id prefer to have the train ticket with me or collecting it from somewhere


I competly understand that i have to be on a tour to go to North Korea and a tour must be booked before i apply for a Visa.

I have just spent time being amazed that that Travelers North Korea visa sticker . How he got that visa was going to the DPRK embassy in Vienna paying 20 euros and getting this visa stuck into his passport.

I am a British Citizen (AKA british passport holder) I would love to apply for North Korea visa at the embassy and have it stuck in my passport.

To get the whole Visa application form I need to book the tour. Do i get my visa paperwork sent to me after the tour is booked.

Or can i just book a tour and goto the embassy to do the paperwork.

I just don't want to get the borining white piece of paper with a stuck on photo, thats just so uncool.

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · May 14, 2011
Nightlife/Alcohol in NK  (1 Answer)

Is there any bars that you can go to? I see they sell alcohol how much is it?

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · May 11, 2011
North Korea Tour  (6 Answers)

does anyone know where I can find a group of people to join me on a North Korea tour?

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Jul 04, 2010
which currency in DPRK?  (5 Answers)

hello - I'm planning short NK trip this month. As I know, foreigners are obliged to pay in EUR, USD or RMB - my questions are:
1. what is the EUR/USD rate in NK? I suppose that official rate is different than rate for tourists
2. the prices for foreigners are in USD or EUR? or maybe the prices are for example: 3EUR/3(?)USD?
3. is RMB rate is better, means "cheaper" for tourist?

thnx in advance

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Feb 18, 2010
Which Travel Agency would you recommend for DPRK (Aug/Sep/Oct 2010)??  (15 Answers)

Hi there,

I am looking into a 4/5 night trip in Aug/Sep/Oct.

Can anyone recommend a travel company they have used for North Korea? It doesnt have to be the cheapest (although thats always a bonus!!) or the most expensive, just one which you think handled everything well.

I would like an itinerary which includes the Mass Games and the usual places (DMZ etc)

Alo, if anyone else is thinking of going around this time it would be nice to hear from you.

Im from Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Thanks in advance.

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Feb 14, 2010
explore north korea  (14 Answers)


Does anyone have experiences with the travelagency "explore north korea" located in Dandong, China. They offer a 5 day tour for 560 euro. I wonder why they are so much cheaper then other agency's who sell tours for more then 1000 euro. (eg koreaconsult, koryotours, etc. etc.)

kind regards,


Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Jan 24, 2010
Any issues on immigration after visiting North Korea  (9 Answers)

Can North Korean visa stamp on your passport cause hassle from immigration office or extra scrutiny at the time of immigration in other countries? I heard that in US, your travel pattern can put you in the watch list of Homeland security. An American told me, whenever US immigration noticed Indonesian visa stamp on his passport, he was questioned more than usual.

People who have been to North Korea, have you experienced any problems on your country's immigration or in any other countries?

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Jun 12, 2009
Join North Korea tour in late August / early September?  (5 Answers)


I'm planning my third visit to North Korea for late August / early September this year. Like last year, I am looking for people to join me, as it's not only cheaper but also a lot more fun together. I'm planning for a tour of about one week with stops in Pyongyang, Nampho, Sariwon, Haeju and maybe Wonsan. I'd like to go to as many of the lesser visited / new spots as possible, as I have already seen most of the sights from the "usual" itineraries. So, if anyone would be interested in joining me, please drop me a line: [email]



Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · May 13, 2009
Questions about North Korea...please answer if you can.  (4 Answers)

1. In what year did North Korea allowed tourists to visit their country?
2. Is North Korea Jus Soli or Jus Sanguini?
3. If your parents have different nationality and you were born in North Korea will NK still allow you to get out of their country?
4. Can you study in North Korea in Collage even though you've got different nationality?

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Apr 27, 2009
South Korean Dramas  (6 Answers)

Hi VT memvers

It have been rumored among the South Korea that Dramas and Songs are spread among the teenagers despite of Government's censorship.

Is there any VTers who have met the North Koreans who like those dramas?

Bryan Kang

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Apr 02, 2009
budget?  (8 Answers)

Hi all!

I dont really know much about what a trip to North Korea would set you back... I was hoping that someone could give a nice general idea as to what I should expect to pay, from food, lodging,train/plane tickets to everything.
What would one estimate to be the total cost for a week in North Korea?

Many thanks and safe travels to all:)

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Feb 01, 2009
14-20 Feb... Any VT?

Hi Everybody,

I am travelling to North Korea this February (14-20) and I was just wondering if I am going to meet any VT, in the group?

PS: I'll be in Beijing the 12th and 13th... anyone up for Beijing Duck and/or sightseeing? :)


Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Dec 18, 2008
internet or telephone  (4 Answers)

HI all,

DOes anyone know that you can even get access to internet or telephone back to states or somewhere else?

Thanks !!

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Dec 05, 2008
North Korean Beer  (2 Answers)

I collect beer bottles from around the world -- is there any way to get an empty bottle of North Korean beer here in the U.S.?

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · May 24, 2008
Looking for travel companions  (2 Answers)

To all travelers interested in seeing North Korea while we still can!

This year my boyfriend and I are planning to visit North Korea from China. We want to go on a 5-day tour by train from Dandong. The plan is to leave Dandong on August 25. We have found a Chinese tour operator named Brooklyn who will do this tour for EUR 850,- pp, if we can get 6 persons in a group. I found Brooklyn through the lonely planet forum, where he has got good reviews. This is his website:

In the email contact we've had, Brooklyn mentioned that he has another couple who want to visit North Korea during that period, who might be interested in joining a larger group. So that would mean that with only two extra persons we can get a very good price!

Anyone who is interested in joining, please contact me in this forum or via virtual tourist mail. I hope to hear from you!


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