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profile member asked on Dec 14, 2004

places for running (training) around Monteverde

We will be staying in San Luis for about 10 days over the Chirstmas/New Year's holidays. Our son is a competitive runner on a track team and has a training regimen he is supposed to be following during the period we will be staying in San Luis. I think part of the plan is to work on some improvement during the period he is away from school. I received the following email from him. "I'm a little worried about fitting in runs down there. It's gonna be tougher cause I'm supposed to do some workouts there--tempo runs of a couple miles where it would be helpful to have miles marked (he normally keeps track of his time for each mile and has different target times for each mile of the run), and then some shorter stuff it would be nice to have a track for. I'm guessing I'll have to just go by feel and time." Do you have any thoughts regarding where/how he might best be able to accomplish this or whether he might be able to get some information/suggestions from someone there? Presently his longer run each day is about 7-9 miles. As I recall the Santa Elena/Monteverde road is relatively level. He might hire a taxi one time 9we won't have a car) and use the odometer to get some visual distance markers along the Santa Elena road. I don't think he is too concerned about these issues as he feels he is in pretty good shape and that he will probalby be fine as long as he keeps up his shape even if he can't exactly follow the training plan his coach has for him. Bill


2 Answers

answered on 12/17/04 by
a VT member from Palo Alto

That's a hard question ... remembering where I stayed, at least, it seemed like every road was quite hilly and also had a lot of loose rocks! However, I'm sure there must be some flatter places to run also. Your idea about hiring a taxi is good, because the driver can probably help you find a good place and measure the distance if you want. Everyone I met there is very friendly and I'm sure they'll be happy to help! Remember that it is also a pretty high altitude, so I don't know how it compares to where your son usually lives, but that is an element that might make a difference to a runner too. Have a good holiday!

answered on 12/19/04 by
a VT member from Omaha

I don't know how San Luis is from the beach (please pardon my inept geographical knowledge)... but I personally LOVE to run ON the beach! It is difficult to run TOO far from the water because the sand is soft and dry, and too close to the water is mucky, but the area between the "too dry" and "too wet" is perfect. Wearing running shoes works just fine on the moist sand. I have done some of my longest/most enjoyable runs on the beach. It is best early in the morning before the beaches are crowded. I only run for enjoyment, not competitively, so I don't have that perspective, but I hope this helps. Christina

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