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Massachusetts Travel Answers

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · November 05, 2015
Christmas holidays in Boston,  (6 Answers)

We plan to drive from Toronto to Boston on Dec 25th. What is it like during holidays, what to do and what are the activities for a family vacation.

Thank you

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · August 05, 2014
Cape Cod, public transport  (1 Answer)

So, myself and husband are heading to Cape Cod for some R&R. We'll be coming in from Ireland, visiting family there who are then heading off for a few days. We may or may not have access to their car, but in case not, is there any public transport system in place from, say, North Falmouth to P'town, or elsewhere?

thanks in advance,

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · June 05, 2014
Cape Cod, North Falmouth  (2 Answers)

Hi, we're travelling to family in North Falmouth, mid September. We are planning on doing quite a bit of cycling. We have two road bikes (like racing bikes) and had thought to bring those with us (flying in from Ireland). One trip we want to take is the old converted rail line, but someone has suggested (though they're not sure) that our wheel type might not be suitable as the track on the rail line is gravel and not smooth? Anyone advise? If that is the case does anyone know of a place in the local area (we won't have a car with us for long) that can hire hybrid bikes to us for 1 week - 10 days? And finally (like there's not enough questions there!) - are the roads good for cycling in the area?
All the best, and thank you in advance,

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · October 09, 2013
Thanksgiving Dinner  (10 Answers)

For years now, I , the Official Spousal Unit, and the MIL, have made it a point to go someplace to have Thanksgiving dinner. Why? Because of a spectacular failure one year that had the MIL swearing she was never going to do that again.

Since then, we've had T day dinner not only in various places around town (Alexandria), but twice at the Hay-Adams Hotel (across from the White House), at the Americano in San Francisco, a tavern in Colonial Williamsburg, and even in Parma (the one in Italy, yeah, turkey wasn't on the menu ;-) ).

The "girls" have decided that I need to plan this year's trip, so to finalize it, I need to determine where our T day meal will be. We are going to New England for a few days, to see perhaps, Mystic (CT), wherever the Nautilus nuclear sub is (also CT I think), Rhode Island, and Massachusetts (Boston is likely).

So my question to you is "Where is a special place to have Thanksgiving Day dinner in the New England area?" You know, someplace memorable like the list above.


Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · August 21, 2013
airport in martha's vineyard to ferry  (2 Answers)

if i fly into martha's vineyard airport how do i get to the ferry to get to hyannis? how far is it from the airport to the ferry? i mistakely booked a flight to the vineyard instead of hyannis! is it a long haul? thanks for your help!

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · May 11, 2013
Cape Cod in May !  (2 Answers)

Hi, any advice on best towns to visit in a 2 day May Cape Cod tour ? Thanks !

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · October 01, 2011
MA for Sure  (3 Answers)

Definitely want to spend a week in MA next year, but I'm thinking it's probably best to go during the summer than in March so I can get in as much sightseeing as possible. Boston, Cape Cod, Nantucket, I want to see as much as I can in seven days.

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · September 26, 2011
MA, NH, or VT?  (7 Answers)

I don't ski, but I'd like to spend a week near snow and nice scenery next March. I was looking at western MA, but somebody mentioned I'd be better off going to VT or NH. Rebuttals?

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · September 24, 2011
Sun Birds  (3 Answers)


Taking my 5 y.o. to see snow for the first time next March for a week. RCI has openings at a ski resort in Hancock (although we won't be skiing). Where else can we see snow and get a good taste of MA? Thanks!

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · August 22, 2011
travellers cheques?  (7 Answers)

where in Boston is cheapest place to change travellers cheques, or can u change them in shops or other places?

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · June 11, 2011
Boston to Dennis by car  (4 Answers)

We are arriving in Boston after a week in New York in July and are driving down to Dennis Port. Any tips as to which route would be the nicest with interesting places to stop and somewhere nice for lunch would be great. We land around 11.00am and don't check in to our beach house until 3pm so we have plenty of time to enjoy the drive. This is our first visit to the USA and we are looking forward to a quiet week on the beach after our time in "the big apple!" Any tips would be great.

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · June 04, 2011
East coast driving tip


We are a family of 4 two teenagers 12 & 14 driving from Toronto to Halifax Via Boston and Bar Harbor. We are looking for suggestions for Hotels under 200$ and hopefully including breakfast. And any suggestions for things not to miss

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · February 03, 2011
Boston to Hyannis  (3 Answers)

My elderly father (82) and his partner are spending a week in Boston in early Sept and then a few days at Hyannis. Can any one advise on the best option for travelling safely and comfortably between Downtown Boston and Hyannis. They will have two large suitcases!

Thank you.


Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · August 30, 2010
B&B for New Years with a great dinner?


After spending a wonderful New Years Eve last winter at a B & B in Woodstock, VT (Lincoln Inn at Covered Bridge) which serves an optional great dinner, we are looking to repeat that experience this year.

Any recommendations for a moderately priced B &B or INN with a great dinner available?

Thanks in advance.


Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · March 28, 2010
tips to Maine or Massachusetts  (5 Answers)

we are planning a trip to either Maine or Massachusetts in late May? Who can give us advise on which state would be better for a two-week visit? We primarly love the outdoors, coastal settings and small towns and shops, don't need nite-life;
is it still too cold then, how about mudd-season in Maine (heard about it), is any place nicer, more quiet, etc.;
would be grateful for any help!

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · January 13, 2010
Cape Cod Beach Rental June or July  (9 Answers)

Hello! I'm planning a trip to Cape Cod early this summer. We're looking for a beach vacation rental, and with 4 adults and 4 kids, I'm thinking 4 bedrooms. Does anyone have any suggestions based on past stays? I've looked online and there is so much to choose from I don't even know where to start. For us, a lower price would be great, but would like to be within a mile of the beach. Are there towns I should be looking into over others? Sorry this is so broad, but I've never been to the area and just need a starting point!
Thank you!

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · August 27, 2009
Ben is in Boston this weekend  (4 Answers)

Well, my son Ben leaves for the U S of A this afternoon. He will spend the first 3 nights in Boston before he goes to UMASS.

Ive seen briefly on the news yesterday that there will be "something" on in Boston this weekend to do with the death of Ted Kennedy. Does anyone know what exactly is happening? Will there be extra security? Road blocks? Places closed? Or will it pretty much be business as usual?

Looking fwd to your helpful ansers :)

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · August 21, 2009
Is Logan Airport hotels noisy with planes landing & take off?  (6 Answers)

Have anyone stay at the Logan Airport hotels?
They have Comfort Inn Logan Airport and Embassy Suite Logan Airport.
Are these hotel noisy from planes taking off and landing?

Can you please tell me is Logan Airport has easy access to the MBTA Airport Station? How to got from the Airport terminal to the MBTA station? Is these hotel can go directly to the MBTA and easy subway ride to all the sightseeing spots in Boston?

I have read some negative comments about Boston Park Plaza in downtown Boston. Is this hotel less desirable compare to the Logan Airport hotels?

Thank you for your advices.

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · July 24, 2009
Weather in Amherst September to December  (6 Answers)

Just hoping you guys can fill me in on average weather in Amherst for when my son is there. We are nearly ready to pack his suitcase, so just wondering what he should take!

He will be there from early September to late December. What would be average minimum and maximum temps for those times. Will December be freezing? Im assuming it will. Maybe a silly question, but does it snow there in December? I have no idea obviously. Will September still be warm?

Looking fwd to your answers.

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · July 21, 2009
What to do in Boston for 3 days?  (6 Answers)

My 21 year old son Ben will be flying into Boston and staying for 3 days end of August. He will now be flying solo, and staying at the Boston Hostel for the first 3 days before he busses off to UMASS Amherst for 4 months Uni Exchange.

Just wondering if you guys could suggest some fun things for a 21yo single male to do for those 3 days. Im sure he will hook up with other young travellers from the Hostel, but any ideas would be appreciated. Only 37 more days until my baby flys away ....

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · June 28, 2009
Should Ben still go???  (13 Answers)

A quick update to the "Ben and Joe go to America and have the time of their lives saga"

Well, we have just discovered as of a few days ago that Joe is now 99% NOT GOING!!! I want to kill him, yes that is true, as he has had doubts about not going for months, but not had the guts to tell either Ben or me or the Uni. He has some reasons for not going, but I see them more as excuses than valid reasons.

Anyway, so that then leads to the question "Will Ben still go?" In a nutshell, Ben is very angry and upset, he says he still wants to go, although he knows it will not be as good as if he had his best friend (no longer his best friend) by his side. My husband and I have given him many options, but at this stage he still chooses to go. One option is to change air ticket dates (there will be a fee to do this) and just go for a holiday, that way we will lose about1,500 (already paid out in visa fees etc and a Uni Housing cancellation fee for UMASS) but will not pay out an extra15,000 if he goes for 4 months of Uni and does NOT have a good time. To me, that would be the best option, but if he chooses to go, then of course we support that as well. I am sure he will quickly make new friends at Uni, it will just be the 4 weeks from when Uni finishes to when he comes home that will be the difficult part, a few of his mates have been talking about going over for a few weeks then to meet up, so if that happened, well that would be great.

WHAT SHOULD HE DO? Can anyone at UMASS Amherst give me an idea as to whether a lone traveller from Australia is going to have a great time there???

Ben has his final pre-departure meeting at UOW tomorrow, so a firm decision needs to be made by him before then. I just wonder if Joe will turn up to face them?

I am extremely upset with Joe as the boys have been planning this "trip of a life time" for well over a year now. To say that Ben is upset with Joe, is an extreme understatement, let me tell you - he is furious! So much preparation has already gone into this trip, mainly by me, I feel maybe that Ben should still go. For sure, the first week or so will be hard, being by himself, and I know for a fact that I could never be a lone traveller. I see a lot of people in my travels, who do it alone and seem to enjoy it, and certainly meet lots of new people and make life-long friends along the way as well.

Should Ben still go?
Will he still have the time of his life, starting off by himself?
How easy/hard is it to travel alone?
Is it worthwhile for him to maybe join like a Contiki tour for his last 4 weeks?
The plan was to finish Uni on Dec 19th, then travel to New York, spend Christmas and New Years there, then somehow travel across America from East to West coast, end up in LA and have some fun there?
If he does go by himself, my goodness, that will be a huge learning curve for him, he will have to become very responsible and learn to do things for himself and by himself. I think it would be a good lesson in life.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated ......

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · June 21, 2009
Which of these atm cards is more widely accepted?  (10 Answers)

My son is going to UMASS Amherst for a Uni exchange this year and I need to get him an atm card (NOT a credit card!). Ive looked into the Travelex Cash Passport Visa Debit Card (based on Visa) and also the Commonwealth Bank of Australia Travel Money Card (a Mastercard based on Maestro/cirrus). This CBA card is a brand new one, only started operation today. Both these cards work in a very similar way.

1. They are not linked to a bank account.
2. There is no name on the card
3. You are issued with 2 cards - one for back-up in case you lose one.
4. They are pin protected - so very safe.
5. They can be used to withdraw cash at atms and also to purchase items using eftpos.
6. They have quite low fees, both very similar fees. About3.50AUD for each atm withdrawal and no fee for eftpos purchases.

What i would like to know is if either of these cards would be more widely accepted in America (generally) and Amherst (specifically).

a) Visa Debit card OR
b) Mastercard (Maestro/cirrus)

Thanking you all in anticipation of your very helpful replies!!!

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · May 24, 2009
Best place to buy pre-paid mobile phone in Boston  (14 Answers)

My son will be in America for about 5 months so we have decided it will be easier if he just buys a mobile phone when he gets there, rather than taking an old unblocked one and buying a US sim card etc.

My first question (which may sound silly!) is do you sell pre-paid phones in America? I am assuming that you do, but my husband just thought that maybe you dont, and maybe they are all on a plan.

If you do sell pre-paid phones, then what would be an average price for a pretty basic phone? In Australia, you can buy a very basic pre-paid phone for about80-$100 and a better one for about150-$200, with top of the range about300-$400. So, Im hoping that he will be able to pick one up for under200US.

If so, where would be the best place in Boston to buy one? ie. the cheapest place? Somewhere like a phone warehouse, or else a department store.

Looking forward to your ever so helpful answers. Thanx!

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · May 05, 2009
Cheap Hotel close to Boston Airport  (18 Answers)

My son and his friend are doing a Uni student exchange at Amherst starting this September.
They arrive at Boston Airport at 10.25pm after a long-haul flight from Sydney Australia on 28th August.
What they will be needing is somewhere very close to the airport and relatively cheap to sleep that night, and maybe one or two extra nights, as they only have to be at UMASS by 31st August at the latest.
Does anyone have any suggestions? Even back-packer type of accommodation or budget 3 star Hotel???
Looking fwd. to your answers.

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · August 06, 2008
What to do on a drive from Portland Maine to Springfireld MA  (2 Answers)

As part of our upcoming New England vacation we'll have the 3 hour trip from Portland to Springfield. I was trying to find an interesting place or places to drive through on our way. We'll already have done Boston, and we're really just looking for a place to stretch our legs, have some lunch and maybe do some light sightseeing or shopping. Any suggestions?

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · May 19, 2008
Has Anyone Stayed At The Yankee Clipper Inn In Rockport?

I'm thinking about getting married at the Yankee Clipper Inn in Rockport, Mass and would like to know if anyone has stayed there or been married there? I went to the website and the place looks wonderful but I've read some negative reviews about the staff and the condition of the rooms. Any input would be appreciated! Thanks!

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · March 02, 2008
children 12 and 14 years old in "bars" for lunch ?  (5 Answers)

Maybe another strange question, but... I am coming to Boston & Cape Cod for 1 week in August. If we decide to go and eat some food in a bar maybe at lunch (like a sports bar or pub)will my kids (aged 12 & 14) be allowed in ?? I am English, and would pretty routinely go out for pub lunches in the UK where the atmosphere is very kid & family-friendly. But maybe in the US it's different ? Thanks for your guidance.

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · January 16, 2008
Road Trip Ontario/New England  (4 Answers)

We are planning a road trip starting Toronto to Ottawa to Montreal to Boston to Niagra Falls then flight back to England.
21 days in all. Could anyone give advice on best route from Montreal to Boston to include all must see must do places. Want the best experience of New England as possible. We are a couple with no kids on this vacation, so no retrictions.
Hope to visit late July, early August

Many thanks

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · October 28, 2007
how is Berkshires for staying in spring or summer (2008)?  (5 Answers)

my children want to me to find a place for lodging in a hilly area of this state, but with freedom to travel to boston and other smaller new england states for 1-2 days trips. we will be staying for 1 week in the 2nd week of march (spring break) or for 2 weeks (beginning the last week of july).

i was searching and found Birkshire county may just fit the bill.

do you recommend? what could be advantages and disadvantages?


Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · August 21, 2007
Hotel Policies

My girlfriend and I are planning a trip for our anniversary. The location we would like to go is Yarmouth, Hyannis, or general cape cod. The problem I encountered is renting a room under 21. I am 20 and she is 19. I have yet to find a hotel that accepts anyone under 21 from renting a room. Has anyone swayed any of the hotel managers in this area to let them rent a room? At this point I will accept almost any hotel in this area. Thanks.

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