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profile member asked on Jan 12, 2008

TGV from Charles de Gaulle?

Please help me confirm if there is convenient TGV service between the CDG Airport and Marne la Vallee Cheesy.

I find a train which appears to take 10 minutes, and is a reasonable price. Around25/person US.

My conern is that no one mentions it on any of the forums, and when you google transit info you ONLY receive the option of taking RER B to RER A and then back out to Marne le Vallee.

Is it possible to connect with the free 'pink bus' to our destination, Marriott’s Village d’Ile de France from the TGV station? If not is this an easy taxi ride?

I'm concerned that this approach for travel from CDG is not promoted.


8 Answers

answered on 1/12/08 by
a VT member from Hellevoetsluis

TGV is a fast train, meant for long stretches and you can only use it when you make advance reservations.

CDG and Marne la Vallee are close to each other. HOwever, are you sure you spelled Cheesy correctly? Can it be Chessy, perhaps?

answered on 1/12/08 by
a VT member from Hellevoetsluis

OK, I''ve figured out you mean Marne-la-Vallee Chessy (not Cheesy!).
Now, use the train scheduler (SNCF = French railway) at: [original link]

and it indeed shows trains, 10 minutes from CDG to Marne-la-Vallee Chessy station.
Choose for departure station:
AEROPORT CDG 2 TGV or ROISSY (95) (CDG is actually Aeroport Roissy)
and for destination station: Marne-la-Vallee Chessy

However, the ticket price depends on your time of travel.
It could be around 25 euro, but I also see prices around 15 euro.

It should be an easy taxi ride but maybe a bit long (ie expensive). It's 39 kms, fastest route.

Now for the RER option. That takes 1.5 hrs travel time.
Use [original link] for all your public transport queries.

Go to [original link], click English link, go to the scheduler, then go to the menu 'Finding your Way' and click 'Itinerary' in the drop down menu.

Put in:
Departure : Aeroport Charles de Gaulle 1 - RER
Destination : Marne-la-Vallee Chessy - RER
and you'll get a schedule. Aside from it being a longer trip, you need to change at Chatelet-Les Halles.

I don't know about any pink bus!

answered on 1/12/08 by
a VT member

Thank you for your detailed reply, and I apologize for the 'cheesy' misspelling.

I know that the TGV requires advance reservatons as we have traveled on it in the past. However, we often arrived 20 minutes before departure and purchased our tickets and made the reservation at the same time. We can also reserve online before we depart the U.S.

I meant is it possible to connect with the free bus that services the Disney Hotels from the Marne-la-vallee-chessy TGV station, the same as you can from the RER. I was told by a Marriott employee that they referred to this as the "pink bus".

If the TGV station is adjacent to the RER station, then I believe I've eliminated any possible 'hidden obstacles' to takng TGV from the airport to Disney. I'm just still very surprised that this is not advertised more online, either in forums or on SNCF site, etc.

Thanks again for letting me bounce this off the "local" experts for advice!

answered on 1/12/08 by
a VT member from Poughkeepsie

You might find it much simpler and cheaper to take the bus, departures every 20 minutes curbside on the arrival level at each terminal:

[original link]

Travel time is usually under one hour and costs 17 euros per adult, 13 euros per child.

answered on 1/12/08 by
a VT member from Hellevoetsluis

Are you sure? Dhancett's hotel is not listed on the VEA route, it really is a Disneyland shuttle.
The website says: Routes last about 45 minutes plus passenger boarding and unloading time at the various VEA stops.

But hey, definitely worth researching this other option!

answered on 1/13/08 by
a VT member from Poughkeepsie


Quite sure ATLC. Travellers would be ill advised to take the RER when the VEA is running:

1. The VEA bus picks up curbside at CDG, no need to carry your luggage over and down to the train station.

2. The VEA driver loads your luggage for you, you'll load your own on the train.

3. There are no connections to be made on the VEA bus vs. RER

4. Costs are about the same.

5. VEA is faster (45 minutes vs. 1 hour 30 minutes)

6. VEA bus does connect certain hotels but also stops at the DLP entrance, literally feet from the Chessy train station.

The TGV is fastest but it's difficult to plan in advance. One never knowns of the actual aircraft arrival time nor how long it will take deplane, collect luggage and pass through immigration/customs. This might be a better option for returning to the airport.

With any option, one takes the "pink buses" from the park entrance to local hotels.

Note: There is a certain "mob mentality" for those boarding the pink buses. If someone has not yet been trampled and hurt by the rushing crowd, I shall be surprised. Be careful with luggage and children when boarding these buses particularly at park opening/closing times.

answered on 1/13/08 by
a VT member from Hellevoetsluis

I won't contradict! :-)
Just that I don't have that good experience with shuttles. To us Dutchies, the French are notoriously bad on time. So a 45 minute ride excluding all the stops and loading/unloading, and at the still considerable price, I was simply wondering if TGV wouldn't be the best option.

Although I must admit, I and 2 friends were once late for the TGV from Paris to Lyon, 20 minutes late in fact. We ran for our lives, dropped ourselves half dead in the train: the TGV left 25 minutes later than scheduled...

answered on 1/13/08 by
a VT member from Poughkeepsie


Agreed ATLC, I haltingly refer anyone to a shuttle. VEA are actually large buses and with a great number of them running, schedules are generally kept.

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