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profile member asked on Mar 1, 2014

How long . . .

How long would it take me to get to Mail Africa>


5 Answers

answered on 3/1/14 by
Mary Smith from Leicester

From where?

answered on 3/1/14 by
a VT member from Delaware

About 45 minutes.

answered on 3/1/14 by
a VT member from Minsk

From where to where in Mali? Flying? By sea? Walking? Donkey?

Assuming you're from Orlando (that's what your profile says) there are no direct flights, so you will have to connect (probably a few times). So figure on around 24 hours.

answered on 3/1/14 by
a VT member from Dublin

Just put on your red shoes, close your eyes and click your heels together three times...!

answered on 3/2/14 by
a VT member from Hesperia

Hey Zoe, and welcome to VT.......d:o)

We need a bit of information in addition to your basic question. Per FB, you are in Orlando FL. So, are you travelling from there? It would help to advise you if we knew the basic nature of your visit. Like exactly where in Mali you intend to travel to. This is an important point, as since the 2011 insurgency, which has left the northern part of Mali in the hands of the insurgents. The government only controls the southern part. So before we can give any advise, we need to know that whatever advise you need will be workable for (I assume) a young lady, travelling (I assume) alone into Mali. Have you been to Africa before?

See? Give us a bit of what, where, why, who and how, and we will try to help you. We need more to work with.........d:o)

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