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profile member asked on Apr 6, 2011

From Malang airport to Sendang Biru - how?

I with my wife arrive to Malang by air from Jakarta at the end of May 2011.
We plan to go to the village Sendang Biru and Pulau Sempu and stay there for 3-5 days.
Can we get to this village from airport? How much does it cost?
Or we weed to go to Malang first and take a transport to the village there?
Can you recommend us a hotel or a guesthouse in Sendang Biru? Do we need to book a room in advance? I couldn't find it in the web.
Is it possible to come in contact with an english-speaking local as a guide there?
Thank you very much.


6 Answers

answered on 4/6/11 by
a VT member from Alhaurín el Grande

Sendang Biru beach is a two hours drive south of Malang.
As the airport is at some distance north of Malang, you have to go through town anyhow.
I wonder why you should want to stay at Sendang Biru? I have only been there on a day outing from Malang. Don't remember any accommodation - if there is, it will be very modest, like a village homestay catering for Indonesian guests.
Public transport to Sendang Biru will be time-consuming and troublesome for you if you do not speak Indonesian. In Malang you will be able to find an English-speaking guide, but I think not at Sendang Biru.
To summarize, I think your best option is to stay at Malang and get a car with English speaking driver there.
There are many hotels and guesthouses in Malang. I do not think you need to book unless you want a specific place.
See my Malang tips at: [original VT link]


answered on 4/7/11 by
a VT member from Saint Petersburg

Thank you very much for your qiuck responce, Theo.
However, we want to visit Sempu island and to spend a night in a tent in Segara Anakan. As I've seen at the Google spacemap, there is a lot of wild beaches around there and we'like to explore them for 3-5 days. The nearest village is Sendang Biru.
So the problem is how to reach it from the Malang airport. May be it is possible to get a car and a driver in the airport?
And the accomodation there. I've read that there is a guesthouse, or even a couple of them, but no details.

answered on 4/8/11 by
a VT member from Alhaurín el Grande

I did some research for you on the internet and found this site of accommodation at Sendang Biru, 'Wisma Wisata Keluarga Sendang Biru':
[original link]

The info in Indonesian says the following:
- it is the only accommodation at Sendang Biru
- it is run by the Forestry Department of Malang Regency.
- there are only four rooms, with bathroom and 'guest room' (rooms no 1 and 4 having their own small guest room, and rooms 2 and 3 a common bigger guest room).
The price range is Rp 100,000 to Rp 150,000 per room per night.
You can contact them by telephone: 0341.872 083.

On several websites giving info on Malang Airport (Abdul Rachman Saleh) it is stated that taxi's are available at the airport. They do not say whether metered or fixed-price. If the arrangement is the same as at Solo and Semarang airport, there will be fixed rates for each destination. Sendang Biru being at 70 km from Malang the rate should be between Rp 300,000 and 400,000.

Sempu Island is a nature reserve managed by the BKSDA (Badan Konservasi Sumber Daya Alam = Natural Resources Conservation Agency). I found this recent holiday report in Indonesian: [original link]

It says here that you can go to Sendang Biru by public transport as follows:
(1) by taxi from the airport to Gadang bus terminal. One should arrive here not later than 1 pm, because later there may not be buses for the next part.
(2) to Pasar Turen by Isuzu Elf bus, Rp 4,000.
(3) to Sendang Biru by Suzuki minibus, Rp 3,000 or charter (crowded with up to 15 people in one minibus if you don't charter).

Chartering a motor boat to the island will cost Rp 70,000 to Rp 100,000. A rowing boat is cheaper, Rp 30,000 to Rp 50,000. It is advisable to make an appointment when you want to be picked up again. If you want to leave by public transport back to Malang, you should do so in the morning.

Before leaving for the island, you have to register at the local forestry office (maybe they mean the BKSDA office). Pay Rp 2,000 per person, exchange mobile phone numbers in case of emergency, and do not forget to ask for a map of the island.

The boat will land you at the northern side of the island. For camping at the Segara Anakan Lake you have to walk about 4 hours (seems long to me, because the island is 4 km wide). In any case, if you arrive late at Sendang Biru, better stay one night there.

Hope this is helpful. If you appreciate the info, please give me a 'thumb up' for my VT rating.


answered on 4/8/11 by
a VT member from Saint Petersburg

Dear Theo,
Thanks a lot for your excellent work!!!
This is the exact information I need.
The thumb-up is yours, of course :)
By the way, is Bromo opened for the tourists after the last eruption?
Would you advise to visit it from Malang? After Sempu island we'd like to make a 2-3 day tour Bromo-Ijen to see a sunrise at one of these volcanos. Is it possible to make such a tour from Malang? Unfortunately almost all information is in Bahasa, not in English.

answered on 4/8/11 by
a VT member from Alhaurín el Grande

Since January the alert level of Bromo volcano is 3, and I have not found any recent news that the level has been lowered. Level 3 means that no one is allowed closer than 2 km from the volcano, which in practice means that one has to stay on the rim of the caldera and cannot go down into the sand sea.

You just have to wait and sea whether the situation has changed by the end of May. Hotels in Malang will know the latest. Yes, it is possible - under normal circumstances - to approach Bromo from Malang. This is a fantastic trip for which you would have to rent a 4WD in Malang, rate Rp 900,000. See the tips on my Malang page: [original VT link]
However, if the alert level remains at 3, you cannot make that trip because one has to cross the sand sea from south to north.
Going to Cemorolawang and viewing a Bromo sunrise from Penanjakan viewpoint is possible. It even seems that the number of foreign tourists doing this has increased, because they hope to see some spectacular ash clouds.
If you want to do a 3 day trip to Bromo and Ijen, you would have to stay one night at Cemoro Lawang (or Losari) and and the next night at Kalisat/Sempol near Ijen. Ijen too is best seen by daybreak. (See my Kawah Ijen tips).
In Malang you will be able to obtain an all-inclusive tour for both Bromo and Ijen.

answered on 4/8/11 by
a VT member from Saint Petersburg

Thanks a lot,Theo!
Very usefull information.

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