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profile member asked on Apr 15, 2015

Taxi or Bus trip from Makassar to Palu

I'm thinking of a trip by taxi or bus from Makassar to Palu.
I want to make a trip on the western coast. Since I wan'na avoid Lake Poso and its visinity, because I heard Lake Poso area is dangerous due to terrolists.

If by taxi, what is good methods to pick up a reliable one ? How much is a normal cost ?
How many hours does it take ? A rough figure is okay. Even if the cost is a bit higher, I wan'n choose a safer way.
And I think the distance maybe 900Km. Do we need to make a stopover along the way ?

If by bus, are there buses running through this rout - I mean along the western coast of the Slawesi Island ? Making a bus transfer is okay.
Where is the bus terminai in Makassar ? And if you know, where is it in Palu ?



6 Answers

answered on 4/15/15 by
a VT member from Melbourne

Travel times in Sulawesi are slow! To hire a taxi for that trip would be very expensive. There are certainly buses from Palu to Makassar. The distance, as you have said, is close to 900km - but that is the road that goes via Poso.
Are you sure you can travel down the west coast from Palu?
The main roads go Makassar, Pare Pare, Rantepeo, on to Poso and then west to Palu or east to Luwuk and transport to Togean Islands.
You can fly from Palu to Makassar with Lion Air.

answered on 4/15/15 by
a VT member from Kochi-ken

Thank you, Mr. Daihappydai.
Seems it's tough or imposible to travel on the western coast of Slawesi on land.
But, it's risky travel via Poso. So, as a conclusion, it seems realistic to catch an aipplane.

answered on 4/15/15 by
a VT member from Melbourne

If you have the time, fly to Makassar , then catch a bus back to Rantepeo (lots of buses, day and night from Makassar terminal, 8 Hours). You get to see some of the west coast up to Pare Pare, then across to Rantepeo and Toraja. The Toraja countryside is certainly worth seeing.Lots to do for a few days.

answered on 4/15/15 by
a VT member from Kochi-ken

Thank a lot again, Mr. Daihappydai.
Many parts of Slawesi countryside seem beautiful. But I don't have enough time in my next trip - that's in the coming July.
So, i will try to roam around sometime in the future.

answered on 4/18/15 by
a VT member from Makassar

Hellow brother....

this are some a suggest and advice trip for you to palu...

1. dont ever take a taxi, because its very expesinve, better u took a bus.
2. time to travel from makassar to palu its approximately 30 hours or one nite trip on bus
3. dont need to worried if ure in the bus, it will be so many stopover along the way, u can rest in the bus.
4. find the bus that have a toilet room
5. you may find a variant bus at google, by keyword buss transportation makassar
6. PALU is located at Sulawesi Tengah sometimes we called it SULTENG or middle Sulawesi
7. Have a Nice tripp brother.. first stop is makassar, from the airport u can call a taxi and take u to the buss station nearly, just ask nicely to the taxi driver, they will help you....

Good Luck....

answered on 4/21/15 by
a VT member from Kochi-ken

Thanks a lot, Mr. odistyanatanal.
Your advice is highly practical.
I will choose a bus with a tiolet. It seems to be a must.

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