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profile member asked on Mar 16, 2013

Makassar Travel agency in Airport

Hi All
Does any one know if are there agency in the airport( Litha or Bintang prima ecc.)where i can book night bus ticket from Makassar to Rantepao without going in the down city.
I would like to book ticket at the same day of my arrival in Makassar.
Are there Rantepao bus station near the airport?


6 Answers

answered on 3/16/13 by
a VT member from Melbourne

When I was last at Makassar airport - but this is three years ago - there were plenty of touts outside the terminal to 'help' plan your trips to Rantepeo. They can easily organise a bus ticket for you without needing to go into central Makassar.
The main highway heading north is just over a kilometre from the airport. I arrived in Makassar late in the afternoon, booked an overnight bus ticket, hung around the airport for a few hours and was then taken to a bus stop on the main highway where the bus was hailed for me. Surprisingly, it was all relatively simple, and I was well looked after - being told to hang around the airport until just after 9pm, taken up to the main highway at around 9.30, and then on a bus at about 10. There are several buses that make the trip and they all sem to pass the airport entrance between 10 and 11 at night.
Have a good trip.

answered on 3/17/13 by
a VT member

Hi Daihappydai
Thanks for your repaly,
You write that outside the terminal is plenty of touts.
They are official touts or not?
Can i trust of this touts.
Thanks again if you have same advise about Rantepao write to me Ciao

answered on 3/27/13 by
a VT member from Jakarta

Hi Poli65. I was in Makassar last month. Yes, the transport touts (taxi drivers, car rental guys, etc) at the airport can be really overwhelming. I've never seen such aggressive behavior in any other airports in Indonesia. I felt like I was a superstar being greeted by my legions of fans upon arrival ha-ha. Everyone was acting like my long lost friend and they wouldn't leave me alone even if I tell them that someone was picking me up. I guess this is due to the over supply of taxis and cars for rent at the Makassar airport (Sultan Hassanudin International Airport).

As far as I know, there is no travel agency at the airport. From the airport, you may take the DAMRI airport shuttle bus (fare between Rp15,000-20,000; service from 6AM to 9pm, leaves every hour). Ask the driver to drop you off at the bus terminal (Pangkalan Bus Litha in Jalan Urip Sumaharjo Km 7, phone: 0411442263, the bus to Rantepao leaves at 10PM).

There are many bus companies/terminals where you can take the bus to Rantepao such as in Pangkalan Liman, Lipah, Limpang Prima, Daya etc and they have their own schedule.

In bus terminal Daya, there are many bus companies that depart for Rantepao so maybe it would be better to just go to Terminal Daya. From the airport take the Bosowa Taxi (with meter) to go to Terminal Daya (will probably take 20 minutes & Rp30,000, usually the driver would ask you to add a bit more so you may give extra Rp10,000 if you like). In Terminal Daya there are many different bus companies that go to Rantepao, just go to the counter of the bus company that matches your preferred time of departure and fare. The bus fare for the Aircon Executive Class is Rp 120,000-140,000 (depending on the bus company). For the non-aircon bus the fare is between Rp60,000-80,000. The bus ride from Makassar to Rantepao takes about 8 hours. So if you leave around 8:00-9:00PM, you will arrive in Rantepao around 5-6AM.

answered on 3/27/13 by
a VT member

HI Astene
Thanks for your useful answer.
Can i ask something else?
1 is there office in airport for Bosowa taxi (with meter) or i can see outside airport?
2 I arrive about 20 -21 Pm in airport from Kuala lumpur Do you think have i time to catch the bus or is better that i book one day before?
Have you same email or website for book bus?
At what time leave last bus from the bus terminal?
Thanks for your time and sorry for my english

answered on 5/6/13 by
a VT member from Jakarta

Hi Poli65.
Sorry I just saw your message now! I hope it's not too late.

To answer your questions:
1. There is no office for Bosowa taxi (there is a counter at the left side when you go out), but you will just see the taxis parked outside when you get out of the airport..

2. The last bus to Rantepao leaves at 10PM. If you arrive at 9PM, you still have a chance to catch the bus but you have to go to the bus terminal right away. Tell the taxi driver to take you to Terminal Daya (around 25 minutes). Hopefully, there will be no traffic jam.

I think it’s not possible to make reservation with the bus company, you just show up directly at the bus terminal. I have the telephone number of Bus Litha (0411-442263, this is at their terminal in Jalan Urip Sumaharjo Km 7). When you get to the airport, you may try to call this number to say that you are on your way to Terminal Daya and that you intend to take their 10pm bus there and maybe they have a way to advise the driver in Terminal Daya to wait for you a little bit just in case you will get to the terminal a little bit past 10pm. I’m just not sure if that is possible but you can try.
Good luck and hope you enjoy your trip to Rantepao.

answered on 8/6/14 by
a VT member from Makassar

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