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profile member asked on Dec 23, 2016

Should I do it?

I want to send my parents to London....(no, not permanently). Can anyone recommend a hotel which is reasonably priced? It doesnt need to be in the middle of London but not too far away either. They are in their mid 70's and I dont want them to have to walk too far. Thanks so much for your help. Happy Holidays everyone. With Love,



7 Answers

answered on 12/23/16 by
a VT member from Sacramento

I have no idea what you consider reasonably priced, but we're in our 70s and love the Thistle Hotel Kensington Gardens. It's right across the street from Kensington Palace and gardens, Hyde Park and we walked to Buckingham Palace from there with no problem. There are buses all along the way and the tube if they want to go further afield. [original link]

Take a look at their prices with your dates and see what you think. Good luck. I hope they enjoy their trip.

answered on 12/23/16 by
a VT member from North Wales

I thank you very much for the advice. And as far as reasonably priced hotels, I havent even started pricing any rooms yet so I dont know what to expect. But I will look into the Thistle Hotel, it sounds perfect. Thanks and I hope you enjoy the holidays.

answered on 12/23/16 by
claus andersen from Denmark

London is very big and you might first of all try and look for a Hotel that is right next to one of the major tube stations if your parents want to get around easily.

answered on 12/24/16 by
Mary Smith from Leicester

Robert, that's a lovely idea. :-)

Look at to get an idea of hotels and their prices (not cheap, I'm afraid). It's used by many members, is reliable and long-standing and has excellent mapping.

Also look at Premier Inn (by far my favourite UK chain):

and Travelodge:

Neither have all their hotels listed on Premier Inns have very comfortable beds (Lenny Henry wasn't lying!), are always very clean and their breakfast is very good value.

Athough London is safe to walk around many of its sights and sites are very spread-out and the streets can be very busy and crowded. Finding a hotel near a Tube station is a good idea if you are sure your parents will be happy to use the Tube (they'll need to get an Oystercard to keep costs down).

If you think they might be iffy about the Tube, I suggest you find a hotel near on of the stops for the hop-on buses. Although not the cheapest option, the bus routes do take in most of the main sights & sites and will be an easy way for your parents to explore. Route maps here:

Will your parents be going down by train? If so, they'll arrive at Euston. If you don't think they'd want the Tube or to pay out for a taxi I'd suggest that you look for a hotel somewhere within walking distance of the railway station. Cartwright Gardens is less than 10 minutes' walk from the station: it's a quiet, leafy square (the type with a central gardens) with a lot of hotels.

answered on 12/24/16 by
RosalieAnn Beasley from Leonardtown

What will your parents want to do? Shop? Go to museums? Take in shows? What kinds of things do they need to be comfortable?

I agree that a hotel near a tube station would be good.

The first time I was in London (in modern times) I wanted to be close to the British Museum and I also wanted a hotel which had breakfast included. So I picked a hotel in the area near the British Museum which had breakfast, not very many stairs, an en-suite bathroom, and wi-fi. It was also fairly near tube, bus and the Big Red Bus stop. But we were only in our mid 60s at that time and I could still do some stairs. (and that includes stairs in the tube station where sometimes the elevators don't work)

answered on 12/24/16 by
a VT member from Ealing

Relatively few of the tube stations have elevators, which are called lifts over here, but in those that do it's very rare for none to be working, although often they are taken out of service one at a time for repairs. It's more common to have escalators (moving staircases) but they are less accessible, e.g. for wheelchair user. And in many stations at least are few stairs are inevitable. You can download a map here [original link] which shows which stations are step-free if that is a factor for your parents

answered on 12/26/16 by
a VT member from United States of America


Since someone has already suggested the possibility of staying in the Cartwright Gardens area, I will mention that we stayed at two pleasant hotels on Cartwright Gardens some time ago -- the Harlingford Hotel and the Mentone Hotel. I liked both but for different reasons -- the Harlingford had a very delightful breakfast room and was comfortable but had a very tiny shower and we had to walk up several flights of steps with luggage and two young children in tow. The Mentone was also comfortable, included breakfast but was also a walk up. Our room was larger and it had a resident hotel cat at the time which our children loved. These hotels were within steps of each other and at the time both very reasonably priced, but the Mentone was a bit less expensive. Also as mentioned they were within walking distance of Euston Station which is a great transportation hub. Both hotels worked for us. We have also stayed at the nearby Tavistock Hotel during our first trip to London. If it has been renovated recently, it is a pleasant and well located hotel. However it's been quite a long time since we stayed there so others might know more about the hotel and that location than I do now.

Hope this helps a little.

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