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profile member asked on Jun 30, 2013


Hello guys...I'm travelling to Indonesia this week...and I would like to have some tips in advance before go there.
I want to go to Lombok, and after to Flores but i don`t want to flight and i rode in other webs already i can take a ferry and diferents buses but i hace to spend loke 2 days for arrive to true???
Somebody can tell me.
How I can to do it? where I have to take the ferry or the bus. for arrive to Flores?? ...if anyone can help me please...thanks in advance :)


6 Answers

answered on 6/30/13 by
a VT member from Alhaurín el Grande

Hi Cristina,
There is a regular ferry between Lombok's east coast (Labuan Lombok) and Sumbawa (Poto Tano), leaving every hour or so around the clock.
But the ferry between Sumbawa and Flores runs only once a day, leaving around 8am and arriving around 4am - it passes by a lot of smaller islands among them Komodo Island.
So the crossing from Sumbawa to Flores alone takes a day.
My wife and I travelled by car the length of Sumbawa (over 400 km), but we had time and took several days, see: [original VT link] . There are buses travelling the distance in a day, not very comfortable. But I guess you travel backpacker style and would not care about that.
I do not know the bus schedule. My advice would be to inquire at an agent in Lombok's capital - Mataram. Ask about inter-island buses travelling to Labuanbajo (or beyond). The fare would include the cost of the ferries. Your itinerary on the bus will be: crossing Lombok from west to east, ferry to Sumbawa, ride the length of Sumbawa, ferry to Flores. Two days will be about right.
Happy travels,

answered on 6/30/13 by
a VT member from Puerto Princesa

Yes, Theo's advice is correct, the bus trip across Sumbawa is a gruelling one and takes all day. I broke my journey in Alas and Bima but neither place was vey interesting, far better to stay the night in Sape and catch the ferry the next day. Sape is a far more interesting place. In Lombok don't forget to visit Kuta in the south, far different from Kuta in Bali and som e fantastic beaches too.. Also you will have the oportunity to make a 2 day climb of Rinjani. In Flores stop at Bajawa and take a trip into the surrounding countryside to say the native people and the way they live. Then stay at Moni and see Keli Mutu, some nice walks in that area.

Below photos of Bajawa area. and Keli Mutu

answered on 6/30/13 by
a VT member from Barcelona

Thanks Theo your tip will help me!!!! I don't mind if the bus is confortable or not hehehe....i dont want to spend lot of money...I was traveeling in India and I know what it is. hehehe...
I hope everything will be my first time travelling alone for countries like that...and i'm a little nervious. ehheehhe

answered on 6/30/13 by
a VT member from Puerto Princesa

Cris, nothing to be nervous about in Indonesia as you will find the local people extremely friendly.

answered on 7/1/13 by
a VT member from Barcelona

thanks...i rode already about it...:)....but thanks for tell me anyway

answered on 7/13/13 by
a VT member from Melbourne

I spent three weeks travelling across Sumbawa in Januray this year. I spent several days in Bima from where I did days trips. Also, Sumbawa Besar - lots of great exploring to do using Sumbawa Besar as a base.
So, if you have the time to take a few days crossing Sumbawa, have a look at my tips under Sumbawa Besar, Bima, Dompu and Pantai Lakey.
Very few tourists in Sumbawa apart from Pantai Lakey and the surf beaches on the west coast, so it makes for an interesting place to visit and meet the locals.
Have a good trip.

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