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profile member asked on Apr 6, 2012

Travelling the Rhine from Frankfurt and back to Frankfurt in two days

THank you for your previous informative answers.

We have now booked our air ticket and now require a little more info based on our times. This is how it goes. We arrive in Frankfurt on a Saturday morning at 10:15am. This will be used as a quick stop over before heading back home in order to have a quick experience on the Rhine. As you can see we have just about two days in Germany.

My thoughts are to leave our luggagein a locker (or the like - please advise) overnight at the airport, travel down the Rhine on a ferry, stay over in a little town for one night and then take the train back to Frankfurt the next day:

I know that FRakfurt airport is a massive airport. How do we find out ahead of time which terminal we will be arriving in from Milan and which terminal we will depart from to fly to South Africa?

I presume this will help us as to wher we can leave our luggage. Could you help with this?leave our luggage over night at the airport so that we do not have to lug it around the two days and have only a small overnight bag each. Is it safe to do this and what would the cost be?

(b) Do you know if it is possible to check in our luggage on the Saturday when we arrive for our flight on Sunday - do you know if this is possible?

I believe that the ferry schedules have not yet been released for the beginning of June. WOuld you recommend that we sightsee in Frankfurt at all or should we head of straight to Mainz or Bingen to start our Rhine ferry ride?

Do you recommend that we we go to Mosel (do we have time)?

Do you recommend that we make some stops to view some castles or little towns along the way? If so which places and how long will we require at each stop?

Which town do you recommend we stay over one night before catching the train back to Frankfurt. Should Koblenz be our last stop and should we stay over here?

6.Is it better to do the ferry ride and train trip on the same day and stay the night in Frankfurt instead and explore a little of Frankfurt before our departure?

Is it worth seeing a little of Frankfurt or should we just stick to the Rhine?

Would you recommend taking a non-stop train ride back to Mainz, Bingen or Frankfurt or should we stop over somewhere along the way? If so which stops do you recommend? What lines and approx costs.

Is there any additional information you can give me on the Rhine, ferrys, weather, schedules, tours or sites that might help or that you can recommend etc

So excited. I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

Land Rheinland-Pfalz

2 Answers

answered on 4/6/12 by
Mary Smith from Leicester

1a. Frankfurt airport is huge but it's not *that* massive and it is very clearly (and well) signed in English throughout. You really should not have any difficulties in navigating it.

If your flight booking does not give the terminal (it often does) then you might check your flight's forthcoming arrival/departure on the Frankfurt airport website:

1b You can leave your luggage easily at the staffed storage facilities and yes, of course it will be safe. There are storage facilities in T1 and T2. Times charges and info in English here:

I'll leave the rest of your question to others.

answered on 4/7/12 by
a VT member from Germany

leics has already answered your first questions.

I didn't check, but schedules should be online by now,and I do not recommend staying in Frankfurt. It is a business city with some interesting galleries and museums, but that's it. If you want, see the Römer which is close to central station (Hauptbahnhof) and won't take longer than an hour.

I do not know if you have time, but I would have a hard time telling if I liked the Rhine or Moselle river better. You could take the train from Koblenz to Trier and see Trier, Germany's oldest city.

I am not sure which route you are going to take as your previous post you mentioned above escaped me. I for one am not really the type to spend hours on the boat, as I would get impatient. This means I would be glad to disembark at some place and walk. But I don't know about you, I don't even know which part of the Rhine river you are going to see. Apparently it is the UNESCO heritage part between Bingen and Koblenz. As for cities: Take the train from Koblenz to Trier. It is just a short ride along the Moselle river, and Trier is nice.
Castles? Well, you know it is Germany's ABC-area: "Another Bloody Castle!" It is up to you.

Koblenz is fine, but I would recommend again to see Trier and stay there overnight. Or if this is not possible, perhaps take the train back to Bingen, cross the river and stay in Rüdesheim.

No,unless you want to see a certain exhibition at a museum or gallery. The Römer can be done en passant instead of waiting at the station for your train to come.

See above.

No. But when you are in Bingen there's Rüdesheim across the river. Crowded, touristy ... up to you.

Weather: Flip a coin. Weather, as opposed to climate, is chaotic (really) and thus difficult to predict.
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