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profile member asked on Apr 13, 2010

Koln vs. Koblenz?

What does everyone think of Koln vs. Koblenz?

They both sound and look worth the visit. Is there possibly one that is easiest to travel to Paris from? Or does anyone think that one is a required stop compared to the other? I will be taking the KB from Oberwesel on Aug 7 and will spend the the rest of the day and a night where I end. I will then be taking the train to Paris on the 8th. Mind you I could be convinced to leave for Paris on the 9th.

Also, would a stop of 2 or 3 hours in Bacharach en route from Oberwesel be worth it or would we really not be there long enough? Or would those hours be better spent where I end?

Thanks for the help! =D

Land Rheinland-Pfalz

3 Answers

answered on 4/13/10 by
a VT member from Telemark

I vote Köln! :D

Really, though, hard to say, as you don't mention what your interests are. However, I'd imagine that a large city like Köln on average has more to offer the "normal" traveller. If you get back to us with a bit more info on what you want to do and see, it'll be easier to help you.

answered on 4/13/10 by
a VT member from Germany

The Rhine up to Köln is not the best part of a KD trip, the more interesting part is further south, Bingen-Koblenz. I would take the boat for this part, then later the train up to Köln.
Köln has the cathedral and several good museums. It's also much easier getting to Paris from there, the Thalys does it in a bit over three hours,no change necessary.

answered on 4/15/10 by
a VT member from Nürnberg

I also would say go to Cologne, a great city, great cathedral, don't miss to get up the tower! Also they have a well-known museum with Roman exhibitions, a choclate museum, also Dusseldorf is that close you could go there for half a day. Best Chris.

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