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La Paz Travel Answers

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · May 01, 2016
Private guide  (9 Answers)

I will be in La paz in May and am interested in a private guide for two days.
Can sny one recommend one?

Thank you in anticipation of your help.


Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · April 13, 2016

Hi there,

Just wonder how frequent it is for the bus from La Paz to Copacabana. From the search on the website, I can only see the bus depart from cemetery bus terminal in the early morning around 730am. I will arrive at La Paz Airport on 10:30am and would like to travel to Copacabana straight away. Or is there other logistics arrangement anyone can recommend?


Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · July 18, 2014
What to do in La Paz  (1 Answer)

Dear all, I have been 4 times in your beautiful country, but this is first time coming to La PAz. I am coming with my 19 yo son and we will be some 36 hrs in La PAz before we go to Uyuni and more. Could anyone give me some tips what to do with teenage boy in La Paz (please , not the "Death Road" , he can do that when Ia m not aroun hehe:):)).
Thanks a lot

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · July 13, 2014
How long to acclimatize?  (3 Answers)

We are flying into La Paz from sea level. How many days should we expect to acclimatize before we can start doing things without being affected?

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · June 25, 2014
Emilio Villanueva the architect  (1 Answer)

Where do I find pictures and information of the Emilio Villanueva works in La Paz.

I have seen his buildings in La Paz, but could not find pictures or plans of his work.

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · March 16, 2014
Do i have to stay  (3 Answers)

Hey. I'm going to Bolivia soon and got a question.

I'm landing in La Paz and going to visit some friends in Samaipata.

I heard a lot about the altitude sickness, and wonder whether I have to stay in La Paz for a couple of days to get used to the altitude, or whether I can take a bus to Samaipata right away.

Really hope to get some advices. Thank You :)

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · January 14, 2014
Flights from La Paz to Buenos Aires  (1 Answer)

What airlines fly from la paz to buenos aires
Are there any direct flights?

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · December 04, 2013
how to get to Lake Titicaca  (11 Answers)

I am arriving at Lake Titicaca at 3AM on Saturday morning and would like to visit the lake on the same day. Is it realistic to get on a bus to Copacabana right away and make it on a boat from there? Ideally, I would like to get on an over-night bus to Sucre that night. Please advise how best to plan the day - should I book a (most likely expensive) tour or can I do it on spot?

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · February 02, 2013
uyuni to la paz  (1 Answer)

Hi guys does anyone know if there is daily transport from uyuni to la paz?. If so how long does the journey take? Thanks

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · September 07, 2012
Amaszonas Flight to Uyuni

Hi, I'm trying to book a one-way ticket from La Paz to Uyuni on Amaszonas. When I get to the fares page, I see that there is the "Y" class fares and the "B" class fares available to me. The "B" fares are 20% off and are supposedly available to foreign or Bolivian, so that pretty much covers everybody. Do you know if there any other restrictions for these fares? If I book the "B" fare and I found out somehow I didn't qualify, will they just charge me the difference?

Also, I read that I have to confirm the flight at least 24 hours prior to departure. Will I be required to confirm by phone? If so, do you know if they have English speaking staff who can help me confirm my flight? I see that they have web check-in for flights leaving La Paz and I can check in up to 72 hours prior. Can I assume that if I do web-check in, I have also confirmed the flight?

On the airline itself, are they usually on time? And are departure times posted now more like guidelines than actual departure time?

One last unrelated question. I am going to cross to Chile by land and I heard that the customs check your bags quite seriously. Do you know where I can find out what I can bring from Bolivia to Chile? My friend and I might want to get some Bolivian coffee beans to take home, but if it's going to be a problem, we'll not bother buying them.


Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · November 21, 2011
5 Days in La Paz  (3 Answers)

Hi there
I have 5 days to get from La Paz back to Peru. Really want to visit Salt Flats and looking for other recommendations. Have also considerd flying back but not sure which airport from as salt Flats are 400k away? Can anyone recommend a 5 day itinerary?
Any advice gratefully recieved.

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · February 11, 2011
Any Good tour company??  (3 Answers)

Hi! mates and I have just arrived to la paz and have been extensively shopping around but none of the companies we visited seems serious or reliable, anybody pls. who had a good experience with a tour company and can recommend it? tx.

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · December 29, 2010
Traveling from La Paz to Corioco  (2 Answers)

Is it easy to hire a car/driver to do the Unga Road dropping us in Corioco? Any suggestions for a place to stay.
Then would like to arrange transportation to Copacabana. How long would this take?

How long is the bus ride then to Puno?? 6 hours??


Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · November 20, 2010
Cochabamba to La Paz?  (3 Answers)

Hey all I want to go from Rio to La Paz and think cheapest way and best way without traveling for tooo many days will be to fly to Cochabamba and then bus to La Paz.

How do I book a bus from Cochabamba to La Paz? Do I book on the day? and where from? or can I book on the net?

How much does it cost?

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · February 24, 2010
help with itinerary  (6 Answers)

Hi there, please could anyone recommend some places to go, where to stay in Bolivia, a stressful few months have meant I am flying to Lima in 2 weeks, with not a scooby doo of what to do or see in Peru or Bolivia, my only knowledge being that for the month I am there it is likely that MP is closed!
Love to visit jungles, homestays etc
Thanks CC

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · February 16, 2010
Visiting La Paz Bolivia  (3 Answers)

I have been in Peru in 2008 and discovered Lake Titicaca from Puno.
Now I would like to go to La Paz for, say a week and do sightseeing including Lake Titicaca from the Bolivian Side.
I am 65 years old ign good shape and want to take some local tours etc
Any advice would be much appreciated.

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · September 13, 2009
Volunteer in La Paz  (3 Answers)

I will be in La Paz in February and March, and I am looking for any good volunteer opportunities. Preferably free or cheaper, and working with kids since I am going to be a physical education teacher. I'm open to any suggestions though, and I would like to do it for about 1 month.



Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · August 20, 2009
Apartment rental La Paz  (4 Answers)

I am a Canadian woman who wishes to stay in La Paz for the month of December...and travel around Bolivia. Is La Paz a better place to stay in order to do this...Does anyone know of any good, clean inexpensive rentals?

I'd like to travel to Argentia from Bolivia for the month of January...any good airlines to consider? How are prices?

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · November 09, 2008
One day tour from La Paz of Lake Titicaca and environs- operators?  (6 Answers)

Hi there,

I have a limited time in La Paz and want to make the most of it. My first day there I will use to explore the city, markets, sights and the next day, would like to do a day trip to Lake Titicaca and some islands, then back to LP and fly out the next day. I have done some research in this forum and inquired with Zig Zag who appears to have a good option for a day but quote150 for me (by myself or100 per person) since the trip is private tour only. Does anyone else know of a good operator that also does a day trip from La Paz and back to the Titicaca region? (and that is more economic?) Thanks!

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · September 15, 2008
football in bolivia  (2 Answers)

hola..can anyone tell me when starts the national championship in bolivia,and give me informations for the best fans?thank you.we are going to make a trip in bolivia and without a football match we can't live..
vamos aris vamos campeon..vamos the strongest..vamos natso garsia

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · August 12, 2008
Tuichi (Madidi) 10 days rafting need buddies

We are planning to participate (form a new group) for 10 days rafting trip through Madidi NP (just 400 USD). The tour operator is Deep-rainforests from La Paz. We need at least another 3-4 people, tough and adventures enough to go through the virgin rainforest. The trip should start on Wednesday 20th August from La Paz. Leave please a message here or leave a note in Hospedaje Las Brujas in Illampu calle 398 La PAz.

Gejza from SLovakia

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · March 11, 2008
Essential La Paz  (2 Answers)

I'm spending most of my trip in Peru but will end up in La Paz for about a day and a half. I'd like to see the Moon Valley and the Witches Market, any other 'must sees' that I could cram in ?



Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · January 12, 2008
Bike Ride  (3 Answers)

How far is valley of the moon from La Paz and can you ride/rent mountain bikes or quad bikes near the valley and ride around?

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · October 31, 2007
Take care - border at Desaguadero between Peru/Bolivia still closed!  (1 Answer)

I just had a very long trip from Cusco to La Paz because I didn´t know the road at the Bolivian side of the border in Desaguadero was closed..!
From Puno to Desaguadero takes 2 hours, and from there only another to La Paz.
Now I´ve learnt that from Puno to Copacabana takes 3 hours, and from Copacabana to La Paz about 3,5!

I do have to add that it´s annoying me because I´m only on a quick round trip to La Paz and back, but for travelers I do recommend going via Copacabana because it is muuuch prettier and has way more services than Desaguadero.

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · October 02, 2007
visa requirements and booked departure flights  (2 Answers)

Hello everyone,

I know there have been many postings about visa requirements for Bolivia and Peru. I will be flying into La Paz and then travelling overland into and through Peru and eventually flying to Quito and then out of South America. Will both Bolivia and Peru immigration be happy at the fact that I have an international flight booked out of Equador but not booked flights out of their countries?

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · September 11, 2007
Are you in La Paz on October 21- Nov. 3??

Hey all,
I am finally returning to my beloved La Paz on Oct. 21 (after a very long time). I have family there so they will be helping me tour around. If you are there, you are more than welcome to join us rather than hire expensive guides and you would get a local feel to it.
Our itinerary so far includes:
Tiwanaku (1 day); Sorata (2 days); Copacabana (3 days); Coroico (2 days or 3 days). I will spend a bunch of time in La Paz as well especially for TODOS SANTOS.
If you are interested in meeting up, email me at forbes19(at)gmail(dot)com.
About me: I'm 24 yrs old, male living in the US for 15 years. My sister (26 yrs old) is coming along, she's from Washington DC. For more about me, go to:

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · August 16, 2007
Approx how much time on a bus between La Paz Bolivia and Arequipa, and/or Ica?  (1 Answer)

My son is in Peru. He left La paz, Bolivia on a bus on Tuesday. When would he have arrived in arequipa and/or Ica? Thanks!

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · August 15, 2007
Tour Operators  (1 Answer)

I am trying to book a tour of Lake Titicaca from La Paz to Puno. Have tried emailing the likes of Transturin and Crillon but it seems that they dont want my business as they never reply to my emails! Can anyone recommend a tour company who can do something like that?

many thanks

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · August 06, 2007
Climbing partners interested in Huayna Potosi & Illimani?  (1 Answer)

Hello, my friend and I will be in Bolivia until September, and we were wondering if anyone out there is willing to team up with us to climb Huayna Potosi (6100m) and Illimani (6400m). I have climbed Huayna Potosi before, and while it was tough, anyone in good shape should be able to do it. Prices are much lower for larger groups, and the agency provides more guides as well. More guides means more chances to summit, as anyone who drops out due to altitude sickness or exhaustion needs a guide to take them back down the mountain. The rates for a single person are160, but a group of three or more means the rates drop to130 for a three day trip. This includes equipement rental, all you need is your sleeping bag and clothes.

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · July 25, 2007
Rents in La Paz  (1 Answer)

I was wondering what prices are currently for a decent 2 bed apartment ni a decent neighbourhood?

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