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a VirtualTourist member asked on Jan 14, 2014


is negril a safe resort for a young couple with child?

Looking at booking a holiday to negril this may but getting put off by some reviews i'm reading saying its unsafe and unfriendly??!

10 Answers

answered on 1/14/14 by
a VT member from Hesperia

Yes Negril is safe for a young couple with a child.

There is an art involved in reading reviews. The way too glowing reviews that sound like they are cut and pasted from a brochure, - are most likely fake and put there by owners etc.

if there is a horribly negative reviews, they are usually about one thing they perceive was done them wrong anf they take it out on the entire experience.

So the rest of the reviews are pretty much reliable.

A lot of people that don't travel much, come to Jamaica and because they are not quite like back home they are a bit afraid. so if they meet a tout or a hustler, or someone whistling selling wolf tickets, then they tend to get scared before anything else, and unfortunately that feeling is what they remember. I have no doubt that you have heard that you should stay away from Kingston, "because it is dangerous". That isd so much BS. It is no more dangerous than New York or Paris. When one is away in someone else's environment, one needs to follow a few rules so as to not get viewed as a target for pickpockets and touts and hustlers, - and every popular resort area in the world has them.

As far as I am concerned, if you have not been to Kingston, you really have not been to Jamaica.

Don't be persuaded by the naysayers. Negril is a fine resort area, and if you decide to go, let me know and I can tell you all about the what/where/why and how.

One love..........d:o)

answered on 1/14/14 by
a VT member from Hesperia

Since you do not say where you are from, - just an explanation of "selling wolf tickets". It is an American slang for men/boys standing on corners whistling at the pretty girls......d:o)

answered on 1/14/14 by
a VT member from Luton

Well it is considering its Jamaica but then again you have be very alert on such expeditions in any of the African countries. Just don't do anything really out of the box and things would turn out find. Hope you enjoy your trip.

answered on 1/14/14 by
a VT member from New York City

Negril is very safe for families. Depending on the age of the child perhaps you can look into booking with Beachers which is a family resort and one of the best resorts in Jamaica. If that is overpriced (and yes it is not cheap) then there are plenty of other hotels on the beach where you can stay which in simple nice accomodations that are not over the top fancy and serve good food in their restaurants. Plus there are many other restaurants along the roadside in Negril to enjoy. Another option is Riu Resorts but they are not on the main beach rather on the cove before you enter the main part of Negril.

answered on 1/14/14 by
a VT member from Balloch

Good answer, Erik. Although I've never been to Jamaica I understand what you are saying. It is always best to follow your own government's advice if you are going to a country you don't know, but as Erik says, try to avoid believing the scare stories from individual travellers. Do take account of a negative trend in the answers, but even then, travellers often mistake the intent of behaviour that is different from their own. A friend of mine hated Marrakesh because it was crowded and smelly, and you were constantly approached by people trying to sell you something. I loved Marrakesh because it was crowded, smelly (good and bad) and there was an amazing buzz about the place - and that included people trying to sell you something! Make sure the actual hotel or resort complex is child friendly, and enjoy yourselves! And write a review about it once you've been there. I'm sure you will get more advice from more travellers who know Negril and Jamaica. Bruce

answered on 1/14/14 by
a VT member from Hesperia

Hmm, actually, Beaches was recently taken over by Sandals resorts, known for their couples resorts. know there was concern over this union due to the practice of allowing guests from sister hotels access to their other properties.

I am not sure exactly what happened, and the Beaches website does not reflect this, but you may want to ask. Some resorts limit the access to guests from other properties to only sections of the resort.

There was genuine concern that Sandals would change Beaches into the same generic couples resort all Sandals resorts are.

The nicest, most romantic and secluded, is this little gem called Nirvana.....which it is......d:o)

The other really cool one is The Caves. It is one of the Outpost properties owned by Chris Blackwell the founder of Island Records and Bob Marley's manager.

Holla back for mo likka info gyal. Erry day is a good day in Jah Town. One love.........d:o)

answered on 1/14/14 by
a VT member from Hesperia

Hey Bruce, - thanks for the kind words. Yeah, people are human, - they read 20 good reviews and one bad one and they tend to fixate on the bad one. It is the nature of the beast so to speak. Nothing wrong with it, - but one needs to understand it in order for reading reviews to be of any help.

I guess we were both writing at the same or similar time.......d:o)

Your explanation of the two of you in Morocco, is exactly what happens a lot. People love and hate a place for the very same reasons. I am with you pal, - I know the baazar smell in Marrakesh, and the energy is electric.

answered on 1/14/14 by
a VT member from Hesperia

Bahiana, - why do you constantly have to spew some derogatory remarks my way? Did I do something to you in a past life? If you feel the need to correct me, - which is fine with me, - just correct me without the demeaning additions, 'cause it sounds like you are selling wolf tickets.

.......just stick to the Brazil forum where you are usually to be found finding faults with a lot of folks besides me.

answered on 1/14/14 by
a VT member from New York City

Erik I need to correct you about Beaches.

Beaches is owned wholy by Sandals and always was owned by Sandals.
Beaches was created to have a facility for families vs. the couples only enviroment of Sandals. They have Beaches in Negril, near Ocho Rios, Turks, and new beaches to open in the future in Grenada and Barbados. They will be strictly geard for families with children of all ages.

Adult guests in Negril who stay at Beaches are free to go over to Sandals sans the children about a mile down the road. Guests at Sandals are equally welcome at Beaches with the sole exception of being able to have dinner at the restaurants at Beaches while the adult guests of Beaches cannot have dinners at Sandals. Dont ask but that is the way it is.Makes no sense to me either. Kids are not welcome under any circumstances at Sandals though.

Adults if they so desire to stay at Beaches without kids are welcome though the rooms are not really catered to adults only since most of the Beaches rooms have bunk beds for kids or seperate sleeping areas for children.

Sorry never looked at Nirvana, but Caves I have visited in the past and do like it a lot though its not similar in any way to Beaches or Sandals for that matter.Perhaps that is good in many ways.

answered on 1/14/14 by
a VT member from Hesperia

Hmm, "gabesz", - I read your post and the first thing I thought was ......that's not what I said. It was of course, but I got it twisted. The issue had come up before in the forum and you were there as well with good solid advise as well, and it was not Beaches being taken over by Sandals I spoke of in that forum.

What I had said (Oct. 2012) was that Breezes was being taken over by Couples Resorts. I must be getting senile, or I would have caught my mistake before posting. It is an irritant because "bahiana's" insults aside, he was right about the wolf ticket explanation, which I switched with another common urban slang. Jeez, I hate to have to start double-checking stuff I rip off of my head........d:o)

All Inclusive Help.. Sandals..Beaches..or Riu? - Negril Travel Forum

And the Caves and Nirvana are very different from the rest of the crowd, but I like them a lot better. As far as Bahiana is concerned I am so done with this insulting clown. I will not waste time I will never get back, responding to his bile.

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