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profile member asked on Nov 28, 2016

Update on Currency

Hello everyone. I will be traveling to Mumbai-Jaipur-Delhi in two weeks. I have read the previous post regarding the currency issues but can anyone provide an update on the situation?


7 Answers

answered on 11/28/16 by
a VT member from Bangalore

if u are foriegner, we can exchange for local curriencies in the airport itself,
and try to get lesser denomination of currencies, like 100 rupees, 50 rupees, since for 2000 note you may not get change,

answered on 11/29/16 by
a VT member from New Jersey

Hi - got this info from foreigner in India....

A lot of irresponsible people are still assuring tourists that the money situation will resolve.
Tourists can only change the equivalent of INR5000 in foreign currency per week.
Some money changers are still offering old notesī˜§ others are offering poor exchange rates. These details are noted on your passport.
Otherwise you can only take INR2000 out from an ATM at a time.
Don't bring old currency to India unless you plan to donate it to the poor who are able to use old currency at hospitals and to pay utility bills.

answered on 12/1/16 by
a VT member from Shillong

1. The smaller denomination notes (INR 50/-, 20/- 10/- 5/-) are still almost out of circulation INR 100/- notes are hard to come by.

2. Change your local currency in your home town bank to smaller denominations. Don't accept INR 2,000/- or INR 500/- (new ones). You can try to do this again at the International Airport (T-3) at New Delhi again before you leave the airport side.

3. Queues in ATMs are long. Go early in the morning.

4. All of us here in India (not the fat cats) are having massive problems with currency shortage (smaller denominations).

answered on 12/4/16 by
a VT member from Bangalore

accepting 2000 rupees note is ok , but getting change for this will be tiresome,
for Rs. 500 note kindly accept only the new ones, which are smaller in size compared to the previous one,
or you could check them out on the backside,wherin the year of the print is available, kindly accept only if it is 2016 only

answered on 12/5/16 by
a VT member from Shillong

"Thanks for your answer. I have a question, however. You suggested that I change my local currency to smaller demoniations. Will you please give more clarity on that? Also, am I correct in reading that I should not accept INR 2,000 or INR 500 when I'm in India? Thanks. "

1. Smaller denominations means currencies of INR 100/-, INR 50/-, INR 20/-, INR 10/- INR 5/- INR 2/-, INR 1/- Also, coins are available for INR 10/- INR 5/- INR 2/- INR 1/-

2. If you accept INR 2,000/- or INR 500/-, you will be put to a lot of inconvenience in finding change when you buy things. Shopkeepers are reluctant to give you change for INR 2,000/- if you buy articles worth INR 250/- or so.

answered on 12/17/16 by
a VT member from Norfolk

Hello everyone. Thanks for all the input so far. Tomorrow is the day I fly to Mumbai. I was just wondering if there were any updates on the situation? Thanks. :)

answered on 12/19/16 by
a VT member from Shillong

The situation has eased considerably.

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