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profile member asked on Nov 19, 2016

Food on trains

I am making two overnight journeys on trains in India. Is food available and does it need to be preordered?


8 Answers

answered on 11/19/16 by
a VT member from Puerto Princesa

Food is available on trains and you don't have to pre order. Many people jump off and on the train selling food. It is over 20 years since I traveled in India and back then it was better to bring your own bread, these etc. Hopefully things have changed since then

answered on 11/19/16 by
a VT member from New Jersey

Hi - check here for info on traveling by train - [original link]. Click on the link for alternative food/delivery services and you'll see that you can pre-order food.

answered on 11/19/16 by
a VT member from Bhuj

there is no need to preorder your food when travelling in train...
1) if you r travelling in sleeper class then apart from regular meal you may find lot of vendors roaming around selling spicy food.. if you are fond of spicy food you may order.
2) if you r travelling in air con class then only food available is provided by indian railways. No other vendors are allowed inside aircon compartment. so you left with limited option.
3) though the food on indian railway is good but its possible that food may be horrible..which happened to me once when travelling with my kid. in that case you may use apps from google play to order your meal online. they deliver it to your seat when train arrives next station.

I am adding few website..which you may find useful incase you want to order online.
[original link]
[original link]
[original link]

enjoy travelling

answered on 11/20/16 by
a VT member from Bangalore

DEAR it depends on which train u are into, not many trains have food facilities,

answered on 11/21/16 by
a VT member from Kiev

I agree with mssthirdeye, that each train (depending on the destination has its own food facilities. For example when you move from Delhi to Agra (the way takes about 2-3 hours) in the train there is no food facilities. Sure you may have tea, from the tea service men, local food from the outside the train, but inside the train there is no food delivery.

Other situation is when you travel from Delhi to Pune or even far. As the road takes nearly 2,5 days – there is food facilities so you can order some veg or non veg food (for breakfast, dinner and supper). They serve it in packed boxes, so my friend and I were taking it and everything was ok.

answered on 11/22/16 by
a VT member from Evesham

Something else to consider regarding food and planning for overnight trains. They have a tendency to run late - in a couple of cases for us, very late. We had packed enough food for a light evening meal expecting to arrive for breakfast. We arrived after lunch by which time we were really hungry having gone the best part of 18 hours without food.
Having said that - given the choice between an overnight on a decent airline or 3rd class a/c on an India train, I'll take the train any time.

answered on 11/23/16 by
a VT member from São Paulo

Food is available, but as said by others I found it horrible! Better take your own.

answered on 12/27/16 by
a VT member

Mostly i used to carry food for 1 time from my home, for night i buy it from train. But from last few months, i am ordering from [original link], food is good and taste too.

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