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profile member asked on Sep 21, 2005

Living in Gloucester

I may be possibly moving to Gloucester for a job. What is the social service situation there? And also is it a enjoyable place to live? Any demographic information would also be helpful. Thanks!


5 Answers

answered on 9/22/05 by
Mary Smith from Leicester

You will be housed if you are homeless (but not if you are thought to be 'intentionally' homeless) but that is not the same as being given a house. Even people with children, who have priority, often have to spend many months in cramped, unpleasant bed & breakfast accommodation. Council-owned properties are getting more and more difficult to find, and there is always a long waiting list wherever you are. Hostel accommodation for single homeless people is not a choice one would make unless entirely desperate. You should ensure that your salary if you come here is sufficient to rent somewhere of your own, be it a room in a shared house or your own flat/ house (allow a minimum of 500GBP per month for a small flat, maybe a bit less for a shared house, and remember to allow for electricity/ gas/ phone/ water etc).

As for unemployment benefit, this is given to those who are not deemed to be 'intentionally' unemployed. If you leave a job of your own volition there is quite a long wait until you can claim any support. We do have a welfare system, but the benefits paid are not enormous and the paperwork is tortuous. People do not starve, but they do not live well either.Those who appear to do so are either making false claims or have incomes which are not declared.

Gloucester is a pleasant place, set in a very pleasant part of the country. There are pockets of deprivation, as in all cities, but I'm sure you will enjoy living there. It's extremely well-placed for exploring the Cotswolds, Wales and the South-West (Devon/ Cornwall etc) and not too far from London. You could try googling (use for the UK pages)for their tourist information pages, which will give you some idea of what's on offer. Searching for flats +rent + gloucester will give you an idea of prices.

Hope this helps a bit!

answered on 9/29/05 by
a VT member from London

Do you still want information on what it’s like to live there? I’m sorry that I only just saw you’d asked this.

I grew up in Gloucestershire and attended college in Gloucester for several years. My mum still works in the centre of Gloucester. I found it a nice area and often go back to visit, although I don’t think I’d have liked living near the city centre, as most of the area surrounding it looks a little run down but there are many nice places to live nearby that would allow you to get into the city easily for your work.

The city is quite compact but I don’t find it lacks any of the facilities the average person would hope for. It is certainly easier to get about the area if you are planning to have a car. I always found the public transport a bit limited for travelling around the local area, especially out of peak hours.

Although it’s not a major city it is a fairly multicultural one with many people from different countries and faiths.

The local newspaper is the Echo, which has quite a good website with information about the area, if you want to get an impression of what it’s like to live there or look for somewhere to stay. Its address is: [original link]

If there’s anything in particular you would like to ask about the area, please let me know.

Good luck with the new job!

answered on 9/29/05 by
a VT member from London

All my apostrophes have turned into question marks. I hope it still makes sense!

answered on 10/10/05 by
a VT member from Nashville

Thanks everyone for the information! It was very helpful. I interviewed for the job and got it! I am still deciding on if it is the right timing or not. But thanks for all of the information. It helps to make such a big decision.

answered on 10/10/05 by
Mary Smith from Leicester

Congratulations! Am sure you'll thoroughly enjoy your time here if you decide to make the change. Good luck!

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