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Fujian Sheng Travel Answers

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · July 17, 2014
Clubs at Quanzhou  (2 Answers)

Sorry i want to knoW Nice nights clubs at Quanzhou please ? I am at the wanda vista hôtel
Thank you

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · December 05, 2012
Looking for car sharing at Fujian Tulou  (2 Answers)

Hi, I will be traveling solo from Xiamen to Nanjing area (tulou town), then to Yongding area (another tulou town). I will arrive Nanjing tulou area on the 23th Dec, thinking of using public transportation to get around, staying in one of those tulou guesthouses. The next day , 24th Dec, I am thinking to hire a car to visit several Yongding tulou areas including Hongkeng Tulou group, Gaobei Tulou group, and Chuxi Tulou group. I will take the overnight train to Guangzhou on 24 Dec late evening.

How much would it cost to hire a car to see Yongding tulou areas including Hongkeng Tulou group, Gaobei Tulou group, and Chuxi Tulou group , then to Yongding Railway Station? Do you think it is realistic to see these three tulou groups in one day?

I am looking for other travelers willing to share the cost to hire a car for the day. Let me know!!

I speak Chinese, so a bit of advantage to communicate with the locals.

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · January 02, 2011
Bringing items into China from Hong Kong  (13 Answers)

Myself and my family are going to be travelling to Hong Kong soon and then onwards to China, and our flight arrives at Xiamen airport on the 11th Jan. My parents would like to bring some Lanolin creams (moisturiser made from sheep wool) for our extended family in China, as well as some whisky and wine for the imminent(ish) Chinese New Year. We are wondering how hard it is to get alcohol and I guess what would be considered cosmetic items into the China, and how high the tax would be on them? It would by no means be a lot of either, it's just that as we rarely return to China, we thought it'd be nice to bring some things are more valuable and easy to get where we currently live (New Zealand). Many thanks in advance!

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · December 02, 2010
Some questions regarding Fujian (Xiamen, Shantou, etc)  (4 Answers)

Hi all,

Id be visiting the Fujian region on the 13th of December with my uncle and 2 others. He got us a tour package and from the itinerary, the first stop will be Xiamen.

The places stated on the itinerary are all tourist sites like Gulangyu Island, Piano Museum, Huxi Rock, just to list some.

The itinerary might be sufficed for the entire trip but then im quite an explorer myself hence i am wondering if there are any other 'small little places' that are worth for visits, or places that i can explore if i cant sleep at night, since im quite a night person.

We will be visiting Xiamen, Chaozhou, Shantou, Yongding, Chenghai, Zhangzhou.

1. Art Shopping. I love to shop for antiques and stuffs like that. Weird, artsy stuffs, deco. Are there any particular shops i can visit in each of the above mentioned places? So that i can prepare the amt of$$ to bring. haha. Most of my$$ will be spent on such stuffs.

2. Night market. Being a night person, such markets will be great. Are there any?

3. Weather. Hows the weather like from 13 to 20 December? I'm not too sure really. I did some checks and some sites stated that it could be 11 degrees and some stated 21. Would a jacket be enough?

Thats bout it. Any help is great appreciated. Thank you!

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · March 16, 2010
30 March to 12 april in fujien and jiangzi provinces  (3 Answers)

I shall be leaving for these 2 provinces end march and covering Xiamen, Nanchang,Lushan, Jiujiang, Jingdezhen, Wuyuan, San Qing San, Yingtang, Mt Longhu Yingtan, Wuyishan and back to Xiamen. Although it is a conducted tour, I would appreciate information on the weather so that i will know how to pack.
1) What would the temperature be like espec since so many of the areass are mountain spots?
2) Any special local food to try and where?
3) anywhere where locals would go and which tour guides will never take us or dont even know of in terms of restaurants and shopping or off the beaten track areas. many thanks

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · February 22, 2010
Nanping to Nanchang by bus or train?  (2 Answers)

We will be visiting Nanping, as my daughter was born there and spent 10 months there at the Yanping Child Welfare Institute before we adopted her. I am trying to find an easy way to travel from Nanping, to Nanchang, in neighboring Jiangxi. Our tour operator said travel back to Fuzhou and fly, but are there other options? We would enjoy seeing the countryside from ground level!

Thank you very much!
Ms. Ryan

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · October 10, 2007
Thanks everyone

Not a question this time but a big thankyou to everyone at VT who has helped me plan my trip to China, which starts tomorrow (11th October). I have been toying with different locations and ideas for over a year now, and asked many questions (sorry guys) but now I am all sorted and off for my once only holiday of a lifetime.

Thanks to you all

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · September 12, 2007
10-DAYS FAMILY FREE & EASY to FUJIAN( Xiamen, Jimei, ZhangZhou, YongDing, WuYiShan etc.)  (7 Answers)

Hi to All,
My Family of 4(Hubby&Wife & 2boys, 10yrs & 11 yrs)will be visiting Xiamen in end Nov 2007(10-days F & E).
We wd like to visit Xiamen,GuLangYu, JiMei, Zhangzhou, YongDing(Hakka Houses), WuYiShan etc.
Pls advise on:
1) 10-Days Itinerary (Xiamen--Xiamen).
2) Budget Hotels (Non-Smoking)----Rates(Xiamen, Zhangzhou, YongDing,WuYiShan)
3) Coaches or Rail (Fares).
4) Eateries.
5) Places of Interests.
6) Weather/Temp./Clothings

Thank you very much.
Warmest Rgds!

Mrs Esllse

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · August 30, 2007
Travelling to and from Yongding  (1 Answer)

My plans in October take me to Xiamen for two days and then inland to Yongyan and Yongding where I want to see the Hakka houses. I plan to stop over in Longyan from Xiamen and bus to the Hakka houses. The train appears to stop on route to Shenzhen in Longding, so do I buy a train ticket which covers my whole journey from Xiamen to Shenzhen (if thats at all possible), or do I have to buy seperate tickets for Xiamen to Longyan, then again from Longding to Shenzhen ?

I really don't want to get stranded in Longding !!!

All suggestions welcome and if its easier to do this another way then please tell me

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · July 11, 2007
accommodation in Chaozhou

I have read this is a very unspoilt and ancient place to visit, so as I am going to be in Yongding I shall stay here for a night before heading back to Shenzhen.

Can anyone recommend some accommodation here ?

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · July 09, 2007
Me Again!! Travelling from Shenzhen to Wenzhuo  (1 Answer)

It looks like I can take a long time to take a train, then bus travelling from Shenzhen to Wenzhuo. The train alone from Longyan to Fuzhou takes 12 hrs !!! So am i being really stupid attempting this journey just to reach Wenzhuo ? The flight back appears to cost about 90GBP which is not cheap.

I am worried that attempting to get to Wenzhuo and back will take me too many days and I only have 4 to do it in.

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · July 03, 2007
hakka houses  (1 Answer)

How easy is it to get to them and is it possible to enter the structures?

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · November 23, 2006
Local food in Xiamen  (4 Answers)

I'll be going to Fujian in December with my mom. Any suggestion of good local food which we should try while we're there?

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · August 08, 2006
Fujian trip (accom & meet-ups)  (4 Answers)

Hi all! Will be on a trip (mostly on my own) through Fujian -- Guangzhou -- Yunnan and looking for anyone who wants to meet up somewhere along the route (for travelling, or just a chat/tea/meal... sorry, I can't treat!) or possibly offer me some free crash space. I just looked at my (rock-bottom student) budget and I don't think I'll survive long on it...! :( So, if anyone can help me out, or can put me in contact with anyone who can, please do! I'll be really grateful to you all.

14/8 (Mon): train 2001 (1853--0755) Shanghai -- Wuyishan
15/8 (Tue): arrive Wuyishan 0755
16/8 (Wed): train K396/K397 (2034--0930) Wuyishan -- Quanzhou
17/8 (Thu): arrive Quanzhou 0930
18/8 (Fri): Quanzhou (daytrip to Chongwu)
19/8 (Sat): Quanzhou (daytrip to Nan'an)
20/8 (Sun): midday bus Quanzhou -- Xiamen
21/8 (Mon): Xiamen (Gulangyu)
22/8 (Tue): train K230/K231 (1625--2137) Xiamen -- Longyan
23/8 (Wed): early morning bus Longyan -- Hukeng (Hakka tulou aka roundhouses)
24/8 (Thu): train K298/K299 (2217--0723) Longyan -- Guangzhou (East)

If anyone wants to leave me a message, you can email me at [email] or VTMail me or reply to this post. Preferably email! :) Thanks very much all.

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · January 30, 2006
How to go to Jinmen/Kinmen/Quemoy from Xiamen?


I'm interested to go to Jinmen from Xiamen. I understand that there is currently "Small 3 direct links" or xiao san tong between Jinmen and the mainland. What are the restriction for travellers from Mainland to Jinmen? Can a foreigner visit Jinmen from Xiamen or other parts of Fujian? Thanks for the info!

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · September 21, 2005
Fudien city. Where is this place?  (1 Answer)

Hi everybody
I'm looking for this place: Gi-Loo-Si (Temple), Kwan-Yang-Cheng; Fudien City, but it doesn't appear either on the LP guide or this web-site. Anyone know where it is?


Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · July 10, 2005
xiamen or hong kong  (2 Answers)


What is the nearest way to go to Guangzhou, would it be from Hong Kong or from Xiamen? How far is Guangzhou from Xiamen?

Thanks for your help.


Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · July 03, 2005
From xiamen to shenzhen  (1 Answer)

I want to go to shenzhen from xiamen.This is my first time in china.
1.Where is the bus station to go to shenzhen?
2.How much the fare?
Thank you for every replies
Teelek .Thailand

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · October 30, 2003
how to go to Hakka house  (1 Answer)

I plan to be in Xiamen on November. I am interested in visiting the Hakka House or earth building. What is the name of the place and how to go there from xiamen ?? thank you

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