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a VirtualTourist member from Florianópolis asked on Apr 21, 2014


Fastest way to arrive till Lufthansa check-in balcony at Düsseldorf Airport.

Friends, I need to go from Amsterdam Central Station to Düsseldorf Airport to take a plane that leaves at 13h40 (Lufthansa - till Munchen). My initial plan was taking an ICE train that arrives in Düsseldorf Hbf at 12h46, then taking the S11 till the Airport, after 17min of transfer time, arriving at 13h15 on the Dusseldorf Flughafen Terminal. This is what the webpage sugested. But I am worried about the time, cause I wonder that I need to arrive 30 minutes before the plane leaves. So, I tried to found some alternatives. For example: I can exit of the train in Duisburg Hbf, at 12h32, then, after 10min of transfer time, taking another train (RE) till Dusseldorf Flughafen Station, arriving at 12h49. The site mentions that there is a 4 min walk till Flughafen Bahnhof, than a 6min ride till Terminal C (with Schw-B). In this case, I'll arrive at 13h, earning precious 15 minutes. But I'm still worried abouth the time of printing tickets, conditions of this walking, etc... Another way that I imagine was taking a taxi from Duisburg Hbf (12h32) or Düsseldorf Hbf (12h46), but I don't know the conditions of the routes and I'm worried about the traffic at launch time. But I discovered that the taxis can arrive till the entrance of Terminal... So, WHAT CAN I DO? Please, don't say that is impossible... This answer is not valid...kkkkk. Greetings from Brazil.

8 Answers

answered on 4/21/14 by
a VT member from Germany

Arriving at 13:00, i.e. 40 minutes before the departure of your flight is still extremely tight. And thus risky. Why don't you want to take an earlied train from Amsterdam? E.g. the 08:04 ICE train.

Taxi won't gain you anything, just increasing the risk that something goes wrong even further.

DB timetable

Start: Amsterdam Centraal

Destination: Flughafen Terminal A/B, Düsseldorf

answered on 4/21/14 by
a VT member from Vancouver

Take the advice that abalada above has replied to you, better to be early then to be late. There are two many variables that can happen, miss your flight, loose your the value of your ticket.

answered on 4/21/14 by
a VT member from Bern

Why are you actually making you trip that complicated?
If the object us merely to get from Amsterdam to München then taking the train halfway and then a plane is probably the least efficient way of doing things.
As others have pointed out you'll have to leave Amsterdam on the 8:04 ICE. In the end you won't arrive in München faster then if you'd gone by train all the way.

answered on 4/21/14 by
a VT member from Florianópolis

Thanks everybody for the pleasent and quickly answers! You're right: I can leave Amsterdam earlier and, than, avoid any serious problem in my trip. But, maybe, I did this question thinking on this particularity that K_V_B appointed. Leaving 8:04, I'll arrive at Munchen downtown in the same time if I did all the journey by train. So, I ask: 7h24 in the train, with so many stops, isn't it exaustive? Arriving earlier at Düsseldorf Airport, I can also take a plane earlier too. How many minutes I have to arrive in advance on Germany for internal flights? These flights necessary departs form Terminal A e B? Thans a lot for the help! Extraordinary....

answered on 4/21/14 by
a VT member from Richardson

As a young man, I traveled all over Europe by train on trips of 12, 15, even 18 hours. In a way, it is much more comfortable to take the train than the rat race of flying in today's world of security, flight delays, bad weather, lousy service, and having to get back to the city center from the airport.

Instead, you buy some food and water and wine at Centraal, get yourself settled into your seat with a good book or two, and enjoy the trip - your original itinerary was still going to be something like 5 hours, and it would involve the risk of missing a connection.

Besides, it's not like the train all the way is that many stops...from Amsterdam at 08:04 to Mannheim (where you change trains), it's only 9 stops, and from Mannheim to Munich, it's only 5 stops. On the average, that's only 1 stop every 30 minutes - there's plenty of scenery in between...


answered on 4/21/14 by
a VT member from Bern

I do 8/9 hour train trips quite regularly. I prefer them to flying. Traveling is going to dominate a day anyway, and as long as I can leave after breakfast and arrive before dinner I don't care if I'm 4, 5 or 8 hours in transit. I've always got plenty to read with me (love my Kindle...)

However that doesn't mean you shouldn't fly. However in my opinion to get from Amsterdam to München only two options make sense: Fly from Amsterdam to München (there are certainly plenty of flights), or take the train. Taking the train part ways, and then flying the remainder doesn't make sense. It's going to cost you more, and make things needlesly complex. And when you travel by train you don't have to worry about the weight of your luggage or where you've stashed your pocket knife :-)

If you book in advance on you can actually get quite good value tickets on Amsterdam - München. The train delivers you directly downtown, and is quite comfortable. All in all a rather enjoyable experience. The stops really don't make a trip more tiring.

answered on 4/21/14 by
a VT member from Florianópolis

Thanks a lot! This website is absolutely FANTASTIC! I'm shocked: How I didn't know it before? Maybe cause I stayed 15 years travelling all around my country (almost a continent) and South America. Now, I want to learn to use this website to help the travellers that want to visit us...

It's very interesting what you said, cause all of my friends that lives (or lived) in Europe has this "train culture" also. I remembered that when I travelled in Europe first time - 17 years ago! (1997) - I did Rome-Paris in the night train. And I found this trip wonderful! But I was young, travelling alone and with economical limits. Now, I'm going with my fiancée...and I was worried about the trip can be unconfortable to her. So I thought about this combination: Amsterdam-Dusseldorf by train (2h) and Dusseldorf-Munchen by plane (1h10), even though the airplane fares at lunch time was not so expensive (if i compare with my backpacker time...this means 3 days of my financial planning). But you convinced me that is a bad idea, for all the reasons that you've mentioned.

I'll buy the 8:04-15:28 ticket and enjoy the trip! Thanks a lot again! You were great!

P.S. I have to travel more outside South America and improove my english...hehe.

answered on 4/22/14 by
a VT member from Richardson

Guilherme, your English is great...and you spell better than a lot of native-born speakers whose spelling has been totally corrupted in this age of instant messages and tweets ;-)

Quero falar portugues tam bem! ;-)


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