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Denmark Itinerary – Feedback Requested

We will travel to Denmark for the first time this summer for 18 days, and traveling by car. The planned itinerary is listed below. I’d like to finalize it asap.

I don’t expect we will do much if any hiking other than some on flat terrain; just not packed for hiking and knees are ??.

To cut down on cost, we will stay in hostels, camp ground cabins, or reasonably priced B&B’s. I expect we will make most all of our reservations prior to leaving. Not the way I prefer to travel, but given the cost of Norway, a way to keep costs down.

I’m interested in any feedback, e.g.

• Is the number of days listed for each part of the trip reasonable?
• Any suggestions for either increasing or decreasing the days in a given area based on things to see or do?
• Any suggestions for additions or deletions for the overall route?
• Any suggestions on specific places to stay for each of our daily end destinations
• Any other comments?



1 – Travel from Hamburg to Ribe – Legoland (see legoland after 5;30 PM) to Billund
2 – Road via Arhus (see town) to Hirshals. Take evening ferry to Stavanger, Norway

3– 31 – See Norway and Sweden

32 – Road via Ystad – Lund – Malmo, Sweden to Copenhagen
33 – Copenhagen
34 – Copenhagen
35 – Copenhagen
36 – Road via Humlebaek – Louisiana (see museum) to Kronborg (possibly see castle)
37 – Road via Frederiksborg Castle (see castle) to Roskilde
38 – Road to Odense
39 – Road/ferry to Aero
40 – Aero (relax and bike island)
41 – Road to Hamburg, Germany

16 Answers

answered by
a VirtualTourist member from Giessendam

Hi [VT member 133ca8], I've been a couple of times in Denmark for holiday. Copenhagen is truly a great city, but I would go there one day less. It should be enough to see everything. In 2011 I went to Malmo and perhaps it's nice to stay there an entire day instead of a couple of hours. Another suggestion in case you like history: go to the viking village museum which is a bit west of Slagelse. Oh by the way, Aero is a nice place to relax :) Good luck with the itinerary! Greetings

answered by
a VirtualTourist member from City of Manila

Indeed it would be an exciting roadtrip! Do you really have to drive to Lund and Ystad? we did 5days (by car) from Frankfurt to Netherlands then back to Frankfurt for a few days then to Hamburg to pick up another friend then all the way to Malmo for a day only coz we were too excited to barhop in Copenhagen and stayed there for 5days.
If you are going to Norway I suggest from Hamburg to Flensburg-Kolding-Aarhus then ferry you plan to Stavanger.
From Stavanger take ferry to Aalborg/Fredenskhavn Denmark
then cross by ferry again to Gothenburg Sweden
and from there you can drive again all the way to Malmo via Halmstad -Helsingborg-Lund-Malmo to Copenhagen
then from here to Humlebaek, Kronborg/Helsingor-Frederikssund-Nyborg-Odense-Aero-Kiel-Hamburg
Its a risk to take a different route but thats the essence of roadtrips. I wish you luck and be safe!

answered by
a VirtualTourist member from Brisbane

The Frederiksborg Castle and gardens is huge, so if you want to have a really good look at everything, I would allow about 3/4 hours. The whole lot is beautiful, the inside one of the best I have seen. We didn't see the town as we experienced heavy rain, so there could be more to see.

Roskilde we spent the best part of a day there, and we didn't go into the Viking Museum. We wandered the streets, went to the market, Museum, and the magnificent Cathedral - not to be missed. This takes a bit of time as there is a lot to see. Then down by the Viking Museum is the gorgeous old town, where the thatched roofs cottages and cottage gardens are, very lovely if you enjoy this type of thing. I am just wondering if you have left enough time for these two towns.

answered by
a VirtualTourist member from Brisbane

I thought you might like to look at my pages on Hillerod, Hellsingor and Roskilde to give you an idea on what there is to see and do.
[original VT link]
[original VT link]
[original VT link]

answered by
a VirtualTourist member from Hong Kong

We travelled from Ribe to Aarhus and on route visited Silkeborg which had a great museum housing one of the bog bodies which was found in Denmark. The body has been wonderfully preserved by chemicals in the bog and although it sounds gruesome was really fascinating to see.

answered by
a VirtualTourist member

RE: Roskilde and Odense

As currently planned, we drive from Kronborg, Helsingor to Frederiksborg Castle and will spend at lease 1/2 day there. Then drive on to Roskilde and find accommodations there.

So we may have some time the afternoon we arrive in Roskilde to see the town, and can also see more of it the next day before departing for Odense where we will again find accommodations and spend the remainder of that day.

Given the 2 towns (Roskilde and Odense), if time is an issue, which would be best to spend more time in?

RE: simplytaj's input

Thanks for your comments. Actually, we are taking the ferry to Stavanger, Norway on day 2 and then touring Norway for 18 days before leaving Oslo for Gotenberg and other parts of Sweden. See our itinerary in the Norway and Sweden forum.

RE: Do you really have to drive to Lund and Ystad?

No, I don't have to; this part of the trip is not as well defined. I'm open to suggestions for the southern part of Sweden (see my itinerary in Sweden forum). My goal was to spend some time in this area to get to know Sweden better on our way from Växjö and area.

If I could figure out how to get to Visby on Gotland, Sweden without it costing so much $$$, I'd do that and skip completely Lund and Ystad.

answered by
a VirtualTourist member from City of Manila

nice plan but Helsingor is on the north zealand of Denmark so from Copenhagen its easy then you will be driving to the east which is Roskilde. Roskilde Fest is I think on July.Just add extra time when roaming around museums, galleries,having snacks etc coz its hard to end up drving at night (which happened to us) and getting lost or missing the signage. Avoid driving at night..well its part of roadtrip challenge. From Roskilde to Odense would be a long drive so make sure you have lots of water/drinks and sandwiches in the car to lessen stopovers considering the cost of food and drinks in Denmark which is on the high price compared to Germany. Stopby Lidl the day before your trip and buy drinks which we did to cut cost. Odense is a bigger city. The Great Belt bridge is just amazing! Stick with your budget for hotels but expect that Denmark/Sweden really cost higher than Germany. The cheapest hotel is around 80euro and hostel is probably 65 by now and never do advance booking, walk ins is the only way to go when doing roadtrips due to time and change of schedules....Good luck and have a safe trip! I find cheaper than the other booking...

answered by
a VirtualTourist member

RE: Lidl - will do

RE: walk ins is the only way to go when doing roadtrips due to time and change of schedules...

That is our preference, but from what I've read, it might be more difficult to just do walk-ins sine this is also vacation season in these countries (Denmark, Norway, Sweden).

So I was leaning toward booking most all nights (ugh!!). Anyone else have feedback on this? If folks think walk-ins is doable, we will go that route.

Another idea is to do walk-ins while on the road, but reserve for the major cities only.

Any comments are appreciated.

answered by
a VirtualTourist member

I agree that booking in advance can be useful, just ensure a certain margin for delays etc. & you will also be able to choose places that suit your taste. You probably know sites like which have a price listing option. Also B&Bs tend to be a bit cheaper than hotels in Denmark. A cozy and filling breakfast is a lovely way to start the day and will contribute to less expenses.Depending on where you go, perhaps check out"> and
You mentioned Odense as a stop-over, probably due to its associations with Hans Christian Andersen, and it is worth a stop-over, but not necessarily one night. a nice country place with possibilties for excursions should be included in a Denmark tour IMO.
Also, the drive from Roskilde to Odense isn´t very long. Between Odense and Ærø, Egeskov is another nice and interesting castle in Denmark.
As regards the logistics, you might-might consider the island of Møn as an alternative to Ærø. The bridge to the island is free, and then you will just have one ferry ride on the way to hamburg, istead of the 2 to Ærø and the fee of the Great Belt bridge. Møn has plenty of sights - the cliff, the Liselund castle, frescoed churches, lovely country roads & antiques shops, Stege town etc.
Whatever you decide, have a nice trip !

answered by
a VirtualTourist member from Giessendam

Møn cliffs are definitely worthwhile to visit, it looks great! In summer Stege can be nice too, they have celebrations in summer with a fair, I thought every Tuesday in July. Perhaps you can combine Møn with a short visit to Vordingborg. They have some nice ruins and museum (Danmarks Borgcenter). Or you can relax on the beach like in Klintholm Havn.

answered by
a VirtualTourist member

Concerning supermarket prices in Denmark, there are many discount stores such as Netto, Fakta, Rema 1000, Lidl, Bilka and Føtex - whereas Irma, Super-Best, DagliBrugsen and the Seven-Eleven kiosks for instance tend to be somewhat more expensive. Netto in particular has shops in almost every town. You can get an overview of prices in their weekly brochure here , quite economical.

Concerning Legoland, check out their site with the opening hours, since they vary and not all attractions are necessarily open after 6 p.m.

Kronborg is situated in Helsingør/Elsinore, which has a pretty old town district, worth having a meal or staying in, if you are planning something like that.

answered by
a VirtualTourist member

sorry the Netto supermarket link didn´t show up, here it is

answered by
a VirtualTourist member

Oh yes forgot to mention that you should take into consideration parking prices in Copenhagen. The centre is very expensive, up to DKK 40/hour, so definitely check out accomodation options with free or less expensive parking, and know the details in advance. Or stay in the outskirts and use public transport for getting to the centre.

answered by
a VirtualTourist member from Silkeborg

Yeah, Silkeborg is truly a visit worth... You can rent a cano and enjoy the beautiful lakes that surounds Silkeborg.
You should also go to the "Heaven Mountain" ;) Himmelbjerget in Danish - the view is absolutely wonderful!

answered by
a VirtualTourist member from Denmark

Dear jdbs3,
My answer to you suddenly was gone so either it disappeared or was sent before I could go through it - in case of the latter you get an answer from me twice!
Well, Ribe - the oldest existing town in Denmark - is a nice town to visit. Make sure you take enough time to get around it. It is not very big, so you cn easily do it on foot. If you feel for it there is a nice museum called Ribes Vikinger - you can google it.
After visiting Legoland I suggest you go all the way to Aarhus at once. Billund in itself is not a very interesting town and if you stay for the night in Aarhus, you have more time to see the town. You should visit the museum "Den Gamle By" ("The Old Town"), there is also an nteresting old city-centre, nice surroundings a a big harbour, coast promenade etc. It's a big city - I live there, so if you want more specific information feel free to ask!

On the way back I think Aero (Ærø) is a good choice. It is a very nice island with fantastic landscapes and cosy little towns. Marstal is a "skipper town" where people work and live. In Aeroskoebing (Ærøskøbing) you will find a lot of small old, well preserved houses, narrow cobbled streets and a nice harbour. The island is good for biking since there are hills of course but none so too steep and you can see most of the island by bike in a day. There are wonderful beaches all the way round - personally I think the one at Marstal called Ærøs hale (= Aero's tail) is best. As yu can understand, I hppen to know a great deal about Aero too, which is becaouse my father comes from Marstal so I have spent a lot of holidays there both as a child and in my grown up life. So again: If you want know more feel free to ask :-)
I wish you a wonderful journey!

answered by
a VirtualTourist member


Thanks - some good feedback!

We plan to get to Legoland at 17:30 to take advantage of the free entrance fee; then have 2.5 hours to walk around it. So leaving at 20:00, we would reach Aarhus about 21:15. So this might be doable.

Yes, we are looking forward to Aero. As we get closer to leaving, I'll have more questions for you on here and Denmark in general.

Our current plans are to arrive in Hamburg on 20-Jun, and drive to Ribe the next day. We are basically just passing through Jutland on this part of the trip. We need to make the ferry from Denmark to Stavanger on Saturday evening to help keep costs down.

Regards and thanks.

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