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profile member asked on Jul 22, 2016

Colombia Info

Hi I am thinking of visiting Colombia soon ( first time visitor)  I have no real solid info about Colombia just bits of chit chat, most of it negative . I would like to have a clear perspective in order to help with my decision to visit there. I am wondering about accomodation ( not hotel) if there are homestays , volunteer vacations or any similar safe clean simple and quiet form of accomodation . Which city is considered the best to visit first and safe locations within the cities. I am interested in activities such as theatre , historical sites , cultural things  , language learning and natural things . I prefer staying where the airport is esaily accessible  or where there is safe easy and reliable transport to places of interest .

Thank you very much .


5 Answers

answered on 7/22/16 by
a VT member from Upper Demerara-Berbice Region

Thanks so much ranger .

answered on 7/22/16 by
a VT member from Minsk

Colombia has struggled to shake off the negative image of a couple decades ago. And while there are still areas that are inadvisable to visit, Colombia is no longer the lawless West depicted in Hollywood movies.

The main centres of Cartagena, Bogota, Medellin have seen dramatic improvements in safety and security over the last several years. Wall Street Journal and Urban Land Institute even went as far to call Medellin the "City of the Year' in 2013. With that said, like any Urban centres in the world, there are areas of these major cities that are best avoided alone, at night while carrying valuables.

CouchSurfing is alive and well in Colombia. And there's AirB&B. I'm not sure what other alternative accommodations you're looking for. I have no idea why you like to stay by airports. Regardless of the city or country, the airport is often the least attractive and least convenient areas to stay.

Other than that, your questions are vague as if you're asking to have VTers plan your holiday for you. It doesn't really work that way. Buy a guidebook. Have a better idea of what interests you in country, then come back with more specific questions about specific locations.

answered on 7/23/16 by
a VT member from London

as Ranger has pointed out, find your way to the locations you want to find out about by going to the Travel guides and then check out vt members individual travel pages - so not just the categories of tips and reviews that the Travel guides split vters info up into -

you can find them listed under the Travel Guide sections listed under the country name as a whole or area by area or town by town etc - spend some time seeing the tips and reviews and photos that vt members have made the effort to share here -so its not just spoon feeding by question and answers in a forum post - but you could also have a read back through the previous questions and answers here in the Columbia forum as well of course

answered on 7/23/16 by
a VT member from Upper Demerara-Berbice Region

Thanks a whole lot ; I understand your suggestions but I was only kindly asking for a quick brain storm of a few possible places from different experiences, for that I thought the insight into my activities of interest would help. Most of the info found on Colombia is very very dated . So I just wanted a "brief" outline based on current experiences . From that I was hoping to move forward .
Sorry if you got the impression that I wanted "VTers to plan my time there." or "spoon feed" I mentioned "staying where the airport is easily accessible " Sorry but even with my limited knowledge of English I do not think that could be equated with "you like to stay by airports" All in all I am so sorry that I caused you such annoyance . Once again a big thank you .

Kind regards .

answered on 7/24/16 by
a VT member from Minneapolis

Hi Arena -

I'm just curious… You evidently ended up not taking the planned trip to Colombia that you posted about back in 2009?

[original link]

It looks like you were given quite a number of useful suggestions on that thread (as well as this one). Did you do some research on any of those? I'm also curious about your interest in a place you say know almost nothing about: what's your main motivation for wanting to visit? What have you seen/read that caused you to be interested in Colombia in the first place? Addtional info might help posters provide the sorts of answer you're looking for.

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