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profile member asked on Jul 7, 2015

Colombian passport vs Canadian

I was born in Colombia to a Canadian father and a Colombian mother. We moved to Canada in 1977. I am thinking of going back to visit and have an aunt there that is adamant that I MUST also have a Colombian passport in order to exit Colombia.
I am reading two things:
a. Colombia requires ALL nationals to exit Colombia with a Colombian passport regardless of their current nationality.

b. The above is true but ONLY if you became a citizen of another country AFTER 1991.

So, technically I became a Canadian citizen because of my father. I have a Canadian registration of birth abroad and entered Canada in 1977. Why would I need to go and get a Colombian passport to visit Colombia for a few weeks? Could someone please clarify. I am confused. ps. yes, my Canadian passport states I was born in Cali.


5 Answers

answered on 7/7/15 by
a VT member from Provincia de Ciudad de La Habana

Have you called the Embassy in Ottawa or the Consulate in Toronto? I've dealt with both of them and they were actually pretty decent with their communication. I was fairly astounded.

In any case I bet you're in the clear, but be sure to check with a proper source.

Colombia is my favourite country in Latin America. You're going to have a gas.

answered on 7/7/15 by
a VT member

Thank you. Yes I think I will call the Consulate in Toronto tomorrow and get a clear picture. Glad you've enjoyed it. I'm excited to go back after so many years. It is a beautiful country!

answered on 7/8/15 by
a VT member from Ottawa

May be useful
[original link]

answered on 7/8/15 by
a VT member

You will have no problem entering or leaving. One thing you should note when entering Colombia as a Canadian. You will be required to pay 160,000.00 pesos ( about 80.00 ) CDN to enter.
This is not optional. As soon as they see your passport is Canadian, you will be directed to a different customs booth.
I was just there for 10 days 2 weeks ago.

[original link]

answered on 1/8/16 by
a VT member

I'm in the same boat as you, born to American mother, Colombian father before 1991. Consulate in Atlanta contradicts info on Colombian embassy website.

To get a current Colombian passport is complicated and expensive and I have no interest in doing it. I need a new birth certificate because they said mine is no go, then a Cedula and then a passport. The birth certificate has to be obtain in person in Cali, too. A mess.

Best advice form US embassy in Colombia is if you don't want to obtain a Colombian passport, to travel with your registration of birth abroad. In my case I also plan to bring my expired US passport issued before 1991.

I really wish they would issue us an official document stating that we NOT REQUIRED to travel in and out on a Volombian passport to avoid the possibility of missing our return flight due to a challenge at the airport.

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