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profile member asked on Mar 10, 2015

I want to go to Nuquí- Colombia

I want to visit Nuquí, which places do you recomend me to visit there?
I want to go to see whales and I would like to know which other activities I can do there?


1 Answer

answered on 3/10/15 by
a VT member from Provincia de Ciudad de La Habana

I haven't been there in 10+ years so take everything I say with a huge pinch of salt. It was pretty wild back in those days, but it was a fabulous off-the-beaten-path destination for very experienced, expert travellers. It was absolutely beautiful for anyone who wanted nothing whatsoever to do with the Gringo Trail.

Things I remember that I'm sure have changed significantly...

1.) Expensive as hell and ZERO ways to acquire money - no banks, no ATMs, etc. You had to bring all your cash with you. That certainly put a target on your back...

2.) Security was not very good. Choco (the province) still had a lot of unrest - in the two weeks I was there two small cargo boats the very same size that I arrived in were attacked by pirates and everyone was pitched overboard. There was also a bunch of feral kids living in the jungle adjacent to one of the beaches (I forget the name) but they were attacking people fairly regularly. You had to be creative with keeping your valuables safe.

3.) No places to stay except a couple of super expensive eco lodges right in Nuqui itself. I was lucky enough to meet a nice lady who let me crash in her son's room for $5/day, it was the perfect situation.

4.) Crazy expensive transport options. Everyone assumed all foreigners were staying at the eco lodges for hundreds of dollars per night. Without Spanish I can't imagine how you'd negotiate anything.

I'm sure that part of Choco has become waaaaaay more tourist oriented since I was there. It was too beautiful to have not seen some major development in the years since I passed through.

Good luck with your research, you're going to have a gas.

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