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a VirtualTourist member from Ylöjärvi asked on Apr 6, 2010


Night-time at Brugge?

We are going to Brugge by car in the summer.We were planning to be over night,but now we have started to think,that maybe we could go to Gent for night.Hotels are more expensive at Brugge,and I started to wonder,is there anything special at night-time?I noticed that there is no night-life-tips at VT at all.
I don´t mean nightclubs or anything"wild",but would we miss anything,if we would come in the morning,and leave before dark?
Sometimes we have been n very lovely and romantic town a day (like Rothenburg ob der Tauber) and when we like to go eat late at night,there has been only 2-3 restaurants open,and whole town so quiet,that it would have been the same if we would have slept at another town.

8 Answers

answered on 4/6/10 by
a VT member from Richmond

I go with the cheaper option. I have a friend in Brugge that makes chocolates and we tour the city in a flash, had our Duval beers and pasted out. The next day was another day to do the same. A nice town, but little to do. I also have a friend who is a musician that flys to Brugge to do a venue. He does the same. (we both have the same friend) Nice bars, but lite on entertainment.

answered on 4/6/10 by
a VT member from Ylöjärvi

O.k.So we might as well see it in a day,Gent is quite near anyway.Belgium is not so big,that maybe we don´t need to stay over night at very town we want to see ;)

answered on 4/6/10 by
a VT member from Richardson

My recollection would be the same. We were there at night - I know that we spent the night in Brugge - but I don't have any clear recollection of what we did at night. I remember the daytime stuff, like the canal trip, seeing the Michelangelo altar in one of the churches, walking through the streets, etc - all by daylight...hmmmn, I don't even remember where we ate dinner ;-) I am guessing that there wasn't much happening...for all I know, we may have eaten in the hotel (most unusual).

The only thing that comes to mind is if there is an evening concert or the like in Brugge in one of the churches the night you might be there - this sort of thing can be delightful with the great acoustics of many churches, and the often lower lighting that leaves parts of the church mysteriously in the dark.

Now, the question is how much cheaper is that hotel in Gent and how far away is it - if it's a lot cheaper and not far away, then you could indeed stay in Brugge until evening, then drive to Gent...


answered on 4/6/10 by
a VT member from Chicago

Just my 2 cents, I actually liked Brugge a lot more in the evening than in the day, the daytime was overcrowded with daytrippers, the evening was peaceful and romantic. We didn't have any trouble finding restaurants open but we also didn't have anything else that we did in the evening besides enjoy a very peaceful stroll through town.

answered on 4/7/10 by
a VT member from Hesperia

Yup! As soon as you leave Bruges, - things start to happen.....d;o)
There are some quite lively places in Bruges after dark, but they wait for you to leave before they start to jam.....

Seriously, it is all about knowing your environment. Having fronted some tours that included Brugge, I had a habit of vanishing into the pub scene, and have been known to wake up too bloody late for the next day's itinerary. I may or may not have been in some of these esablishments, - can't say for sure.....have fun...!! I did!!

[original VT link]

answered on 4/7/10 by
a VT member from Ylöjärvi

Oh..Now I´m not sure again :D It just seems that some hotels do have only few rooms left,so we would like to book soon.But we don´t want to book those,witch don´t give money back.If we happen to change our trip somehow,I choose the ones with "no cancellation-fee before 18.00"
We are not into nightclubs.We rather sit out at pub-terraces,if weather is nice,and we try to go to sleep around 2 o´clock latest,so nightclubs wouldn´t be a wice opinion. ;) And we don´t usually like the music in them.
But I´l read more of those tips,and keep wodering what we should do..

answered on 4/7/10 by
a VT member from Richardson

"the daytime was overcrowded with daytrippers, the evening was peaceful and romantic."

Ah, Dabs, there's a difference...we went so off-season (February? November? I forget) that there weren't more than a few tourists in the whole town...hahaha, more proof that "summer" vacation was the worst thing ever invented ;-)


answered on 4/7/10 by
a VT member from Ylöjärvi

O.k.We will go at middle of June.And I love romatic things ;) One opinion would also be stay a night at Brugge and leave early in the morning to Gent.. We will anyway continue to Antwerpen,and then to Amsterdam (Before that we´ll stay one night at Utrecht).

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