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a VirtualTourist member asked on Jan 15, 2016


Can I change my travel plan and dates after getting shanegan visa?

In application I mansion my traveling dates 14 Jan 2016 to 17 Jan 2016. So the give me visa 14 Jan to 02 Feb. Now I want to change dates to 27 to 29 January. Is it possible?
Are they make some trouble?

10 Answers

answered on 1/15/16 by
a VT member from Paignton

But Ireland isn't part of Schengen so why have you posted this as Birr?

Where is your point of arrival in the Schengen zone?

Generally-speaking a Schengen visa is valid for between the dates it has been issued and if yours is valid for 14th Jan to 2nd Feb then provided you enter the zone and leave from the zone within those dates you'll have no worries.

answered on 1/15/16 by
Mary Smith from Leicester

Ireland is not in the Schengen Agreement and does not require a Schengen visa.

So where exactly are you travelling to?

>Are they make some trouble?

Schengen visas, like all visas, are only valid for certain amount of time. Your visa is only valid from 14th January to 2nd February. If your entry date has changed then border officers may ask you why you have changed the date.

More importantly, if you arrive on 29th your visa will only be valid for 5 days as opposed to the original 17 days you were granted. For that reason I am pretty sure that you will need to convince border officials that 5 days is enough and that you intend to leave the Schengen Zone on 2nd February.

'Are they make some trouble?' Quite possibly, yes.

answered on 1/15/16 by
a VT member

I get visa from France. And I am on student visa in Ireland.
I want to travel Paris on different dates. Is it possible? I state of 14 to 17 January I want to travel 1. 27 to 29 or 2. 31 Jan to 02 Feb.
Can I travel on this one date from two options?

answered on 1/15/16 by
Mary Smith from Leicester

As I said above, your Schengen visa is valid from 16th January to 2nd February.

You can travel on 29th....and I do not think there will be a problem with the airline flying you to France.... but French border officials may question you about why you have changed the date. You will need to convince them that you intend to leave by 2nd February. Having a return flight already booked will help but it is no guarantee.

No visa guarantees you entry to any country. If French border officials are not convinced by your answers they have the right to refuse you entry and will do so.

No-one here or on any internet forum can guarantee that you will be allowed into France whether you have changed your arrival date or not.

answered on 1/15/16 by
a VT member from Paignton

A visa is not a guaranteed entry permit and so you will probably need proof that you are exiting the Schengen zone within your visa dates - airline/ferry return tickets and proof of student/employment status in Ireland.

There are no back doors into the Schengen zone.

answered on 1/15/16 by
a VT member

I am changing dates because if I want to travel out of Ireland. I need re-entry visa. And my re-entry visa appointment date is 27 12:30 pm. So i am thinking that evening I'll travel and spend 2 days and return on 29th.

answered on 1/15/16 by
a VT member

I have proof that I have appointment on 27 Jan and they will stamp re entry visa on 27th. So maybe it will be enough proof for this. And I have colleg ids and my tax returns that I shows m working here as well if they need.
And what do you mean " there is no back door"
I can't gat it.

answered on 1/15/16 by
Mary Smith from Leicester

A 'back door' means a way to enter or stay in a country either illegally or without coming to the attention of border officials.

Your Irish re-entry visa stamp and tax returns will help to convince French border officers that you intend to return to Ireland by or on 2nd February. But they will not guarantee you entry to France.

There are no guarantees.

answered on 1/16/16 by
a VT member from Zagreb

A visa for entry into the European Union is issued for a period of 90 days but, as other members already wrote it, visa automatically do not guarantee that the holder will enter in the country. At the entry border police has the right to ban the entry if the traveler for any reason suspect, if acting oddly, if have no return ticket, if have not enough money for staying in the country, if the traveler is brash, cheeky and so., if the passport expire in short term (for some countries passport has to be valid at least 6 months), etc. In some states border police have the mandate to prohibit entry into the country and for such decision does not have to give any explanation to traveler. I have never heard that a visa is issued for only 17 days, it is very suspect.

answered on 1/16/16 by
a VT member from Germany

The 90 days out of 180 are given to citizens from certain countries as a visa-free stay for the countries within the Schengen agreement, not for the EU. Citizens of any other country need to apply for a visa, and these visa can cover any period, from just a few days to several weeks.

OP: is your visa into Schengen a multiple entry or a single entry? If it is single entry, then you can enter Schengen once between 14th January and 2nd February. If it is a multiple entry visa then you can enter the area a few times within this period.
As long as you have some proof that you will return, you shouldn't have any problems,but as said above, it is always up the immigration officer.

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