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Anguilla Travel Answers

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Jan 24, 2014
Is it possible to bike the island in one day?  (6 Answers)

If I took the first ferry to Anguilla, and the last ferry back, I would have about 10 hours on the island. Factoring in customs, rental stuff, and getting back before ferry departure, I would have at least 8 hours to explore the island.

I wanted to rent a bike in Bowling Point, bike all the way to Cauls Pond, stop at Little Bay for some swimming and snorkeling, then back to Bowling Point. Maybe stop at one of the famous beaches if I have time.
I read that bike is a good way to explore the island, because it is flat. I mapped it on Google Earth, and that's about a 20 mile trip. I biked 16 miles before, and I didn't get back 'til dark, but that's because I left late, part of the journey was uphill, and we stopped on the way. But I actually covered more distance than I thought I would.
Factoring in the fact that I'll spot a lot to film, and take picture, and the fact that I will probably get lost a few times, do you think it is possible to bike this loop in 8 hours?
Are there any other ponds on the island where I can see birds? Because if there are closer ones, I can visit it instead of Cauls. Because Cauls looks a bit difficult to get to.
I want to visit the interior, because I like the habitat.

People said you need a car, but I will be unable to rent one, and I also enjoy exploring places on bike, so bike would be fun for me.
I just want to make sure I will make it back to catch the last ferry.

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Oct 28, 2013
What are some experiences that you just have to experience in Anguilla?

I'd be visiting Anguilla with my boyfriend by the end of this year or early next year. We'd be there for over 2 weeks. We haven't been there before, but have heard a lot about the beaches, food and the culture there. So we've decided to take a beach front villa and make the most of that. Maybe a little secluded like this one- . We intend to do some snorkeling. What are the other attractions that we could try during our stay there? Any must visit restaurants or dishes? Places to see? Things to try? Please leave your suggestions.

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Oct 23, 2013
Entry requirement question - Misdemeanor  (1 Answer)

Hello, I am from the US and am looking to travel to Anguilla to vacation next year. I have a misdemeanor on my record. Will that prevent me from getting into Anguilla?

Thank you!

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Aug 17, 2012
Intention to Move to anguilla, Guidance and help needed!  (3 Answers)

Hi, I joined this site to get as much info as possible as I am intending to move and live in anguilla, I have family there, and my grandmothers in the process of complete my belongers status which should be done after christmas ( Do I even need this? ). I guess what Im asking is where do i start? what do i need? the documents required? any info i need to know, any processes i need to do?
I can be contacted on : [email]
Any help will be deeply appreciated.
Ben Douglas

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Dec 10, 2011
St. Croix  (1 Answer)

Is there a direct way to get from St. Croix to Anguilla?

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Mar 08, 2011
Fun/romantic activities in Anguilla?  (2 Answers)

Hi all!

My wife and I will be traveling to Anguilla/S. Bart's at the end of the month. We'll be staying on Anguilla for 4 days and St.Bart's for 5 days. Does anyone have suggestions for fun/romantic activities while we're there, including info on how to book/reserve? I'm thinking of things like a sunset boat ride, snuba diving (but not scuba diving), zip-lining, day trips, romantic dinner somewhere special, etc. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!



Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Nov 21, 2008
Anyone been to Anguilla?

When I asked to balance my trip to St. Martin with a few days in a quiet, secluded spot, my travel agent recommended Anguilla. This would save me from having to buy a400 round-trip plane ticket to the Virgin Islands. (I had wanted to go to St. John.) Is Anguilla really tranquil and beautiful like St. John is?

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Jul 09, 2008
departing for anguilla in 5 days!!

Greetings! Family and I will be departing for Anguilla very, very soon. Would love to learn of affordable restaurants on the island. also, has anyone ever taken advantage of the horseback riding or done yoga there? Any info would be GREATLY appreciated!!

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Nov 29, 2006
Sandy Ground ?  (6 Answers)

Hi Community,

anybody recently has been to Anguilla/Sandy Ground ? Any recommendations ? Only twelve days to go until departure, and I canĀ“t wait.

Thanks for replies


Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Sep 21, 2006
FLIGHTS  (3 Answers)

Hi there,
we are planning a trip to Anguilla. Any suggestion for a cheap flight from Italy, Milan maybe via other nations??
Many thanks.

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Aug 28, 2006
Relocation  (1 Answer)

Hey there, I'm contemplating relocating to AXA and have a few questions. If I work in The Valley, where is the nicest proximate place to live? How expensive would a 2 bedroom furnished apartment be in that area? Could you recommend a real estate agent who rents flats in the are you recommend? Outside of housing, the cost of living is an area of concern. How expensive are utilities: water, electricity, DSL, cable and telephone? How expensive is food/groceries? Is everything imported or is stuff like seafood sold at local markets? I also understand most Anguillans head to SXM to do their shopping. Is this true and recommended? What is the annual cost of a driver's licence? Is there a road tax/MOT requirement? Is there a market in used cars? If so can you recommend any? Is there a minimum wage? What in USD would one need to earn to be able to afford a 2 bed, petrol, utilities and food?

Thanks, in advance for your assistance.

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Aug 08, 2005
Affordable Restaurants  (1 Answer)

What are some more authentic and affordable restaurants in anguilla? I recall eating at a local place in town, but the name escapes me. Also, we managed to find a subway on that same road.

There was a chinese restaurant I imagine would be inexpensive, but very difficult to find.

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · May 01, 2005
frangipani resort  (1 Answer)

I am planning on being in Anguilla in July for a week and have booked a room a the Frangipani Resort in one of their super deluxe rooms. Will this be a nice room and place? Or, should I have booked their 1 beroom villa or stayed at The Arawak Beach Inn instead? Thanks for any help you can provide.

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Apr 03, 2005
resorts in september....

I am planning to go to Anguilla this september and I noticed that most of the resorts are closed on that date. I was told that CuisinArt is open... However anybody knows another resort/hotel which is open...? and restaurants.... are closed or open? The reason is because of the storms...? Is it safe on going in sept.?

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · May 25, 2004
WBL_Couple  (1 Answer)

Is it possible to find a small studio or hotel to rent for one night in February on Shoal Bay East? Any suggestions appreciated!

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Feb 24, 2004
Cost of Anguilla  (2 Answers)

How much does it cost to be a tourist in Anguilla in comparison to other Caribbean islands? Is is relative, more, less? Could you also give me some idea of costs, Thanks Cheryl_Mcleod21

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Dec 16, 2003
Any Questions?  (19 Answers)

If anyone has any questions I live in Anguilla and can probably provide answers, even if it takes some time to research them

Q   a VirtualTourist member asked a question · Jul 23, 2003
ferry from anguilla to Netherlands antilles  (1 Answer)

HI I would like to get some infromation regarding the ferry routes in operation from Anguilla to netherland antilles, i would like to know the ferry time , operator who runs the ferry.thanks a lot .

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