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a VirtualTourist member from Leonardtown


hotel location

I hadn't intended to ask this question quite yet, but I am thinking of flying into Amsterdam in 2018 and staying there a couple of days to see the city and get over jet lag before we fly to Kilimanjaro for a safari. I will be with my granddaughter who is a tiny little girl. I am currently using a scooter to get around, but I don't think my granddaughter will be able to pick up the scooter which weighs about 60 lbs. I can walk a short distance, but I cannot stand for more than about a minute without back pain and once my back starts to hurt I am finished for the day. That means that even standing in an elevator can be a problem.

I don't think that a scooter will be useful on safari and I am hoping that I can get along with just a cane that I can sit on. We will have a car and driver so most of my walking will be in the safari camps. I think I can do from the car to the room and from the room to dinner.

Also I thought we would take the hopon-hopoff canal boat trip and I don't think the scooter will be that useful there and I would be using the cane. The problem would come in getting to and from the canal boat.

Is there a hotel where I could stay there and then leave the scooter in storage while we go on the safari? Or is there any kind of rental place where I could rent one when i got there? I have stayed at a hotel where they had a wheelchair, but Bob had to push and I don't think my granddaughter will have enough mass to be able to wrangle me in a wheelchair (her two siblings also had a problem with this).

And what would be the best hotel/location to be able to see Amsterdam. Are there hotels with airport pick-up?

Do you have any other suggestions

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a VirtualTourist member from Sacramento

This won't answer your questions, but have you thought of inviting along a nice sturdy young man, perhaps a cousin, nephew or friend, who could do some lifting and carrying for you? I know it's an extra expense, but it would simplify planning and you'd have help when you needed it. Just a thought. Enjoy your trip.

answered by
a VirtualTourist member from Leonardtown

I have considered taking someone else, but the only real option would be for my husband to go with me and he does not want to fly and really does not want to leave home. He would if I were completely incapacitated but that isn't the case right now. Or her mother could go with us. But the idea of these trips (t have done a similar trip with six other grandchildren) is for the grandchild to have a trip with me by ourselves and if my daughter went, it wouldn't be that.

All of her cousins on her mother's side are older. Four of them are married, and three are in long term relationships. Two of the others are in college, and her older sister is also a tiny thin girl in HS.

On her father's side of the family, his youngest brother's children are all much younger and I have completely lost track of the middle brother - he is not mentioned by the family anymore. He has a child the same age as her older brother but he would also be in college.

My sister's grandchildren are who old eough have gone on trips with my sister except for one boy who is even more violently allergic to peanuts than Jenna is (and I know his mother wouldn't let him go). Plus I'm not inclined to spend that kind of money on a great nephew - except maybe Bob's sister's granddaughters. That might be a possibility But how would I decide which one to take? I couldn't afford to take both of them. They are both HS and college age and it is hard to clear space in the calendar for that age child. Which is why I take these trips when they are 12 or 13 - before they can drive.

answered by
a VirtualTourist member from Hengelo

For Airport shuttle service I recommend

Just a pick one of the bigger hotels downtown; they should have a storage facility to store your scooter.

You might combine your choice of hotel with a tram stop nearby. Even when it's not within the canal belt, a 10 minutes tram ride brings you to most Amsterdam attractions.

Check the trams website at:


answered by
a VirtualTourist member from Leonardtown

thank you for the links. I have bookmarked them.

answered by
a VirtualTourist member from New York City

So a few questions here. How old is this little girl? Is she going to Kilimanjaro with you? How do you plan to get around the safari with your scooter? Did you describe your physical condition to the safari group? Perhaps you are going to the wrong place with the limitations you have. You should check all that before you book anything, and don't depend on the "little girl" for much help. I think you need someone else who can help you get around such as your husband. I think he should go with you on this type of a trip instead of staying home.

answered by
a VirtualTourist member from Leonardtown

The girl will be 12.5 at the time. She will be going with me on the safari. My husband is 80 (and would be 81 at the time of the trip - I will be 80 then) and he doesn't want to fly, and doesn't even want to leave home, and would only go on this trip if I was dead or really disabled. He has his own medical issues although he is more mobile than I am.

The safari (which I have already booked after having extensively discussed my limitations) will give the two of us a car and driver for the trip. I have done trips with six previous grandchildren. The first four I just used a cane (Ireland, Med cruise, Baltic cruise, Hawaii cruise) The fifth one (Australian cruise) I used this scooter, but although she was also 12 years old, she was a tall girl and much stronger. She could fold and unfold the scooter with no problem. The sixth one (Disney cruise) was this child's older sister and I rented a scooter for a cruise so she didn't have to do anything with the scooter. After the first trip to Ireland I've done cruises with each of them -that was easier for me and gave them more autonomy. But this child is primarily interested in seeing animals, which is why we are doing a safari and not a cruse.

My mother took my son on a similar safari when he was 14 and she was 76. He was the youngest one of her grandchildren - she took my oldest to Australia, New Zealand and Tahiti, the second one to Europe (Germany, France, England, and Scotland) and the third one to China, Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan, and my niece to Italy

I can walk 400 yards and then I have to stop and sit down for a minute or so to catch my breath. What I can't do is walk far or stand still for long. I can't, for instance, stand in line at a buffet.

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