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profile member asked on Nov 11, 2014

From Schiphol Airport to Waterlooplein Metro Station by train(Amsterdam)

I need some travelling tips. Is it a must to take from airport to Centraal Station and change to Metro service in order to get to Waterlooplein Metro station via train? Or I can get off mid way and change to metro station? What is the most convenient way?

I'm afraid that Central Station is too big and difficult in locating the metro station, especially when there is big crowd.

Thanks [VT member 75fe6].



7 Answers

answered on 11/11/14 by
a VT member from The Hague

Hey there Lucie,

There are multiple ways to get to waterlooplein.

Here is a link to the website of Amsterdam's Public Transport. It shows a map of the metro stations and the train (the train is black-white striped)

You can go to the main trainstation. Yes it is big, but it is so clear where you have to go. Just follow the signs or else ask someone to help you :)
You can also go to Amsterdam-Zuid. Here you can take the metro as well to Waterlooplein, although Amsterdam Central Station gives you more options in what metro you can get.

Hope it helps.

Kind regards,


answered on 11/11/14 by
a VT member from Hengelo

Whatever you choose; it always involves a change of transportation.

The Amsterdam Centraal station is not that difficult and when there is a crowd, it mostly is when people leave a train in a crowd. When you wait ~3 minutes on the platform you have more than enough room.

In stead of taking the metro you can opt for taking the tram 9 to the Waterlooplein and enjoy the city center in this way.

If you don't want to use the train and metro, you can opt for bus 197 from Schiphol Airport to the Royal Palace and change to tram 14 there.


answered on 11/11/14 by
a VT member from London

Hello there Lucie and welcome to VT, I hope you enjoy it here.

You have already had excellent answers from two of our Dutch members, one of whom I know personally (PJ) and know to be an extremely experienced traveller. I'd just like to offer a "travellers" perspective here. I am from UK and do not speak a word of Dutch but I never found Centraal to be a problem at all even when I visited many years ago with not too much travel experience myself. It is completely user-friendly and the great thing is that just about everyone in the Netherlands speaks English to some degree (usually complete fluency!) so if you need to ask for help, you'll get it. I wouldn't worry about going through Centraal at all.

Hope this assists,


answered on 11/11/14 by
a VT member from Berea

With all due respect to PJ, bus 197 does not go to the Royal Palace, but ends at the Marnixstraat bus depot. Across the street from the bus depot, you can catch tram 17 to Dam Square (Royal Palace) and from there you can change to tram 14 Waterlooplein.

answered on 11/11/14 by
a VT member

Thanks everybody for your advices and assistance. Appreciate all pointers!
Travelling alone first time to this city for the coming tradeshow, a concern on the nested transport network. :)

answered on 11/11/14 by
a VT member from Hengelo

You are absolutely right. I had a mix up with the 170 and 172 buses.

I was looking for a quiet overland transportation possiblity using only bus and tram with one change.

Besides that, I recommend a change at the Centraal Station over one at the Royal Palace.


answered on 11/11/14 by
Mary Smith from Leicester

I'm also from the UK and would just like to reassure you that Planxty's comment is absolutely correct.

Centraal is a *very* easy station to negotiate, with lots of signage (much in English as well as Dutch, of which I speak not a word). I have never had any difficulty in finding my way in Amsterdam (or anywhere in the Netherlands) and, as Planxty says, the vast majority of Dutch people do speak good English.

You really need not worry about finding your way whatever form of transport you use. :-)

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