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a VirtualTourist member from Singapore


what are places to visit from Amed?

Hi all VT members,
I will be staying with my wife and 1 year son in Arya Amed hotel hotel which is situated at east Bali on early April.Wondering what all places can i visit in my 4 days stay considering the fact that it's a bit far from main city/Kuta area.

My wishlist is nice beach,temples and rice fields.Is there any package trip availabe at Amed area as well?
Also please let me know what's the rate for taxi from airport to Amed hotel and how much time does it take.
Please help as you helped earlier:)

14 Answers

answered by
a VirtualTourist member from Melbourne

Many people visit the Amed area for the amazing diving and snorkelling. It is a quiet area with none of the hustle and bustle of Kuta area.
The Amed area is about 100km from the airport and takes between 2 and 2 and a half hours from the airport. The cost of a taxi from the airport is around 350,000 rupiah.
Apart from water activities, there are some nice walks inland towards Mt Seraya. The trails are well marked although it could be difficult with a 1 year old.
Once in the Amed area, your hotel will be able to arrange day trips for you. Amed can be reached via Amlapura or along the coast road. I'd try to arrange a day trip to do the circuit. On the way you can visit Tirta Gangga, Taman Ujung and the fishing villages along the coast.
If you want to travel a little further, a visit to Tenganan, a traditional Balinese village just south of Candi Dasa is well worth it.
Have a good time.

answered by
a VirtualTourist member

the beach is there already-thats why you choose it. But its not a great beach-Bali hardly has any.
Of course-like in any tourist place there are scores of small agents and huts selling daytours. You will also be approached by numerous taxidrivers-or their friends- offering all kind of set or arranged day tours. Candi=temples and sawah=ricefields come by the dozen in Bali. there are NO fixed prices-this is not MY so it all comes down to bargaining and making a deal.
Grab some leaflets from any of those agents to see which tours are common and what they cost- then decide if a taxi for you is better value or not. or a hire car. or a sepeda.
As you have chosen about the furthest away place from the airport-why not (if flight times allow) hire a taxi on arr or day of leave and make a shorter island tour and do some stops? Why otherwise stay so short in such a faraway place?

answered by
a VirtualTourist member from Bali

Amed is a great area to hang out with the wee one. We take our boys there every July when school is out as the beaches are child friendly and the surf is very mild.

Amed is very laid back and you won’t be bothered by touts there at all. Amed is really a collection of small fishing villages all along the east coast drive, and as already noted, it has excellent diving and snorkeling spots. Most of the villagers are engaged in one way or another with fishing, and as with most Balinese villages, the folks are friendly and always happy to engage with tourists.

Amed is close to our sacred mountain, Gunung Agung and our mother temple, Besakih is build right along the side of this huge volcano. You should definitely visit this temple.

There is not a great deal (in fact hardly any) night life to speak of, but one restaurant you won’t want to miss is called Sails Restaurant.

If you are thinking about learning scuba, drop by Eco Dive and meet our “brother” John Huxley.

answered by
a VirtualTourist member from Singapore

Thanks a lot for the details,
I have an one year old son with me,so i decided to have a quiet trip this time.I will rent a car and visit temple,lake and beach depending upon the locations and weather.
The final plan of places not to miss is yet to be prepared.I hope to get a rain free weather there.I have a phobia of rain:)

answered by
a VirtualTourist member from Bali

Unfortunately (for the farmers anyway) most all of eastern Bali is pretty dry. So, I wouldn't be too concerned about rain in Amed in April.

answered by
a VirtualTourist member from Singapore

here is my plan , please advise if it can be made more exciting:
Day 1: reaching hotel at 12noon at Amed.
Tirta Ganga,Goa Lawah,Taman Sukasada in the afternoon as these look closer to Amed.
Day 2 :Kintamani,Batur Lake and Besakih Temple
Day 3: Lovina,Gitgit Waterfall,Tamblingan Lake
Day 4 : Check out and Kuta Beach,tanah Lot and Uluwatu Temple.
Go for Airport

Am i missing any major destination?

Thanks all.

answered by
a VirtualTourist member from Bali

Your list of places to visit is wonderful, but I'm confused why you've chosen Amed as your base. Amed is not a great place to base yourself for that kind of daily touring...Ubud would be far better and you'll waste far less time getting from A to B and so forth. Also, you'll easily be able to fit in Goa Gajah which is a must see in Bali.

answered by
a VirtualTourist member from Bali

"Also, you'll easily be able to fit in Goa Gajah which is a must see in Bali."

Absolutely, Goa Gajah would rank amongst the highest of Bali's (many) underwhelming sightseeing destinations. To be honest Prasanta, the majority of 'must see tourist attractions in Bali are pretty ordinary considering the vast number of tourists that flock here. Goa Gajah for example, the "Elephant Cave", creates a picture in your mind of some massive natural underground shrine with heaps of archaelogical attractions in the same area. Wrong. You get a tiny little human carved tunnel with a couple of small rock carvings. Wow. Similarly, Besakih, the Mother Temple, may have you thinking you are visiting some breathtakingly grandiose temple comparable with Borobodur or any number of European cathedrals. Wrong. You simply get a mega cluster of temples not much different to the larger and mostly unimpressive temples found all around Bali. What you will get to experience at Besakih, however, is some of the ugliest behaviour that the human species has to offer. Kintamani is the same. So is Goa Lawar, Tanah Lot and just about anywhere tourists congregate. You will definately get to see the 'real' Bali in these places.

To specifically address your wish list: nice beach. Don't really exist in Bali (anymore), though the Kuta/Legian beach area at least has clean(ish) beaches. Most other places on the island you run the risk of being swamped by litter. The north side of Bali has calm beaches though the water isn't particularly inviting. Temples: everywhere on Bali and for the most part uninspiring. You'll get bored of them pretty fast. The better ones are mentioned below. If you see one that tickles you fancy, stop and have a wander around but you will find most temples are uninviting in terms of actually being able to enter the compound and wander through. Rice fields: again, everywhere. You're spoit for choice when it comes to rice fields on Bali (though soak up as much as you can, as they are disappearing, fast).

Now, in my opinion, the best places that Bali has to offer and you really should see are Tirta Gangga, Gunung Kawi (though this place is physically challenging - a lot of steps down and a lot of steps up), the caldera rim surrounding Lake Tamblingan and Buyan (with undoubtably the most spectacular terraced rice padi on the northern side - makes the Ubud ones look tame) and to a lesser extent Bedugul, Tampaksiring (Tirta Empul) and Kintamani volcano (if you are real patient!) There are of course the man made attractions to visit also, which aren't too bad, for example the Bird park, Reptile park, zoo and several elephant and safari parks, though the latter tend to be overpriced in my opinion, relative to their quality. Honestly, just getting in a car and driving anywhere in Bali, regardless of tourist attraction or not, will be interesting and probably more rewarding. Avoiding locations where many tourists congregate will remove a lot of the ugly human character element that creeps into most Balinese when they smell money.

As for how to get to these places, well generally organising your own driver is the most efficient way of getting around here for the tourist but you may struggle to find a private driver in Amed (sorry not completely sure). Your hotel will certainly be able to help you out but be aware that in true Balinese style, any organised tours are likely to take you where they want you to go (ie where they will have their pockets lined with sale commisions) rather than specifically where you want to go. If possible, try and find a non Balinese private driver as they will be less inclined to encourge you travels to areas where their mates have retail establishments (if you know what I mean). I am a bit surprised you have based yourself in Amed, though at least you will avoid a large part of the traffic congestion of the south of bali and the contrived, phony 'cultural' con that is Ubud.

Hope this is honest and helpful Prasanta, and have a great trip!

answered by
a VirtualTourist member from Bali


Sorry just noticed that you intend to hire a car and drive. Just for a extra bit of friendly advice, be aware Bali drivers would rate amongst the worst on the planet, I hope you are an extremely competent driver familiar with a bit of road madness, otherwise, be very, very careful. Make sure your drivers licence and paperwork is legal and in order as the local cops are as crooked as they come and will invent any offence imaginable to lighten your wallet. Finally, be aware that any road accident you may have will be your fault, 100%, regardless of who actually caused the accident (most likely the local). 'The accident wouldn't have happened if you weren't here' is the mentality the locals take and you will have the scavengers come crawling out should an accident arise. Make sure you are properly insured and please be very cautious. Driving in Bali is not for the faint hearted and for most visitors a local driver makes a lot more sense. Just a friendly warning ;)

answered by
a VirtualTourist member from Bali

Any post by anyone who declares “I am Rajahbali. I am the Bali King!” should be read with a great deal of suspicion, as well as outright amusement! LOL

While tempted to say a whole lot more, let me leave it at that.

That said however, I do whole heartedly agree with their caution about self driving on Bali. It is far better to hire a private Balinese driver to take you around Bali and the reasons are numerous, including what would happen if you were involved in an accident.

answered by
a VirtualTourist member from Melbourne

I wouldn't normally get involved in a conversation like this, but the reply from the supposed 'king' really irked me.
I have travelled extensively throughout Indonesia - Aceh Special Region, North and Central Sumatra, south, central and north Sulawesi, Nusa Tenggara, Maluku and of course Bali. In fact Bali more than ten times as it is the point of arrival and point of departure for me when flying to and from Australia.
I have found all Indonesian people to be incredibly friendly and helpful. It is the tourists who are often the 'ugly humans'. Yes, there are some tourists sites where the local Balinese are out to make a dollar - just as there are in all places in the world. To basically damn all Balinese as the 'king' has done is simple unjust.
To suggest that only a non-Balinese driver would be fair is again totally unjust. In fact many would argue that it is those who have arrived from Java who are giving Balinese tourism a bad name, and that is why there have been restrictions placed on Javanese working on Bali.
Most Balinese are quite upfront about 'my uncle', 'my cousin' or whoever working at a place or owning a restaurant - they often take pride in it and will suggest you go to that particular establishment because they want you to try it (and yes, they are likely to get a free meal but that is the way of life). I have never found them to be affronted when I have made my own suggestions.
As for Bali not having any decent beaches - I personally wouldn't even walk along the beaches of Kuta and Legian - they are indeed the places where you will find ugly behaviour from tourists and the hawkers.
But I would certainly visit Pasir Putih/White Beach just north of Candidasa, the blue lagoon just north of Padangbai and the beach (sorry I have forgotten the name) just south of Padangbai.
I have had many wonderful experiences in Bali, those experiences made all the better by the kind, gentle, caring Balinese people.

answered by
a VirtualTourist member from Bali


All I will say is you obviously haven't lived here as long as I have and seen the changes that I have. If that is your illusion of this place, who am I to spoil your fantasy, nor would I want to. Just telling it how it is, thats all.

answered by
a VirtualTourist member from Bali

“RajahBali” if you expect to have any credibility here you might consider doing something with your profile and travel pages. Almost two years since you’ve signed on to VT, and they remain entirely blank.

Daihappydai doesn’t live here in Bali, nor does he or she pretend to live here in Bali.

Whether you actually live here on Bali is highly questionable, IMHO, and surely far from proven.

My own rule of thumb is not to engage in any discussion with a thoroughly anonymous, and thus most likely a troll/spam poster.

answered by
a VirtualTourist member from Singapore

Hi All VTs,
Thanks for the detail tips.I appreciate your suggestions.
I hope to cover all mentioned mother Nature has the last say !
Thanks all..

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